devops fundamentals: a perspective on devops culture

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DevOps FundamentalsA perspective on DevOps CultureManoj Ganapathi, Digital Technology Consultant, CodeOps@manojgr,

We have a great business strategy.

But IT is always in the way


New, complex architectures leveraging Digital technologyWhile keeping

Release cycles short (Reduced time to Value)The DUAL challenge for IT today

Source: Jez Humble, DevOps Culture

Ask yourself..If a developer makes a change, how long does it take to get into production?

What has to happen for that change to get to production?

What % of your time are you spending on production support?

DevOps - A Culture of High PerformanceA cross-functional community of practice dedicated to the study of building, evolving and operating rapidly changing, secure, resilient systems at scale

DevOps CultureAutomationAgile ProcessesLean EngineerigCI/CDKanbanReducing WIPElevating BottlenecksInfrastructure as codeConfig Management/DSCMonitoring & InstrumentationAutomated Tested

Drivers for IT performancelead time for changesrelease frequencytime to restore servicechange fail rate

SidebarLead Time & Cycle timeTo Institute..Measure everythingDrive OutcomesEstablish TrustConstant FeedbackContinuous Improvement

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