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Find YOUR dream job today. Start living it tomorrow!1

Todays presenter: Dr. Emile Verkingschtiff

Believe it or not

Most People Are Working in Jobs They Dont Like!!!

A 2012 study in Forbes Magazine of more than 400 U.S. and Canadian workers found that a scant 19% percent were satisfied with their jobs; 16 percent reported being somewhat satisfied. And whopping 44% said they were entirely unsatisfied.

More Believe it or not

Very, very few people are working in their dream jobs.

How few, you ask?

Only about 9% of people questioned in a recent survey on (a business website) reported they were working in their dream jobs.

So, I ask you

Finding your dream job shouldnt be so hard, but it is! Why?

Because you never really tried to figure out what your dream job is.Because you believe (perhaps because someone else has told you) that your dream job is out of reach.Because you never learned the time-tested techniques and strategies others have used to find their dream jobs.

Just how do YOU define your dream job!

The first step just may be the hardest but it can be summed up in two simple words:

KNOW YOURSELF!(You may be surprised what you learn!)

Step 1: Define your values. (In other words: question yourself!)

Besides money, what are you looking for from your dream job? Some ideas: I want to learn something new. I want to teach someone what I know. I want to feel fulfilled. I want to help others feel fulfilled. I want to create or build something. I want to work with animals.

Step 2: Discover your interests!

A good way to start is to ask yourself: How do I like to spend my free time? What are your hobbies? What clubs do I belong to? (Or what clubs have I thought about joining?) What do friends, family and others tell me I do well? What kind of TV shows, books and movies interest me? Where have I volunteered?)

8Use technology to help YOU discover YOU!The Internet is a great resource for self-discovery. Consider taking a free online personality test to learn what jobs or careers you might be best suited for. One particularly good test can be found at: www.careertest.netWhen youre finished, the website will suggest possible jobs or careers that fit you best. (Important: NEVER assume any test is the final word! In the end, the choice is yours!)

Step 3: Revisit your past jobs for clues about your interests.With resume in hand, review your past jobs and ask yourself about each one: What did I enjoy most about this job; what did I enjoy least? Tip: Ask former colleagues (including your old boss!) about what they thought you did well on the job. Tip: If you dont have a resume to work from, consider writing one. Its a useful road map one that can help show where youve been and where you might be going.

Step 4: Begin developing your personal dream job road map.

Write down the significant achievements on the jobs youve had and the skills you employed to achieve them. Think about how those skills have made you the unique person you are. Then think about how those skills could be employed in a new job.

Step 5: Research, Research RESEARCH! Now that you have a better idea of what you like to do, and what youre good at, start investigating jobs for which you might be a good fit. The Internet is a great place to start. Websites such as or are good places. Another REALLY good site is

Remember: You arent visiting these sites to find your dream job just yet (although you just might find it!) youre looking to get some idea of the job titles or career categories that interest you. As with any kind of research, it pays to keep a notebook handy to write down what youve discovered, including salary information. (In our NEXT presentation well talk more about how this information can be used to find your specific dream job!)


A useful tool, the Internet is NOT the only means -- nor is it the best of conducting your research on your dream job. There really is no substitute for getting out there and talking to people who are doing the jobs youd like to do. Use your network of contacts to find those people to interview or arrange to job shadow someone in the field. (Your employment specialist can be a BIG help!)

Wrapping it all up

By now, youve amassed a lot of good information about yourself, youve defined your dream job and youve begun drawing up a road map that will take you in the direction of your dream job. Well explore in greater detail your next moves in session two next week.

But before we do, here are some closing thoughts

First off, never give up! Here are a few famous people who were told by experts that their dreams were out of reach. Do you know who they are?

Not smartFive time business failure.No imaginationNo talent for TV.Learn to type

Lousy composerYes, all these people who went on to great distinction in their chosen fields were told the same thing: You arent good enough! They proved the experts wrong.

Albert EinsteinHenry FordWalt DisneyOprah WinfreyMarilyn Monroe

Ludwig BeethovenIts Up to YOU Take Charge of Your Success!!!Live your dream, not someone elses.Set personal, academic and career goals.Expect the best from yourself!Play to your strengths.Develop strategies to meet your goals.Technology is your friend but nothing beats face-to-face contact with those who can help you achieve your goals.Work hard. Persevere. Be Flexible. Remember: Life is a marathon, not a sprint.


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