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  • 1. Constitutional types Dr. Angelo Smith WHPL

2. The restaurant game Once you get to know these distinct six different constitutions or personality types, and once youve had enough experience with them they lift off the page for you, and become real living entities that are easy to identify in real life. These are the natural healthy expressions 6 Pure Genotypes Lycopodium Calc Carb Sulphur Phosphorus Pulsatilla Silicia 3. Often, the issue is that the patient will identify with two or more of the genotypes, not being clear about which one is their fundamental. This is largely due to the fact that the six genotypes are grouped into two distinct triads. When I have to work at figuring someones genotype out, one of the first things Ill differentiate is which triad they belong to the upper (Silicea, Phosphorous, Pulsatilla), or the lower (Sulphur, Calcarea, Lycopodium)? Everyone tends to express up to two or even all three of the genotypes of their triad, rotating through them at different times of the day, or seasons of the year, or to adapt to different circumstances. 4. Phosphorous the phosphorous would be ordering the BEST item on the menu they seem to have an instinct for that.They would be the one talking a mile-a-minute to their companion, and flashing their sparkly eyes around at the other patrons every so often.Like iron filings patterning themselves around a magnet, they would be thecentre of attention, and drawing lots of positive attention towards themselves. 5. The element of phosphorous in nature is one which has a low combustion point, and is used as an ingredient in match heads, due to its easily being ignited into flame. The image of the match head being quick to burst into flame, yet also quick to burn itself out is a great image for understanding the energy dynamics of someone of a Phosophorous constitutional type. Quick to excitement and enthusiasm, the Phosphorous personality can be very magnetic and an instigator in social situations, but they can have the challenge of easily burning themselves out by taking on too much at a time. Fortunately, when they are relatively healthy, they can bounce back quickly, even from very brief cat naps. It is phosphorous in the firefly which creates the glow. 6. The Phosphorous constitution can be said to be all light, but no heat. 7. Phosophorous individuals have very thin skin, metaphorically speaking, and are highly sensitive to their environment, whether of the emotions of the people around them, or literally of changes in the weather and atmosphere. They seek to avoid or diffuse conflict around them, as a means to relieve their own heightened experience of the build up of charge of such energy. On this note, they can tend to be pleasers, or entertainers, always trying to keep the spirits up of those around them.An effort to curtail a personalitythat has got no boundaries One of the downsides is that they can easily fall into relationships where they completely lose track of their own identity, and become co-dependently lost in the ego of their beloved. o More generally, they may have an underlying feeling of anxiety when alone, and have a high drive to be around other people, even if that means having a talk radio station playing in the background. 8. The positive side to their sensitivity is that they are highly sympathetic to the feelings and experiences of those around them, and are able to communicate about these things in great depth.Communication and expression, as a matter of fact, are core to the Phosphorous personality, who is the most expressive of all the constitutional types. Whether in terms of emotional communication as I just mentioned, or artistic expression, the Phosphorous type is a continual font. 9. Like sulphur, this is also an element on the third row of the periodic table, centred around issues of identity. The specific issue here is around the strength of their boundaries and sense of self. 10. They are driven to try many things, and to have many experiences, that is, when they havent surpassed their own limits and driven themselves to burnout. You could say that everyone goes through a kind of Phosphorous phase during their 20s, when exploring all aspects of the worlds ideas and cultures is a typical form of expression of our life energy. 11. Phosphorous children are very bright and talkative, and the parents will often feel that they need to tie a kite string to their toe, to keep them from floating off into the ether. Mitten pairs attached by a string were probably invented for Phosphorous children, whose entire winter wardrobe can usually be found in the schools lostand-found at the end of the year. 12. Like all experiences in their life, they explore with every nuance of their feeling life, and have much to report to the practitioner at each visit. 13. Silica The Silicea constitution is very highly introverted, which means that a majority of their living experience is referenced to their own internal world Siliceas display characteristics of refinement, caution, and they usually possess strong ethical sensibilities. Siliceas will generally hold very strong opinions, yet rarely impose them on others, unless the situation absolutely demands it. On the outside, they can be very easy-going, even acquiescent, unless someone or something goes too far, and triggers a Silicea into the most stubborn or righteous stance over an issue. Delicate, but determined. 14. They can suffer from various forms of perfectionism, often frozen before the ideal concept of something, which can never be manifested in reality. They are their own worst enemy, being much harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be. At its best, this characteristic leads them to produce very high quality work in whatever field they are engaged in. 15. Silicea children are generally very easy to raise. If anything, the challenge for the parent is to encourage them to go out more, and experience a greater variety of activities. They can be quite shy by nature, and need to be encouraged to go out and connect with life more. They will often be late bloomers, who are not the first to leave the family home. They gravitate much more to close one-on-one relationships, rather than being the life of the party who is friends with everyone (ie like the Sulphur). 16. They have a very quirky sense of humour, relishing some of the most obscure or absurd aspects of a situation. Medically, Siliceas are prone to conditions such as headaches, and issues of mal-absorption of nutrients. Emotionally, they keep a lot in. In line with their conservative nature, their reaction to the remedies tends to be minimal most of the time. 17. Also from the third row (identity issues), the core theme here relates to a fundamental performance anxiety. At its worst, this can lead to some of the most intense forms of perfectionism, and an inability to reveal their true thoughts or work into a public space. This can become a form of high rigidity, and ultimately a very weak or brittle immune system. they can have a tremendous fear about being seen by others, and therefore judged by standards which they feel impossible to meet. 18. Sulphur Whether in the classroom, the family, or the workplace, the radial force of the sulphur constitution is very difficult not to notice. A sulphur lives directly in the here and now, which usually makes them very charming, or occasionally annoying to those around. A healthy sulphur is full of life, and are usually always in motion. 19. The parents of sulphur children are usually asking for my help for developing coping strategies, and an unhealthy parent with a weak ego structure is easily buried by their vivacious child. For sulphur children, it is imperative that the parent constantly and consistently enforces appropriate boundaries around the sulphurs world, in line with their age and stage of development. The radial force of the sulphur drives them to constantly seek out and touch all 4 corners of the world, and beyond, and will be constantly testing their parents and their limits. Slacking off on the boundaries is a grave error for the parent of a sulphur child to make. 20. The sulphur child just happens to be the canary in the coal mine in this particular battle. All children have the same inner plea as do sulphurs, which is to be treated as an individual, and allowed to pursue their own interests. The sulphur child is just much more vocal about it, and the least willing to conform to external expectations. 21. The radial sulphur constitution most frequently marries the spherical Calcarea type, who are usually best suited for containing and organizing their energy and charge into more productive avenues. In return, the sulphur keeps Calcarea away from their tendency towards inertia. 22. sulphurs live life in the moment, which means they live in their own sense of time rather than clock or schedule time. 23. appearing on the third row of the periodic table, it is a theme related to identity. The specific focus of sulphur is the dichotomy between pride and arrogance. There is no type which has a greater sense of their (lower ego) self than sulphur, and when healthy, they are incredibly grounded in the reality of here and now. 24. Calcarea carb Calcarea Carbonica is one of the three IQ remedies, along with Silicea and Lycopodium. They possess the most down-to-earth and practical intelligence, compared to the more abstract thinking of Silicea, with Lycopodium falling halfway in between. They are typically found as the natural marriage partner for Sulphur, forming one of the spherical-radial combinations, being the spherical or containment force for the very radial Sulphur constitutional type. 25. They are characteristically very down to earth and affable. They tend to be very community-minded, being comforted by tradition and history. They generally take a very plodding, system


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