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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>(239)</p> <p></p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS ARE CONSTANTLY ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A REAL ESTATE AGENT OR BROKER TO ASSIST THEM DURING THE BUYING AND SELLING | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>CAN YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS FIND YOU WHEN THEY SEARCH ONLINE? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>MOST HOME BUYERS ARE TURNING TO THE INTERNET DURING THEIR HOME-BUYING PROCESS. | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>DO YOU COME UP IN THEIR SEARCHES? WHAT ONLINE CHANNELS ARE BEST FOR YOU? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>MORE AND MORE BUYERS ARE USING THEIR MOBILE DEVICES WHEN SEARCHING FOR A HOME TO | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>IS YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE-RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE-FRIENDLY? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>MOST OF THE ACTIONS PERFORMED BY HOME BUYERS ORIGINATE FROM A LOCAL | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>DO YOU HAVE A STRONG PRESENCE IN LOCAL LISTINGS, MAPS, AND DIRECTORIES? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>HOME BUYERS ARE ALSO TURNING TO VIDEOS FOR THEIR MULTIPLE RESEARCH | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>IS VIDEO MARKETING PART OF YOUR MARKETING MIX? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>ONLINE REVIEWS PLAY A KEY ROLE IN REAL ESTATE ADVISORS ONLINE MARKETING | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>ARE THERE POSITIVE REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR REAL ESTATE SERVICES ONLINE? | (239) 331-7055</p> <p> | (239) 331-7055</p> <p>(239)</p> <p></p>