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  • Aipu GLW GLW series high speed decanting centrifuge

    Shaanxi Aipu Xian, China

  • GLW GLW high speed decanter centrifuge

    Application Achieve effective fine solids separation or barite recovery in drilling fluids system in onshore/offshore O&G drilling also the waste management


    Great performance provides good condition for further process. Decrease much cost on process or waste in whole well drilling

    The features and benefits

    High treating capacity Stable performance Reliable material with durable quality VFD for safety and higher efficiency Little spare parts cost Easy operation with less maintenance Anti-abrasive&anti-corrosive with Tugnsten alloy utilized Longer service life

  • GLW GLW high speed decanter centrifuge


    More options



    Fixed frequency driven or VFD

    Electrical system-Customizable

    Wet parts material-S.S304~316L

    Surface paint

  • GLW More details of GLW VFD high speed decanter centrifuge

    GLW variable Speed Centrifuge, equipped with frequency drive (VFD) control, which provides a controlled application of motor drive power to the centrifuge components (bowl, conveyor). It is able to handle a wide range of different mud weights and for various applications (Barite Recovery / Low Gravity solids). VFD high speed centrifuges are engineered to handle high fluid processing rates by providing more power and improving the fluid flow in and out of the machine. The available power for the main drive and back drive allows more fluid to be fed into the bowl while providing the necessary torque to remove the increased solids load resulting from the higher feed rate. The power consumption, relative to flow rates for related models are extremely low, resulting in longer operating service life. Torque and temperature sensors protect critical components of the centrifuge from unexpected damage

  • Professional solids control equipment manufacturer

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