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    ethical development of undergraduate and graduate students. Informed by the values of its founding religious

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    COURSE SYLLABUS, Fall 2017 Course: Art 100

    Instructor Information:

    Instructor Name Alvin M. Daniels

    Office Number: 312-522-2590

    Phone Number: 312-522-2590


    Hours Available: Wednesdays 3:15-4:30 or by appointment

    Instructor Background:

    Ive been a filmmaker for 30 years, an athlete for 40 years but a Preachers kid my whole life. My moms a minister, my dad and granddad were ministers and I have uncles and cousins who are/were ministers, so the church was and is a way of life for me. After attending Percy L. Julian High School, I got a scholarship to play basketball at Boston University. It was there that I cultivated my love of telling stories and a budding TV, video and film career began. I began my production company, Halsted Studios, in the 90s and have travelled the world producing projects including winning an Emmy, shooting at the Oscars and traveling to South Africa to shoot an award winning documentary. I received my Masters Degree from Robert Morris University and love to travel the country inspiring people with my lectures, film and stageplay projects. The Dream is FreeBut the Hustle and Determination are Sold Seperately

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    Course Information:

    Course Time: Monday/Wednesday 1:45-3:15

    Classroom: 278

    Prerequisites: None

    Required Books and Materials:

    Learning Outcomes/ Competencies: Students in this course will:

    1. Students will appreciate, create and critique the persuasive power of art and media.

    2. Students will be introduced to reading analytically, synthetically and critically in a variety of genres.

    3. Students will be reinforced in writing in a variety of forms using valid logic, persuasive rhetoric and correct grammar, usage and punctuation.

    4. Students will be reinforced in being able to orally deliver a presentation with a clear idea that is logically developed, supported by convincing evidence and valid reasoning, and expressed using language and delivery choices thoughtfully adapted to the audience.

    5. Students will be able to apply ethical standards that reflect critical thought and responsible action to social issues and to analyze their own core beliefs and the origin of these beliefs.

    Course Description:

    This course teaches students how to understand and appreciate the performing arts, including music and theater. Students learn to approach performance arts from the perspective of the world in which it was created and the role performing arts continue to play in the world. Students learn to identify the formal elements of performing arts, to articulate their art experiences, examining both in a social and historical context and drawing connections with other arts. Students study important elements, forms and styles, including some examples from non-Western cultures. (This course is a CCSJ General Education option in Humanities.)


    Learning Strategies: Lecture, group work, discussion, exercises, quizzes, presentations

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    Experiential Learning Opportunities: *Noted professionals will come to class to discuss writing, singing and the performing arts *Students will have the opportunity to have various projects critiqued by professionals in the performing arts *Self expression will be strongly encouraged in the performing arts as a way of finding a students voice(s)


    Major Assignments: Your final grade in this class will be assigned based on your performance in 6 different areas as follows: Quizzes: Students will be quizzed on material covered in assigned readings and video lectures. Midterm and Final exams: Exams will cover topics and material covered throughout the class. Spoken Word/Essay Assignment: Students will prepare a 3 minute spoken word/essay that conveys their belief in who they are. This performance arts work is delivered to an audience of your peers. It should include references to your history, as a person, and the goals you have in the future. Musical Selection/Musical Critique Assignment: Students will either sing a song or prepare a musical critique (in any genre) of a song that speaks to their view of the world either from an idealistic or realistic point of view. This is a subjective assignment but student should be able to clearly explain their reason for choosing the music for the assignment. Monologue/Sketch Assignment: Students will perform either a monologue by themselves or a sketch with another student that embodies the genre of performing arts they enjoy most (comedy, drama, horror). This performance arts






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    work is delivered to an audience of professionals in the field. The opening narration should give the audience insight into the reasoning for choosing the performance arts work that will be performed. Film/TV Episode Critique Assignment: Students will do a written critique of a film or TV episode that tackles a social issue that the student strongly believes in. The critique should identify the issue being discussed and the reasoning behind choosing this particular film or TV episode for the assignment. Attendance and Participation: Regular participation is required to succeed in this course. Students are expected to arrive on time, attend class and participate during class and through regular online activity. Students who are (A) absent more than three times, (B) come to class unprepared for discussion/performance, and/or (C) fail to turn in assignments will receive a zero (0) for the Attendance and Participation portion of the grade.



    Class Participation: Class Attendance and Participation are the main areas of grading. These determine your engagement in the class and the subject matter being presented.

    Grading Scale: 100 92: A 91 90: A- 89 88: B+ 87 82: B 81 80: B- 79 78 : C+ 77 72: C 71 70 : C- 69 68: D+ 67 62: D 61 60: D- 59 and below F

    Course Schedule:

    Class Date Assignments Class Discussion/Activities


    Sept. 6


    Syllabus Overview

    Building Towards Performance

    Video: Great (and not-so-great)

    performances from Youtube

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    Sept. 11/13


    Sept. 18/20


    Sept. 25/27


    Oct. 2/4


    Oct. 9/11


    Oct. 16/18


    Oct. 23/25


    Oct. 30/Nov. 1


    Nov. 6/8

    In-Depth view of words (Handout)

    Introductory paragraph on

    performance arts goals

    Subjective vs. Objective meanings

    of words (Handout, You Tube)

    QUIZ #1 (on Wednesday)

    Introduction to Musical Traditions:

    Influences, Genres and Subcultures

    (Handout, You Tube)

    Guest Speaker

    Finding your voice through music:

    A closer look at the origins of

    different musical genres

    QUIZ #2 (on Wednesday)

    Preparation for Performance


    Performance Assignment

    Evolution of Music in Performance

    Arts (Musicals)


    Study of Theater

    Anthology of Living Theater

    Read: Introduction

    How to Read a Play

    Team Building Exercises

    Read Chapters 1 & 2

    QUIZ #3 (on Wednesday)

    Read Chapter 3

    QUIZ #4 (on Wednesday)

    Preparation for Performance


    Performance Assignment

    Guest Speaker

    Discuss Words being the foundation

    of any performance art

    Discuss different meanings of words

    and sayings

    Discuss Music and its many


    Discuss Theater and its shaping of

    performance art

    Discuss Setting and Character

    development in theater

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    Nov. 13/15


    Nov. 20/22


    Nov. 27/29


    Dec. 4/6


    Dec. 11

    Study of Film

    Watch the Film Serendipity

    Elements that make up genres of


    Quiz #5 (on Wednesday)

    Watch the Film Crooklyn

    Social Issues illuminated through


    Quiz #6 (on Wednesday)

    Critique Assignment

    Preparation for Final


    Discuss Elements that make up

    different genres of films

    I reserve the right to change this schedule to meet the needs of the class.


    Attending Class You cannot succeed in this class if you do not attend. We believe that intellectual growth and success in higher education occur through interaction in the classroom and laboratories. However, we do not want to penalize students for participating in college-sponsored events. When you miss class because of a college event, you must give notice of your absence in advance, and you are responsible for all missed work. Being absent doesnt excuse you from doing class work; you have more responsibilities to keep up and meet the objectives of this course.


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