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  1. 1. ATLA Annual Conference Denver, CO Brent Burbridge / Jennifer Dekker DIGITAL HUMANITIES, GRADUATE STUDENTS AND LIBRARIANS
  2. 2. Why I care about the (digital) humanities
  3. 3. The Morisset Hours
  4. 4. Archives and Special Collections
  5. 5. Morisset Hours Psalm 95 (96): Cantate Domino
  6. 6. Broken Binding Catchword dia
  7. 7. View of Booklets or Quires
  8. 8. Litany of the Saints With Saint Zenobius & Misbound Quire
  9. 9. Blank Page at End of Booklet
  10. 10. The Last Word of the Innocent Prisoner
  11. 11. Tavoro Family History
  12. 12. Medicinal Charm
  13. 13. Litany of the Saints: Cosmas & Damian
  14. 14. My Photo VS Professional Digital Image
  15. 15. UO Digital History Student Showcase, April 2015
  16. 16. DIY= Digitize It Yourself!
  17. 17. Questions* What assistance is the student seeking? Does the student have some technical understanding and skill? What is the final product? Who is the intended audience? What are the data that the project is based on? Does the student have them now or do they need to be created? What tools has the student worked with? Does the student have access to a server? What is the timeline? Is the content copyrighted? Do they have permissions? What is the research question and how does a DH project enhance it? * Based on Library Questionnaire to Help Researcher with DH Project by Nancy LeMay , 2014
  18. 18. Useful sources of information DHIG list-serv (ALA) Digital Medievalist Humanist list-serv Twitter: #DH UCLA Center for Digital Humanities THATCamp, WordCamp HASTAC Your colleagues
  19. 19. How to spot a potential project (1) The student has digital assets, or you can obtain or produce them. Examples: Digital images Many words! (Text corpora) Locations on a map A list of books / authors / publication info
  20. 20. How to Spot a Potential Project (2) There is a benefit to working together Interest in the research question Interest in the platform that supports the research Have you ever thought of creating a DH project based on this research?
  21. 21. Morisset Book of Hours
  22. 22. Tools to Try Beginner: Intermediate: (supports plug-ins) Tumblr Omeka History Pin BiblioBoard (sub req) Google N-Gram / Voyant ArtStor Shared Shelf collection Flickr Neatline (with Omeka)
  23. 23. Why DH? Opportunity to work differently with grad students Learn new skills Develop interest in new subjects, projects Get to know your IT infrastructure Library can be a partner / market itself Consistent with trend toward embedded librarianship Humanities research is engaging and fun!
  24. 24. THANKS!


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