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  • 1. Hybridity Md. Ahsan Habib Roll: 57
  • 2. What is DiasporaDiaspora? What is HybridityHybridity? What is the relationrelation between Diaspora and Hybridity? In whice sectorssectors, hybridity is usually seen in a diasporic group? Overview of this PresentationOverview of this Presentation
  • 3. Diaspora Dispersal from an original homeland. Expansion from a homeland in search of work, in pursuit of trade or to further colonial ambitions. Collective memory regarding the homeland. Alienation in the new country. A desire to return to the homeland. a troubled relationship with host societies A sense of collective identity as a group.
  • 4. Hybridity Originates from the Latin word hybrid. Offspring of a tame sow and a wild boar. Mixing of two diffrent things. "The Location of Culture by Homi K. Bhabha. Kraidy & Nederveen Pieterse: cultural effect of globalization. Creation of new transcultural forms within the contact zone produced by colonization.
  • 5. Relation between Diaspora and Hybridity: By moving countries the people bring with them the values and traditions in the culture of their native country. Mixing this with the new countries culture NativeNative cultureculture NativeNative cultureculture NewNew countriescountries cultureculture NewNew countriescountries cultureculture HybridHybrid CultureCulture HybridHybrid CultureCulture
  • 6. Diaspora and Racial Hybridity
  • 7. Diaspora and Linguistics Hybridity Language is a meaningful performance in that speaking requires two parties, one to perform language and an audience to observe and absorb language. Mixing of traditional language and host countries language.
  • 8. Diaspora and Cultural Identity Internal identity External displays of identity ideas, values and cultures etc. hairstyles, behaviour, clothes etc. Example Muslim culture of Britain
  • 9. Hybridity vs. Youth Culture Hybridity is often associated with youth culture as it is synonymous with the modern Society. Picking and mixing Influenced by advertising, television and other forms of media. The increase in consumerism, another part of globalization and modernity, has lead to identities becoming more and more of a commodity that we can purchase and sell through the acquisition of material goods (Miles, 2000)
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