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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 Current Affairs Sports Events November 2011 Www.upscportal</p><p> 1/8</p><p>WWW.UPSCPORTAL.COM 51</p><p>UPSCPORTAL Cur ren t Affair s : ht tp: / / upscport civi lser vices/ curr ent -af fairs</p><p>CRICKET</p><p>India beat England</p><p>India won 5 matches</p><p>one-day series by 5-0</p><p>by defeating England</p><p>in 5th and final match</p><p>played in Kolkata on</p><p>26 October 2011.</p><p>India scored a</p><p>challenging 271 for</p><p>eight and stopped England at 176 in 37</p><p>overs in the day-night match at theEden Gardens. Ravindra Jadeja</p><p>grabbed 4-33 and off-spinner</p><p>Ravichandran Ashwin claimed 3-28.</p><p>Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja of</p><p>team India was declared Man of the</p><p>Match , while Indian captain</p><p>Mahendra Singh Dhoni was awarded</p><p>with Man of the Seri es . India</p><p>achieved a 5-0 verdict in a bilateral</p><p>One Day International series only 3</p><p>times. The two earlier instances were</p><p>against England (2008-09) and New</p><p>Zealand (2010-11).:</p><p>@ India won 1st ODI by 126-run in</p><p>Hyderabad on 15 October 2011.</p><p>@ India beat England by eight</p><p>wickets in 2nd ODI. The match</p><p>was played at Feroz Shah Kotla</p><p>stadium, Delhi on 17 October</p><p>2011.</p><p>@ India defeated England to won</p><p>3rd ODI of 5 matches series by</p><p>5 wickets (with 4 balls</p><p>remaining). Match was played at</p><p>Mohali stadium, Chandigarh on</p><p>20 October 2011.</p><p>@ India won 4th ODI by 6 wickets</p><p>(with 59 balls remaining). 4th</p><p>ODI between India and England</p><p>was played at Wankhede</p><p>Stadium, Mumbai on 23 October</p><p>2011.</p><p>Cricketers Imprisoned for Spot-</p><p>fixing Scandals</p><p>Three Pakistan cricketers and anagent were sentenced imprisonment in</p><p>Britain for their involvement in one of</p><p>the biggest fixing scandals. Former</p><p>captain Salman Butt received two and</p><p>a half years, the longest term of the</p><p>three players and was called the</p><p>orchastrator of the entire event.</p><p>Mohammad Asif was sentenced to 1</p><p>year, while 19-year-old Mohammad</p><p>Amir will serve six months. Agent</p><p>Mazhar Majeed was sentenced to 2</p><p>years, 8 months. All four may be</p><p>released for good behavior after</p><p>serving half their terms.Butt, Asif and</p><p>Majeed are expected to begin their</p><p>sentences at Wandsworth prison in</p><p>south London, Amir is due to be sent</p><p>to Feltham young offenders institute</p><p>in west London.</p><p>The players were found guilty of</p><p>conspiring with Majeed to bowldeliberate no-balls as part of a betting</p><p>scam during the test match against</p><p>England at Lords in August 2010.</p><p>The conspiracy was exposed following</p><p>a sting by undercover reportersworking for the News of the World,</p><p>who filmed Majeed accepting</p><p>150000.The scandal is being</p><p>described as the biggest fixing scandal</p><p>in cricket since South Africa captain</p><p>Hansie Cronje was banned for life in</p><p>2000 for taking bribes from</p><p>bookmakers.</p><p>Bedis Biography Released</p><p>Divinity ordained that he be blessed</p><p>with a nice, clean bowling action.</p><p>Divinity that coincided with Tiger</p><p>Pataudis leadership ensured that</p><p>Bishan Singh Bedi would play for</p><p>India and end up as one of its finest</p><p>spin bowlers of all time.That was how</p><p>the man himself described his classic</p><p>bowling action and his Test baptism in</p><p>Calcutta, under Pataudi, back in 1966-</p><p>67against the West Indies, as he</p><p>released his biography, written by</p><p>jour na list Sur esh Menon, at the</p><p>Kovalam Literary Festival at the India</p><p>International Centre here on</p><p>Thursday.In Bishan, Portrait of a</p><p>Cricketer, Menon brings to life one</p><p>of the most colourful personalities of</p><p>Indian cricket, but Bedi described the</p><p>attempt as bringing out an Egyptian</p><p>mummy alive.</p><p>SPORTSSPORTS</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Current Affairs Sports Events November 2011 Www.upscportal</p><p> 2/8</p><p>WWW.UPSCPORTAL.COM52</p><p>UPSCPORTAL Cur r ent Affair s : htt p:/ / upscpor ta civi lserv ices/ curren t- aff airs</p><p>Some Changes in the Rules</p><p>Two of International Cricket Councils</p><p>(ICC) important amendments to the</p><p>playing conditions pertaining to ODI</p><p>cricket, which have come into effect</p><p>from October 1, have the potential to</p><p>change the dynamics of the game.</p><p>The use of two white balls, to be</p><p>employed in alternate overs of an</p><p>innings, for the ODIs will impact a</p><p>contest differently in different parts of</p><p>the cricketing world.In countries such</p><p>as Australia and South Africa, the</p><p>batsmen might have to cope with</p><p>greater seam movement and bounce</p><p>for a considerable part of the innings.In England, the ball would swing</p><p>conventionally for longer periods.</p><p>Venkatagiri Cup</p><p>Central Zone lifted the Venkatagiri</p><p>Cup for the ACA inter-zonal (Ranji</p><p>selection) tournament by garnering</p><p>eight points at Ongole. North and South</p><p>took the second and third slots with</p><p>five points and one point respectively.The final league match between</p><p>Central and South ended in a</p><p>draw.Chasing 131 for victory, Central</p><p>made 118 for two in 21 oves when bad</p><p>light stopped play.</p><p>TENNIS</p><p>Shanghai Masters</p><p>Andy Murray retained his ShanghaiMasters title by defeating David</p><p>Ferrer 7-5 6-4 in the final. His victory</p><p>moved him to number three in the</p><p>ATP rankings. He moved to the top</p><p>three for the first time since March</p><p>2010. Murray who was as high as No</p><p>2 in August 2009.The win in China</p><p>was Murrays third title in as many</p><p>weeks, following victories in Bangkok</p><p>and Tokyo, where he beat Rafael</p><p>Nadal in the final. He claimed the</p><p>biggest tournaments in Thailand,</p><p>Japan and finally the Shanghai</p><p>Masters in China. He won 25 of his</p><p>last 26 matches showing remarkable</p><p>consistency. Roger Federer dropped</p><p>out of the top three in the ATP</p><p>rankings for the first time since June</p><p>2003. Roger Federer had won the firstof his 16 Grand Slam titles in July</p><p>2003.</p><p>Stockholm Open</p><p>Indias Rohan</p><p>Bopanna and</p><p>Pakistans Aisam-</p><p>ul-Haq Qureshi</p><p>won the Stockholm</p><p>Open mensdoubles title by</p><p>defeating Brazilians</p><p>Marcelo Melo and</p><p>Bruno Soares 6-1, 6-3 on 23 October</p><p>2011. the Stockholm Open was top-</p><p>seeded India-Pakistan pairs second</p><p>ATP World Tour title of 2011. They</p><p>had earlier won on grass at the Gerry</p><p>Weber Open in Halle in June 2011.</p><p>The victory got them their third title as</p><p>a team. They had also sealed victory</p><p>as a team in Johannesburg in</p><p>2010.Bopanna and Qureshi who are</p><p>ranked seventh in the ATP doubles</p><p>team rankings, added 250 points after</p><p>their win.</p><p>WTA Championships in Istanbul</p><p>Czech tennis</p><p>player Petra</p><p>K v i t o v a</p><p>d e f e a t e d</p><p>Victoria Azarenka 7-5 4-6 6-3 to win</p><p>the WTA Championships on 30</p><p>October 2011 in Istanbul. Kvitova took</p><p>home $1.75 million and Azarenka</p><p>collected $775000.The 21-year-old</p><p>Czech had shot to fame by winning</p><p>Wimbledon 2011. She remained</p><p>undefeated at the year-ending event</p><p>that featured the worlds top eightplayers. Victory also confirmed</p><p>Kvitova at a career-high second in the</p><p>WTA rankings after ending 2010 in</p><p>34th spot.She is the first Czech to win</p><p>the WTA Championships since Jana</p><p>Novotna in 1997.</p><p>Kvitova had also defeated Azarenka</p><p>in the Wimbledon semifinals on her</p><p>way to winning her first Grand Slam</p><p>title in 2011.Kvitova has won six titles</p><p>in 2011, the same number as No. 1</p><p>Caroline Wozniacki and twice as many</p><p>as Azarenka.</p><p>Austrian Open</p><p>Jo-Wilfried Tsonga became the first</p><p>Frenchman to win the Austrian Open</p><p>with a 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4 defeat of Juan</p><p>Martin del Petro. It was the seventh</p><p>career title for Tsonga. Juan del Potro</p><p>had won all three of the pairs</p><p>previous meetings.Tsongas victory</p><p>sent him past American Mardy Fish</p><p>into provisional seventh place for the</p><p>ATP World Tour Finals in London</p><p>scheduled to take place on 20-27</p><p>November 2011.</p><p>FOOTBALL</p><p>FIFA Rankings</p><p>France dropped</p><p>three places in</p><p>the latest FIFA</p><p>r a n k i n g s</p><p>published on</p><p>Wednesday despite qualifying for</p><p>Euro 2012, while Spain continues to</p><p>top the list ahead of the Netherlands,Germany and Uruguay. Sweden rose</p><p>to 14th spot from 25th after qualifying</p><p>for the Euros while fellow qualifier</p><p>Denmark is up seven places in the</p><p>standings based on results over the last</p><p>four years.</p><p>Leading FIFA rankings: 1. Spain, 2.</p><p>the Netherlands, 3. Germany, 4.</p><p>Uruguay, 5. Brazil, 6. Italy, 7. England,</p><p>8. Greece and Portugal, 10. Argentina</p><p>and Denmark, 12. Croatia, 13. Russia,</p><p>14. Sweden, 15. France.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Current Affairs Sports Events November 2011 Www.upscportal</p><p> 3/8</p><p>WWW.UPSCPORTAL.COM 53</p><p>UPSCPORTAL Cur ren t Affair s : ht tp: / / upscport civi lser vices/ curr ent -af fairs</p><p>Euro 2012 Qualifier</p><p>Denmark, France and Russia booked</p><p>their places at Euro 2012, while</p><p>Portugal was consigned to the play-</p><p>offs after a tense conclusion to</p><p>qualifying on Tuesday. Denmark,</p><p>European champion in 1992, stunned</p><p>the Portuguese with a 2-1 win in</p><p>Copenhagen to leapfrog the visitor and</p><p>top Group H, consigning the Euro</p><p>2004 finalist to the play-offs.</p><p>Durand Cup 2011</p><p>The 2011 Durand Cup, the 124th</p><p>edition of the Durand Cup which is the</p><p>third oldest association football</p><p>competition in the world was won by</p><p>the Churchill Brothers. Churchill</p><p>Brothers won the 2011 Durand Cup at</p><p>the Ambedkar Stadium with a 5-4 tie-</p><p>break win over Prayag United.</p><p>Churchill Brothers won the Durand</p><p>Cup 2011 defeating Prayag United in</p><p>the finals 5-4 on Penalties after the</p><p>both team failed to score after full</p><p>time. In the tie-breaker, ChurchillBrothers scored through Lalrindika</p><p>Ralte, M.P. Zakeer, Bineesh Balan,</p><p>Matthew Kouacic and Denzil Franco.</p><p>Kayne Vincent, Mohammad Rafique,</p><p>Belo Razaq and Maksawn Tluanga</p><p>scored for Prayag.</p><p>MOTOR RACING/FORMULA</p><p>ONE</p><p>Force India-Sahara Deal</p><p>Force India will now be known as</p><p>Sahara Force India. Making the</p><p>announcement here on Wednesday,</p><p>Subrata Roy and Vijay Mallya hoped</p><p>the new partnership would be good for</p><p>the sport in the country.Sahara</p><p>decided to invest $100million in Force</p><p>India after visiting its factory. Roy and</p><p>Mallya will have stakes worth 42.5 percent each with the Michiel Mol family</p><p>holding the remaining 15 per cent. Roy</p><p>takes over as Chairman of the Board</p><p>of Directors, while will Mallya</p><p>continue as the Managing Director and</p><p>Team Principal. Welcoming the move,</p><p>Mallya said, F1 is taking root in India.</p><p>It is a sport next to Olympics and</p><p>FIFA World Cup with a viewership in</p><p>millions. I was a proud Indian to have</p><p>a team. I am prouder today at having</p><p>an Indian partner.</p><p>Indian Grand Prix</p><p>The Indian Grand Prix, sometimes</p><p>referred to as the Grand Prix of India)</p><p>is a race in the calendar of the FIA</p><p>Formula One World Championship. It</p><p>is currently held at the Buddh</p><p>International Circuit in Greater Noida,</p><p>Uttar Pradesh, India. The first event</p><p>took place on 30 October 2011 as the</p><p>17th race of the 2011 Formula One</p><p>season, The new race track was</p><p>officially homologated on 1 September</p><p>2011 by Charlie Whiting.</p><p>Season-2011: 28-30 October 2011: On</p><p>30 October 2011, the first F1 Grand</p><p>Prix was held at the circuit. Sebastian</p><p>Vettel won the event, his 11th of the</p><p>season. He also had the fastest lap ofthe race on his last lap although his</p><p>team was telling him to just bring it</p><p>home. Sachin Tendulkar waved the</p><p>chequered flag to welcome Sebastian</p><p>Vettel. Redbull won the Constructors</p><p>Trophy. The only Indian F1 driver</p><p>Narain Karthikeyan of HRT F1</p><p>finished 17th position.The only Indian</p><p>F1 Team Sahara Force India driver</p><p>Adrian Sutil finished at 9th position.</p><p>Some important facts of the event:-</p><p>Race Date - 30 Oct 2011</p><p>Circuit Name - Buddh</p><p>International Circuit</p><p>Number of Laps - 60</p><p>Circuit Length - 5.125 km</p><p>Race Distance - 307.249 km</p><p>Winner - Sebastian Vettel</p><p>Winner Team - Redbull</p><p>Lap Record - 1:27.249 (S. Vettel)</p><p>Korean Grand Prix</p><p>Red Bull sealed the constructors title</p><p>at the Korean Grand Prix. Red Bull</p><p>sealed the 2011 season with 558</p><p>points. McLaren with 418 points was</p><p>second and ferrari with 310 points wasthird. Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull who</p><p>won the world championship at the</p><p>Suzuka in Japan notched up his 10th</p><p>victory of the 2011 season.</p><p>McLarens Lewis Hamilton was</p><p>second while another Red Bull driver</p><p>Mark Webber finished third. Vettel,</p><p>who started from second on the grid,</p><p>passed pole-sitter Hamilton on the first</p><p>lap and dominated the 55-lap race</p><p>before crossing the finish line in 1hour, 38 minutes, 01.994 seconds, 12</p><p>seconds ahead of the McLaren</p><p>driver.McLarens Jenson Button and</p><p>Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso</p><p>finished fourth and fifth, respectively.</p><p>Japanese Grand Prix</p><p>McLarens Jenson Button won the</p><p>Japanese Grand Prix in his adopted</p><p>homeland, Japan on 9 October 2011.Red Bulls Sebastian Vettel who stood</p><p>third in the Formula 1 race became</p><p>the youngest double world champion</p><p>with four races to spare. In seven</p><p>years as a Honda driver, Button had</p><p>only once managed to win the race at</p><p>the Honda-owned circuit. In winning,</p><p>Button denied Vettel his third</p><p>successive Japanese Grand Prix win.</p><p>Buttons victory cut Vettels overall</p><p>lead over the Briton to 114 points, aninsurmountable advantage with a total</p><p>of 100 left to be won.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Current Affairs Sports Events November 2011 Www.upscportal</p><p> 4/8</p><p>WWW.UPSCPORTAL.COM54</p><p>UPSCPORTAL Cur r ent Affair s : htt p:/ / upscpor ta civi lserv ices/ curren t- aff airs</p><p>Fernando Alonso stood second. Mark</p><p>Webber was fourth for Red Bull</p><p>ahead of McLarens Lewis Hamilton</p><p>and Mercedes Michael Schumacher,</p><p>who was sixth. Red Bulls Sebastian</p><p>Vettel made his way to the record</p><p>books as Formula Ones youngestdouble world champion after finishing</p><p>third in a Japanese Grand Prix. Vettel</p><p>had needed only a point at Suzuka to</p><p>clinch his second successive crown.</p><p>He was only the ninth driver to take</p><p>back-to-back championships and on</p><p>the podium for the 14th time in 15</p><p>races in 2011.Ferraris Fernando Alons</p><p>had become the previous youngest</p><p>double world champion when he had</p><p>won for Renault aged 25 in 2006.</p><p>Himalaya Motor Rally</p><p>Austrian Helmut Frauwallner and</p><p>Indias Suresh Rana won the extreme</p><p>two-wheeler and extreme-four</p><p>wheeler categories in the 13th Raid de</p><p>Himalaya motor rally which</p><p>concluded.Rana and his navigator</p><p>Ashwin Naik driving a Maruti Gypsy</p><p>were followed by Harpreet Bawa withnavigator Virender Kashyap in second</p><p>place, while Shakti Bajaj and navigator</p><p>Prakash finished third. Of the 42 cars</p><p>and 32 motorbikes which set out from</p><p>Shimla in the extreme category, only</p><p>26 cars and 16 bikes made it to the</p><p>finishing line, while others withdrew or</p><p>had vehicle breakdown. The</p><p>adventure trial had begun from Shimla</p><p>via Dalhousie, Srinagar and Zanskar</p><p>before finishing at Srinagar.The annualrally which is an off-road racing</p><p>spectacle in the rugged, inhospitable</p><p>Himalayan terrain had begun on 9</p><p>October 2011 from Shimla before</p><p>ending at the Royal Springs Golf</p><p>Course on the banks of the Dal lake.</p><p>The rallyists went via Manali-Leh-</p><p>Rangdum (Zanskar), which comprises</p><p>of one of the worlds most dangerous</p><p>roads. The results are subject to</p><p>change if any motorist or biker lodges</p><p>a protest and is proven right in the</p><p>scrutiny.</p><p>SHOOTING</p><p>Asian Airgun</p><p>Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra</p><p>won the air rifle silver behind Asian</p><p>Games champion Zhu Qinan of China</p><p>in the fourth Asian airgun shooting</p><p>championship in Kuwait.Bindra, who</p><p>had reduced Zhu Qinan to tears in the</p><p>Beijing Olympic Games by grabbing</p><p>the gold, shot 594 in qualification and</p><p>103.6 in the final. He was 2.6 points</p><p>behind the Chinese who shot 598 in</p><p>qualification.While Satyendra Singh</p><p>jumped up to grab the br onze,</p><p>following 593 in qualification and the</p><p>best score in the final (103.7), Gagan</p><p>Narang took the seventh spot at 694.5</p><p>following a preliminary score of 592.</p><p>In womens air rifle, Indian shooters</p><p>were below par, as none of them...</p></li></ul>