contents viewfrom this obstinate fool he wasn't going to hear another word. ... he laughed.“no...

Download Contents  viewFrom this obstinate fool he wasn't going to hear another word. ... He laughed.“No need to be too gentle.”He sneered at the idiot who thought he could out-smart

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The Darklord demands

The Darklord demands



Beyond reasoning6

The Deal8










Beyond control29

Witchs powers31

Sure of success34

In the bag36



Jeremy Buendia features as The Beastmaster


Zad was an old adversary. Theyd been at each others throats for years. So when a bunch of his thugs turned up .. out-numbered five-to-one, surprise ambush, netting him helplessly .. Dar thought hed got under Zads skin again. And hed sent his heavies to exact a price.

Zad was cruel, single-minded, a harsh ruler. What he set his heart on, he went all-out to get. Which was where he and Dar had clashed, often. Imprisoning the innocent. Enslaving men because he needed them to build him a new palace. People were nothing to him. He respected no one, no rights, no freedoms.

But from others he did demand respect. Total obedience. Unthinking deference. Anyone stood up to him .. if a certain Beastmaster encouraged others to defy his commands .. Zad went mad. He had gone mad. A number of times Dars muscled hide had finished up in his clutches. And hed earned only fury when defiant he had spat scorn back in Zads face.

No idea why Zad had sent men to capture him. Did this mad ruler need a reason? Probably been brooding over some past encounter ..? Some chance remark reminded him of an earlier humiliation from the Beastmaster ..? Zad bore grudges. He was a man who thought he had every right. And a massive chip on the shoulder that the Beastmaster would not bend the knee.

And Dar would not again. No way would he give in to this despotic fool. He was set for another fruitless encounter with a persistent tyrant .. who wanted things only his own way .

Beyond reasoning

No more pissing around. Had enough.Zad hissed from his throne across the murky space.Take him down. Beat it out of the fool!And Dar knew he would.

He glared back into the seething face of his old adversary. He knew enough people who had suffered Zads foul temper. The man was ruthless if he had a mind to be. Hed kill for the sport of it. Zad was a man who insisted. He got what he wanted. Thwart him .. you paid a hefty price. And Dar was risking thwarting this madness Zad had set his heart on.

Nevertheless reality dictated Dar stand up to his old foe.Youre out of your mind.Dar sneered back. You cant beat out what is not there ..Theirs had always been a stormy relationship. Zad never appreciated someone who stood up for himself. Even less he tolerated a Beastmaster who encouraged others not to be pushed around.Oh yes? Zad sneered. Just watch me .Unfortunately Dar knew he would. And there was nothing that he could do to stop it. Zad set his heart on something .. he did everything in his powers to get it. Stopping at nothing.

He felt his packed upper arms bunched in the tight grip of soldiers. Clammy and sweaty in their holds. But if he threw them off, another half-dozen were ready for it. Clubs and spears. Each of them perfectly built for the job. Beat the secret out of him. Zad would have made sure they were up for that.

Despite knowing Zad was beyond any reasoning .. Dar was adamant .. insisting on the truth.There IS no secret. It is the way I am. It is a gift. NO secret, you fool!Eyes clenched withy impatience, Zad hissed at his troops.You still here? Do I have to do everything myself?When Zad was like this, his men knew .. Dar knew .. there was no reasoning with the man. Hands grabbed roughly at Dars arms and hauled him away.

The Deal

Zads men had hunted him down. Caught him in an ambush. Over a dozen men against him alone .. no chance. Two days hauled behind their horses. Hog-tied overnight. They were leaving nothing to chance. Rough on him, the soldiers knew Zad would not complain. Zad had sent them out for him. Once caught, they were taking no risks.

Earlier she had come visiting. Down in Zads dungeons. Dar had been restrained behind unbreakable bars. She smiled. As if pleased to welcome him to Zads dank dungeons. It is your secret, she explained .. the reason he had been caught. You talk to the beasts. Zad has promised the Darklord that gift.

Dar stared across the chilly darkness of Zads dungeon, frowning. Amused at the thought.In return Zad has asked the Darklord for a gift. The sorceress paused before she explained. Zad has asked for eternal life.

In the chill of Zads dungeons, Dars hard-muscled torso shivered. But at Zads foolishness he scoffed. Hes off his head. Lost his senses.The sorceress ignored Dars jeers. She repeated. In exchange for your secret .. communicating with the beasts .. Zad has promised himself life everlasting.

Dar leaned his head back against the chilly dungeon wall. He laughed. Hes lost it! Out of his mind The sorceress continued unabashed. As if hed not denied the facts. Zad gives him the secret. The Darklord controls the animals.

The sorceress shrugged. The Darklord calls the beasts to do his bidding. Plaguing humans. Bringing them under his control.She smiled through the bars that could keep Dar imprisoned without chains or guards. A subject of Zads implacable will. What is there to mock? What is so mad?She smirked back. Countering Dars scoffing. The Darklord sends in the beasts. A pair of tigers will soon get people doing the Darklords bidding ..She smiled. At the gift she was giving her king. And Zad gets to live forever. What is there to mock?


Dar did not know how many times hed explained it to Zad. Hed been punched repeatedly for that insolence. Vicious fists to his belly for mouthing-back. For answering back. But the truth had to be out. Dar couldn't give Zad what did not exist. Chin up, defiant. Muscled chest out, sneering with disdain, Dar had answered Zad.There is NO SECRET!

Zad could order him punched in the guts as much as he wanted. There was NOTHING to give,It is a gift. I dont know how it works. It just happens.Zad glowered. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. It wasnt giving him what hed promised the Darklord. From this obstinate fool he wasn't going to hear another word. What you waiting for? he snarled at his men.

Dar shook his head in despair. At the man's stupidity. At the best of times people knew Zad to be foul-tempered, a bully who always wanted his way. And on THIS he had set his heart. He had promised himself he could live forever, foolishly. He had promised himself a way to buy that favour from the Darklord. Only one thing stood in his way. The Beastmasters secret. And Zad was not one to take NO for an answer.

He hissed back from his throne.No more pissing around. Had enough.His gaze lashed furious across his captives muscular front. His anger whipped across that broad muscled chest. Angered by that haughty look.Squeeze it out of him, Zad snarled.

He laughed.No need to be too gentle.He sneered at the idiot who thought he could out-smart Zad. His men had Dar tight by the upper arms. There was no escaping Zads demands. Theyd squeeze it out of him. In time Take him down. Beat it out of the lying fool!


The guards had roughed him up. Free licence from Zad .. anything went. Just squeeze the fool for his secret. Punched, kicked, beaten with clubs. But then the sorceress had appeared. She had other ways of persuasion in mind. She ordered him into this new position. Dar was sitting astride a young tree trunk mounted on a pair of barrels. Dar could feel a pressure building already. It was already digging into him at the tops of his legs.

Zad will have nothing less. Your secret.Dar snapped back. No secret. How many more times .?He didnt finish. The pole across his back gave a tug, started lifting him. Dar looked up. The rope on the pole passed over a pulley above. Another tug and Dars crotch was thankfully lifted off the pressure onto the tree trunk.

She adjusted her gaze upwards, another couple of tugs lifted him higher off the bar.This is crazy. Dar shook his head. Wondering what it would take to get her to see.I was born with this gift. No idea how this works It just does ..The sorceress interrupted. Leave understanding to others. I do not expect a muscle-head like you to understand.

Another couple of tugs on the bar across his back had Dar high up in the air. But we know your gift DOES work . A few more and the pole across the back of his ankles would knock against the tree trunk. He couldnt rise any further.It takes the likes of me to reveal what dumb creatures cannot know ..

Lift him any higher and the tree trunk would resist. Legs spread, his feet were dangling just below the tree trunk.And what works for you , the sorceress insisted, That can work for the Darklord too.Dar answered back. Its a gift, he repeated frustrated. Its built into me. No secret recipe. No passing it on ..

Another tug and Dar felt the spreader on his legs knock on the underside of the tree trunk. Hung up high in the air, his legs trapped wide apart. Not sure what this sorceress had planned .. with this situation. But absolutely sure of one thing.A gift. It cannot be passed on.

He felt the sorceress scrutinising him. Her eyes travelling over his front. Manly-muscled stomach pulled in with this hang. The broad muscular chest accentuated by the pole across his back. Then a downward glance. His legs spread-wide, dangling above a tree trunk.Her eyes met his. You sure of


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