critical thinking, problem solving and decision making miss. padilla 3 rd grade september 19, 2015

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Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Miss. Padilla 3 rd Grade September 19, 2015 Slide 2 3 rd Grade: Fun Learning Activities Class today we go over 3 new activities that will help you learn the how to think critically, how to solve problems and make your own decisions. You can also practice them with your families at home. Role Playing Game: Blast Off! Who do you want to be? Slide 3 Role Playing 1 st lets first pick someone you want to be right now, it can be anybody other than yourself. For example, a superhero, a teacher, a parent, a doctor or even someone who works at a place you love to visit like a zookeeper. Look at the picture on this page as an example. Next, find props you can use. For example, if you choose to be a waiter and youre doing this at home, you can go into your kitchen and ask your parents to borrow a couple of things. Slide 4 Example: Waiter You can use a table, placemats, plates, utensils, napkins. Create your own menu and ask your younger siblings to be your guests. You can start by seating them, showing them the menu, taking their order, etc. If you are confused, here is a quick video that you watch. Click HERE.HERE I cant wait to here all about your experience! Slide 5 Problem Solving: Name Blast! Class activity: first well split up into 2 teams Home activity: youll need a partner Example: Click HEREHERE You can have an adult create a list of clues and defining words and give 3 points for each 1 sheet of paper and pencil that allows you to accumulate points Team A and Team B will take turns on guessing the word with the clues that your teacher or adult provides Slide 6 Team A vs. Team B Example (based on Team A and Team B) Teacher provides the clue word edible (worth 5 points). Team B has won the coin toss and guesses pizza (0 points). (Note: If the team had guessed the word pomegranate, theyd have earned 5 points, and the teacher would move to the next word.) Team A guesses cake (0 points). Teacher provides the next clue, which is fruit (worth 4 points). Team B guesses apple (0 points). Team A guesses orange (0 points). Teacher provides the next clue, many edible seeds (worth 3 points). Team B guesses grapes (0 points). Team A guesses correctly and gets three points. Slide 7 Who do you want to be? Watch this video about making good choices. Click HEREHERE Now take a couple of minutes about what kind of Hero you want to be and how are you going to achieve it. Slide 8 Journal Writing: Answer the following questions Who do you want to be? What knowledge or ability does it take to be __________? What personal characteristics do you need to be ____________? What kind of problems will you solve if you were _____________? What do you know how to do that can help you be ___________? How can you help someone by being ____________? How would you change the world? Slide 9 References Children in Occupational Costumes. Retrieved from URL creative-career-day-ideas/ Illustration of a rocket. Retrieved from URL 16620 Illustration of a superman. Retrieved from URL content/uploads/2015/03/SUPERHERO.jpg Peterson, K. (2009). Classroom Practice. Retrieved September 19, 2015, from hhttps:// Unknown, D. (2008, September 26). At a Restaurant Role Play [Video file]. Retrieved from Unknown. (2003, February 6). Hero Making good choices [Video file]. Retrieved from