copperplate engravings from the baroque lute manuscript a-wn1078

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The Vienna baroque lute manuscript Mus Hs 1078 contains interesting copperplate engravings for illustration of the book.


The Baroque Lute Manuscript A-Wn Ms 1078 Department of Music Austrian National Library Vienna, AustriaCopperplate Copperplate prints 1. No title (An antique triumph scene) 2. Ambassadeurs de Siam 3. Prospect der Knigl. Porten zu Marseille (View of the Royal Gates ot Marseille) 4. No title (A nice landscape with castle and travellers) 5. Prospect S.Iohann, S.Pauli, S. Marci u. der Schulen zu Venedig (View of Venice) 6. No title (A nice landscape with cattle and shepherds) 7. Lusthaus des Vice Re zu Neapolic (Palace of the viceroy of Napoli [Palazzo Reale di Napoli]) 8. Messine Secourue (Strait of Messina. An original printing of 1674 is displayed at the Bibliothque nationale de France) 9. Ein theil des Palasts S.Marci zu Venedig (Part view of St. Marci palace of Venice)


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