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  1. 1. Design Ideas for Interior Design for Kitchen One should design kitchen as per requirement. Some people are interested in cooking food, while some are interested in only heating food. All these have to be checked before designing a kitchen. As this is one of the rooms of the house where everyday activities are taking place, great care should be taken while designing it. There are people who do a lot of research on Kitchen Interior Design. Research allows in understanding the different kitchen models. There are many who are keen on improving the appearance of a kitchen. People have different perspectives about the type of kitchen they should plan for a house. There are pros and cones in every design; you should check the design that matches with the design of your house. A kitchen can be planned in different layouts. One should decide about this after taking the measurements allotted for your kitchen. If it is small house then you can think about a one wall kitchen. In a small house you cannot allot ample space for a kitchen. So it is better to go with one wall layout with Interior Design for Kitchen. As the name indicates, here all the kitchen appliances and utensils can be kept in one side of a kitchen. This makes it easy to pick. In the one wall layout model separate space should be allotted for sink, fridge and countertop. In most the houses they prefer sink in between fridge and the countertop. This makes it easy to pick things and clean it.
  2. 2. Those who are planning for a small house can think about designing a kitchen in the one wall layout model. This model also allows in designing kitchen cabinets, movable dining tables and hiding type storage cabinets. Many types of cabinets can be made for one wall model layout. One wall layout is a convenient model for studio apartments. Those who want to design a more spacious kitchen can opt for U-shaped layout. This model is apt in those houses where food for all is cooked from a single kitchen. You should think about a U- shaped layout only if there is ample space. There are houses with U-shaped model kitchen layouts. One of the problems they are facing in lack of walking space. They feel the kitchen interiors as really congested. Modular Kitchen should be airy and people who are working in it should always feel fresh and energetic. As food for health is prepared in kitchen, the state of mind of the person who is cooking food for the family members should always be positive. We all know that food will be tasty when we cook it with our heart. By sprinkling little love in it, you wont get such a tasty food anywhere other than in your house. By designing the U-model kitchen there should be clear idea about the
  3. 3. spaces where each type of cooking equipment should be kept. Where should the kitchen burner and the sink. It is better to keep the burner and the sink on the opposite side. This makes cooking easy. U-shaped model offers ample walk space inside the kitchen. Then there will be lot of space for cabinets and other storage areas. Other models include L-model layout and G-model layout. Each model is able to cater the needs of the members of the house in a different way. Check the spaces that are apt for keeping cabinets, kitchen counters, sinks, doors, furniture, kitchen table, microwave, fridge etc. These days people are interested in eating food from the dining table in the kitchen itself. So you can think about a model where all your requirements can be satisfied. About Modular Kitchen: Wood Rose is one of the leading designer of Modular Kitchens, Kitchen appliances, Wardrobes Accessories, Kitchens Carcass in Bangalore and Coimbatore. Contact Details: Vijay Kumar Bangalore - India +91 984 502 8773 Email: