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2. Facebook push x-platformFacebook have recently announced a raft of newmeasures to support x-platform developmentReleased just before the recent IPO, the new stancereflects:1. A huge growth in mobile use of the platform2. An under-exploited revenue stream3. A need for a better mobile UX 3. Growth of Facebook mobile Facebook users spend more time on mobile(app or mobile web) 7.5 hours1 425m mobile users5 Ads have arrived2,3 Facebook PMD support4 4. Growth of global mobile1. 5.9bn mobiles80 globally (87%)602. 1.2bn mobile web 40Desktop users20Mobile03. 2x mobile web to 2007 2011 2015 fixed broadband users4. Mobile web to overtake desktop in 2 years! 5. Benefits for brands1. Distribution through mobile Links to installed native apps or App stores2. Sharing loop offers seamless experience Users not disconnected and shown the Info page!3. Enabling connections - more than the sum of its parts 6. Distribution through mobileSimilar features on mobile: Send a request Post to News Feed / Wall Open Graph Like button (mobile web only)Links directly to native iOS/Android apps App Store / Android Marketplace Mobile web site 7. Sharing loop desktop only DesktopDesktop appapp usedvisitedDesktopDesktop story newsfeed 8. Sharing loop desktop & mobile 4 times the connections Mobile app Mobile visitedapp usedDesktop Desktopapp app used visited Desktop Desktopnewsfeedstory MobileMobile storynewsfeed 9. Enabling connectionsFrom To 10. Enabling connectionsFrom To 11. Summary why add mobile?1. Its what the user expects2. Improved virality3. Mobile is the future! 12. References1. Mobile_Metrix_2_Insight_into_Mobile_Behavior2. users-into-advertising-dollars-survey-3055634. what-devices-users-have-to-better-tailor-app-content/5. monthly-active-users-up-from-350-million-in-september/6. infographics?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_pulse 13. Socially Bright53 Cavendish RoadLondonSW12 0BLt: +44 (0)208 673 3702e: Twitter: Kevan