Creating the perfect wardrobe for your new home

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Wide Bay Cabinet Makers specialises in cabinetry for any part of the house. The cabinet maker boasts 20 years of expertise in creating top-quality wardrobes that are perfect for customers use.


  • 1. Creating the Perfect Wardrobe for YourNew HomeWardrobes are different for men and for women. While men would normally be satisfied with asimple wardrobe, women prefer, or demand, bigger space to place all their clothes, shoes andaccessories.There is the option to buy a stand-alone cabinet for the bedroom for an easy solution. However,there are more benefits to building your own wardrobe as you will be able to decide on the sizeof the wardrobe. It is also easier to make sure that the wardrobe fits well in the bedroom if it is afitted wardrobe. You can ensure that the colour, material and texture blend well with the rest ofthe room.Here are things to consider in building the perfect wardrobe for your room.Determine Your NeedsThe wardrobe is a great structure to build to avoid clutter in the room. You can be betterorganised with a fitted wardrobe built inside the room.To create a perfect wardrobe for your bedroom, envision first how you will be using it. Estimatethe amount of things you will be putting in it. For instance, only you will have a good idea ofhow many dresses, shirts and pants you will be storing in it.If you are a shoe lover and you have a wide collection, you might have to allow more room forthe shoes. It could be better to have a separate cabinet just for the shoes if more room is required.Aside from your clothes, you also have to allocate enough space for bags and accessories.CustomisationThe big advantage of built-in wardrobes over freestanding wardrobes is that there is morecustomisation possible with built-in Wardrobes Gympie. You have little choice when it comesto freestanding wardrobes. It could take a lot of searching in different shops before you can findjust the right design for your needs.Rooms with slanted roofs can make use of that area to build the wardrobe. You can choose tohave sliding glass doors for the wardrobe if there is not enough space for hinged doors. If you arelucky enough to accommodate a larger wardrobe, plan the layout well with your cabinet makerso that the spaces are well allocated.The best way to have your wardrobe built is to hire a reliable wardrobe specialist to create thewardrobe you have in mind. Wide Bay Cabinet Makers can provide you with many options andthey can suggest design options to suit your needs.

2. Backed by 20 years of expertise in high quality cabinetry, Wide Bay Cabinet Makers can exceeda customers expectations with its continued focus on using only the best materials and highquality workmanship. Find out more about the companys designs your new home needs a wardrobe, it is best to have a fitted wardrobe built instead of astandalone cabinet. You can have this built with all your needs and preferences considered.