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Magazine written by anonymous journalists who try to explain diffuclt consept sof more adult art to the younger audience.



    DIY Diff icult artMonthly anonymous essays ondifferent Dif f icult Art

    Featured interviews W/:Cindy Sherman & John Baldessari

    December 2012

  • W o r d S e a r c h 9

    J o h n B a l d e s s a r i 1 0

    D I Y D i f f i c u l t A r t 1 1

    C o l o r i n g P a g e 1 2

    W i l l P e r g l I n s t i l l a t i o n 1 3

    D i f f i c u l t y o f M e m o r y 1 4

    1 I n t h e N u d e

    4 F r e s h H y b r i d

    5 D i f f i c u l t y F a c t o r

    6 D i f f i c u l t y o f S c u l p t u r e

    7 S t e r e o t y p e s

    8 C i n d y S h e r m a n


  • Nudity can be tough! Seeing naked people in art is a weird experience and can be very difficult to process sometimes. It makes you ques-tion everything youve ever learned, going all the way back to first time your mom yelled at you for taking off your pants in public. Lets face it: people have always been taught that being naked is bad. But when it comes to art, its just not true. Like a lot of great moments in art, it gives you something to think about.Why is this person naked? How does their nudity inform the piece? Are they trying to shock me? How does this relate to my own body? There exists an endless world of readings which can only be opened up by removing clothes from the picture. In some cases, the uniform we put on each day can be very blinding and inhibitive. Clothing is often what makes a person who they are, so taking taking that away makes them every person. They can stand in for anybody, because when you re-move the clothes, you are left with the purest form of human being. You have a human in its most natural state, the state in which it was born into this world. So, dont let history tell you that nudity is bad. You were born naked, and youll surely be naked again sometime soon. Whats so wrong about a person spending some of their naked time in a piece of art?

    i n t h e n u d e

    - D.A.C.

  • F R E S H


  • F R E S H


  • Sandy Skoglunds Fresh Hybrid is an art piece that

    is considered both installation and photography.

    This installation consists of fabricated figures and

    human beings interacting in a man made space.

    The sculptures and atmosphere have all been

    made out of colored pipe cleaners and wool fibers.

    The thing that i find most difficult about this piece

    is that theyre are so many juxtapositions being

    created all in one that it is hard to be able to form

    a distinctive concept quickly. Several of these

    comparisons include the materials being used

    and the real world, fake figures to real humans,

    from plant form to human form and bright

    color to natural color. Fresh hybrid has difficult

    subject matter but the piece feels inviting and

    Im able to invest myself in it because I am able

    to relate to the actual living humans that i see in

    the picture. Iim left questioning what exactly is

    going on with interactions and why everything

    is placed the way it is, but it isnt necessarily a

    bad thing. I want to keep coming back to this

    image and keep investing more time because it is

    so visually interesting. Overall difficulty i would

    give 3.5.



    - D.A.C.


    THE PAST FOR A FUTURE OF CHOICEAndrea Bowers, 2006

    In this installation, a series of letters from mothers-(who-dont-want)-to-be to a small group of female abortion doctors are hung on the wall. These letters are full of very deep and personal stories, giving the viewer a feeling similar to the one you get looking into your sisters diary: one of intrusion and violation. The names may be crossed out, but you still feel that youre looking at something that no one wanted you to see. This piece brings up a lot of political debate, being a strongly pro-choice (in favor of keeping abortion a legal option for pregnant women) work, and as such creates a great deal of tension between the two sides of this argument. When you bring politics, religion, and the body into one piece, youve certainly got a pretty difficult work on your hands!

    - D.A.C.

  • Difficulty in sculpture

    and other 3d art is that it

    breaks the barrier of the

    canvas and essentially

    has no frame. Without

    this frame, we have much

    more to consider other

    then all the elements of

    a 2-d work. One thing

    thats first and foremost

    important in deciphering

    sculpture is the space.

    Both the space it takes up

    and the negative space it

    does not need to be considered. Take notice at all

    the aspects that are obvious, such as what is given

    on the plaque, tor tag identifying the piece and

    artist. Where is it located? When and where was

    it made? Next we look at the technical aspects of

    the piece such as how big or small is the sculpture

    what is it made out of? How was it created? Carved

    away? Built upon? How is it displayed? Now that

    D i f f i c u l t y o f S c u l p t u r e

    weve recognized all of the information immediately

    available to us, its time to start digging in deeper into

    what the artwork is all about. What is the subject

    matter? (or lack thereof ?). What meaning comes

    from objects used/the

    material itself/ the overall

    sculpture as a whole?

    How is it presented?

    Clean cut? missing pieces?

    New? Old? Take into

    consideration everything

    that is obvious about the

    piece. It may seem like its

    too easy to be true but this

    notion is important for

    deciphering sculpture. It

    is important to take these

    into consideration when

    looking at the conceptual

    aspect of the piece. The

    artist is well aware of the

    piece they created, why

    they created it and why

    they utilized the space the

    way they did. If you are looking at sculpture digitally

    in the form of a photograph/video, it is also important

    to keep in mind of the format and if it affects the

    viewing of the art at all. Does it negatively or positively

    affect the viewing, Is this digital format merely a form

    of documentation or does it have a greater purpose

    than that?


    - D.A.C.


  • Today this generations extremely obsessed

    with being recognized for beauty or trying to

    become beautiful when one no longer what it

    means to be beautiful, this same attempt to fail-

    ure is through a generic point of vie in seeing

    art. When one does not have an open mind it

    becomes difficult to accept the lack of morali-

    ty in religions, as well as tradition. This is what

    creates difficult art. The art itself isnt difficult,

    not is the artists intentional concept, it is the

    viewers opinion, the one the artists chose to

    produce it for. The viewers of art eyes are the

    stage where a brush stroke, photograph, draw-

    ing, dance and perform. Society is usually afraid

    of old things being brought to light. There just

    new locations with different performers and old

    subject matter.




  • I met with Cindy in

    her studio on a Sunday

    afternoon. She made me

    tea and then proceeded

    to give me a tour of her

    extensive collection of

    props that includes a wide

    variety of teeth, glasses,

    and lips just to name a few.

    The nature of Shermans

    work portrays her ability to

    transform an individual s

    identity over and over

    again. After the tour was

    complete, we sat down

    across from each other at a

    table with the sunshine coming through the leaves on the trees

    outside of the window, moving the shadows around the table

    and studio.

    DAC: Thank you so much for having me, Cindy.

    CS: It is my pleasure, thanks for taking the time to come and visit

    my studio. I always realize how extensive my collection of stuff

    is when I show guests around.

    DAC: Are you always collecting and looking for new stuff?

    CS: Yes, I go out to thrift stores weekly. Im interested in going to

    thrift stores, because there is such a wide variety to choose from,

    all in one store. I dont always know what I am looking for, and

    sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by a pair of pants that have

    cheetah print on them. You

    just never know what you are

    going to find.

    DAC: How long does it

    usually take you to develop a


    CS: Hmmm, well, it varies for

    each individual character. I

    may come across the perfect

    outfit in one trip to the thrift

    store, but then I could spend

    a week debating on what the

    eyebrows are going to look

    like! It is kind of ridiculous.

    I suppose I make up for it

    in my transformations that

    manifest much quicker.

    JK: Your art work is continually transforming identity through

    change of outfit, make up, and persona. Would you say you are

    just an adult playing dress-up?

    CS: [Laughs] I suppose you could say that.

    DAC: There are other elements to your practice other than just

    playing dress-up that takes you away from being like a child.

    Your work feels like you are trying to distinguish different cultural

    roles that happen in our society both currently and historically.