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Dark Horse Newsletter for July 2011


<ul><li><p>July 2011 </p><p>Volume 1, Issue 2 </p><p>TF Attack, </p><p>FOB Sharana </p><p>Movin on Up! </p><p>Dark Horse Soldiers Receive Combat Patch by SSG Kelly Suesberry </p><p>our great Nation whenever and </p><p>wherever called. </p><p> Having earned my combat patch means I have now become </p><p>a Soldier, said SPC Rachael Nieto, 89B Ammo Specialist/</p><p>Operations Clerk. It is a re-minder to me of why I joined the </p><p>Army; to protect and serve my </p><p>country. She continued, this combat patch symbolizes my </p><p>dedication to my commitment </p><p>and when I return to states, I will </p><p>wear it proudly. </p><p> The 1st Cavalry Division </p><p>patch is a historic symbol of iron, </p><p>armor, strength, and agility. The </p><p>Cavalry patch has been worn </p><p>since WWII as has undergone </p><p>several changes, ending with the </p><p>current OCP brown color de-</p><p>picted in the photo to the left. </p><p> Soldiers of Echo Company, </p><p>Task Force Attack, 1-227th Avia-</p><p>tion Regiment, celebrated this </p><p>years Fourth of July commemora-</p><p>tion by earning </p><p>the right to wear </p><p>the 1st Cavalry </p><p>Division combat </p><p>patch. The </p><p>Shoulder Sleeve </p><p>Insignia-Former </p><p>Wartime Service, </p><p>commonly </p><p>known as a </p><p>combat patch, symbolizes their </p><p>participation in </p><p>actions in support </p><p>of Operation Enduring Freedom. </p><p> The fact that the patch cere-</p><p>mony was held on Independence </p><p>Day is not the only reason it was </p><p>so special. For many Soldiers, </p><p>the occasion marked the first </p><p>time in their careers that they </p><p>would wear a </p><p>combat patch on </p><p>their right shoul-</p><p>der. According </p><p>to Army regula-</p><p>tion 670-1, the </p><p>combat patch is </p><p>worn under the </p><p>American flag to </p><p>show the unit </p><p>under which </p><p>members served </p><p>while deployed. </p><p> The significance </p><p>of the combat </p><p>patch isnt about adding another piece of cloth or material to a </p><p>uniform, but rather it honors </p><p>warriors for their bravery who </p><p>have answered the call of serve </p><p>Happy Birthday! </p><p>SPC Hathaway1 July </p><p>SPC Chiu2 July </p><p>PFC Farmer9 July </p><p>SFC Garrett9 July </p><p>SSG Lorenzo9 July </p><p>SPC Munoz17 July </p><p>PFC Green30 July </p><p>Happy Anniversary! </p><p>SSG Polite &amp; Petra5 July </p><p>PFC Menteer &amp; Megan9 July </p><p>SPC Grebas &amp; Debra12 July </p><p>SSG Suesberry &amp; Derric15 </p><p>July </p><p>SPC Ramirez &amp; Adelia26 July </p><p>SGT Mata &amp; Valerie28 July </p><p>Inside this issue: </p><p>Movin on Up! 1 </p><p>Dark Horse Soldiers </p><p>Receive Combat Patch </p><p>1 </p><p>Photos 2-4 </p><p>DARK HORSE </p><p>NEWS </p><p>Army Terms: Lesson 2 </p><p>BLAHABasic Load Am-munition Holding Area; </p><p>where basic load ammo is </p><p>stored </p><p>EMLEnvironmental Morale Leave, formerly </p><p>known as R&amp;R; this is the </p><p>leave your Soldier takes </p><p>during their deployment </p><p>AAMArmy Achieve-ment Medal; this award is </p><p>approved by the Battalion </p><p>Commander to recognize </p><p>outstanding achievements </p><p>by our Soldiers </p><p>Rode Hard, Put Up Wet </p><p>SPC Spencer receives her combat patch from CPT Kelly at the Dark Horse Patch Ceremony </p><p>and I know he will rise to the </p><p>occasion, having worked above </p><p>his pay grade for some time. </p><p> Hopefully, youve been keeping up with us on Facebook. I will </p><p>try to post pictures soon after </p><p>significant events and more just </p><p>for fun. If you havent liked us yet, please so do at: www.facebook.com/echo1227.dark.horse </p><p>Once you like the Dark Horse Page, you will receive notifica-</p><p>tions as soon as updates and </p><p>pictures are posted. </p><p> We are also working on a </p><p>radical new company t-shirt and </p><p>poker chip. Well post those images as soon as they are com-</p><p>pleted. Until next time, take </p><p>care and know that we miss all </p><p>of you very much. </p><p> Sincerely, </p><p> CPT R. Kelly </p><p> Dark Horse 6 </p><p>To the Families and Friends of </p><p>Dark Horse, </p><p> Weve come a long way in the short time since our last </p><p>newsletter. Your dedicated </p><p>Soldiers have been making major </p><p>improvements in both opera-</p><p>tional and morale-focused areas. </p><p>The ammunition section has </p><p>been making big changes in </p><p>ammo storage and accountability </p><p>while the fuel section remains </p><p>focused on supporting aviation </p><p>assets across our area of opera-</p><p>tions. The motor pool has al-</p><p>ready begun to prep equipment </p><p>for the upcoming winter season, </p><p>while also making major up-</p><p>grades throughout the Task </p><p>Force area. As always, our </p><p>cooks have been doing what </p><p>they can to teach our contactors </p><p>how to cook! </p><p> The highlight of the month has </p><p>to be the long-awaited promo-</p><p>tion of STAFF Sergeant </p><p>Mauricio. Having known him </p><p>personally years before taking </p><p>command, I can attest to his </p><p>unmatched dedication to both </p><p>his Soldiers and to mission ac-</p><p>complishment. It was an honor </p><p>to be a part of his promotion </p><p>From left to right: CSM Smoots, TF CSM, SSG Mauricio, and LTC </p><p>Brockhard, TF CDR, at Orgun-E following the promotion ceremony </p></li><li><p>Page 2 DARK HORSE NEWS </p></li><li><p>Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 2 </p></li><li><p>U.S. Army </p></li></ul>