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  1. 1. 3 Sales growth secrets Management ideas from BLUE HAWK Financial Performance Week 4 Contact Andre Gien
  2. 2. I love my customers
  3. 3. I have lots of different customer personalities but I am real busy so I treat them all the same If they call me I will pick up the phone If they want to place an order no problem Well thats about it By for now I got to go to a meeting MR Time waster Sir Promiscuous Mr. Bid Guy MRS CheapMy Cousin VinniMiss New Shiny Thing
  4. 4. I have multiple customer personalities MR Time waster Wow he can talk, the problem is he is always taking about the next big order .I am still waiting Sir Promiscuous Need I say more, one day he buys from me and the next he buys from my competitor. MRS Cheap Wow I am exhausted Miss Cheap can beat you up real good but she buys a lot and sometimes frequently My Cousin Vinni He makes my day, he trusts that I will give him a fair price and I will look after him. Vinni buys a large portion of my product range and he buys frequently. (I think!) Mr. Bid Guy The only thing I know about him is I am one of 3 bids I will never know why I win and why I loose me Miss New Shiny-thing A new customer, really did a lot of work to get Miss New I better do all I can to make her happy .while I am helping Miss New, Vinni dont forget about me!
  5. 5. Then one day I noticed My margins are going down My sales well ..they are not really growing What am I to do! I felt like the horse that went into the bar And the bar tender said whats up with the long face
  6. 6. So I thought about it for a while I dont really know where I am making money Where am I growing What are my opportunities
  7. 7. Where am I making money I think I have it Its with Miss New Shiny-thing (group of new customers that I have developed) I know I got all this new business it must be paying off handsomely
  8. 8. New business Miss New Shiny-thing $117,000 I started quite well with these new customers selling $31K in Nov $86k in Dec and nearly nothing in Jan
  9. 9. I better look to see who are the new customers and why they just stopped buying Not one of my top new customers bought anything from me in Jan ALL THAT WORK List of new customers by sales $
  10. 10. Well at least I must have got good margins 18.09% not bad! but I also see I lost a bunch of customers at 17.38% Customers by margin %
  11. 11. Taking about lost customers .you cant be serious I lost $2M of customers in the last 3 months And my new customer development was $117k Ok this is not working for me Segmenting customers by new customers, lost customers, which customers are growing, which customers are declining
  12. 12. Not the best way to find out about these things but there is no way that I could have foreseen this coming. Possibly I need to write this off as sometimes you win and sometimes you lose Not so fast you could have managed the risk with Identifying the trends sooner Spending more time and effort with existing customers that are declining
  13. 13. Lessons learnt Most recent trends can tell you a lot about future customer behavior Monitor your key customer product mix. Is it changing Watch your new customers, they may place those initial orders but then go back to their old ways Focus on customer retention Who are the growth customers and why Which ones are declining Are you OK with the ones you lose if not get them back
  14. 14. Week 5 we will continue our focus on customer portfolio managementemphasis on market segmentation I just cant wait
  15. 15. Good sales intelligence will Increase sales by up to 5 % Improve margins by 2% Improve operational cash flow 10% - 30% If you only have a hammer you will see every problem as a nail
  16. 16. Want to improve sales and margins But You dont want to learn new software You know you wont have the time to use the new tool properly and neither will anyone else The cloud is something you worry about when you want t know if its raining or not. You want the facts and you want them in ways that you can make a difference
  17. 17. Why not outsource your sales intelligence We will: Install the required applications Review your data Determine Where you can grow Where opportunities exist to sell more product to existing customers (increase wallet share) Where you can improve your margins Where you are at risk Provide you with a monthly portfolio review Deliver an action plan to get it done Once off set up fee $700.00 $800.00 per month* Can cancel when ever you wish Cost *Up to 10,000 active products, larger data structures may be more Results 1-2% margin improvement within 6 months 5% organic additional revenue growth 2x sales people productivity 10% operational cash flow improvement with 12 months Start the discussion 925 323 2802
  18. 18. Rapid improvement of profit, cash and returns with enduring cultural impact Individual customer growth Product and customer portfolio optimization | Analysis | Design | Implementation Financial Statement excellence Performance consulting GFB Service Portfolio Passion for Intuition powered by Evidence
  19. 19. Contact Andre Gien 925 323 2802 Andre is our Evidence Wizard. He combines the Passion of intuition with the Power of Evidence to weave amazing stories that reveal the secrets and treasures that are locked within your business. He has deployed the evidence based management discipline in over 150 different companies releasing more than $500 million in value and more importantly, demystifying the complexity for thousands of people. Andre's favorite quote: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"