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<ul><li><p>Building Global ConnectionsCollaborate. Innovate. Accelerate.</p><p>Connect Today.Thrive Tomorrow</p><p>Find new opportunities with Portfolio Companies</p><p>Go to Connect and schedule your meetings after this session</p></li><li><p>Software and Services</p></li><li><p>Pre-Briefing Final Reminders</p><p> 2 mins 45 sec for each Elevator Pitch</p><p> Please help keep time mic will go dead after 2:45</p><p> Companies in alphabetical order</p><p> Step onto the stage from the left &amp; exit to the right</p><p> Next presenter seated in the on-deck position</p><p> Please mute your mobile phones</p><p> Have fun!</p></li><li><p>Intel Capital Portfolio Companies</p><p>Adaptive Computing Happiest Minds Tactivos</p><p>Adaptive Mobile HyTrust Taifatech</p><p>AlienVault InfoServer UIEvolution</p><p>Athoc, Inc. MariaDB Voxer</p><p>Big Switch Mirantis WebRadar Software</p><p>Black Duck Next IT WhoKnows</p><p>Cloudera, Inc. Perpetuuiti Technosoft Yottaa</p><p>Enlighted Pixeon Medical Systems</p><p>Gengo Reflektion Inc.</p><p>Geofusion Sistema Rock Flow Dynamics</p><p>GigaSpaces Saffron Technology</p><p>GoodData SmartZip Analytics</p></li><li><p>Rob Clyde, CEO |</p><p> Horsepower of HPC Ease-of-use of Cloud</p><p>Solve Big Data Challenges</p><p> 70+ patents issued or pending 10+ years cloud &amp; HPC software</p><p> 30% Y/Y growth Nearly 400 customers</p><p>HPC</p><p>HPC</p><p>Moab</p><p>Workload Management </p><p>Software</p></li><li><p> Copyright 2014. All rights Reserved. 6</p><p>AdaptiveMobile </p><p>World leader in mobile security </p><p>products and services for fixed and </p><p>mobile networks - Deployed in 9 out </p><p>of top 10* mobile operator groups </p><p>worldwide</p><p>*excluding China </p><p>Protecting over 200 global </p><p>brands and enterprises</p><p>Capturing over 30 </p><p>billion dark data </p><p>events per day</p><p>Covering over 3m</p><p>Wi-Fi access points</p><p>World leader in mobile security </p><p>Protecting 1.4 Billion subscribers worldwide </p><p>Unique, unrivalled specialist mobile </p><p>security expertise built on a 10 year </p><p>industry heritage and a unrivalled </p><p>view of the global mobile threat </p><p>landscape through our deployment </p><p>at over 70 operators</p><p>Award-winning, carrier-grade, and </p><p>enterprise mobile security </p><p>products, protecting all network </p><p>services, and hosted revenue-</p><p>generating, protection and privacy </p><p>services for the enterprise </p><p>Company Fast Facts: </p><p>Headquartered: Dublin, Ireland</p><p>Sales Territories: Global </p><p>R&amp;D Centres: Ireland, Czech R </p><p>India</p><p>Headcount: 170 </p><p>Financials: $25 MILLION</p><p>Profitable YES </p><p>Security and Privacy have now converged </p><p>Brian Collins |</p></li><li><p>Unified Security Management The complete set of integrated tools, crowd-sourced threat intelligence &amp; </p><p>proprietary security research</p><p>Creating Security Heroes through Security made Simple and Affordable</p><p>ww</p><p>w.a</p><p>lien</p><p>vau</p><p>lt.c</p><p>om</p><p>@al</p><p>ien</p><p>vau</p><p>lt</p><p>Justin Endres |</p><p></p></li><li><p>Jim Hoppe |</p></li><li><p>BIG SWITCH: HYPERSCALE NETWORKING FOR ALLThey Are Leading the Charge: DO YOU ? </p><p>Big Cloud Fabric Controller Switch Light OS </p><p>Douglas Murray @</p><p>mailto:douglas.murray@bigswitch.com</p></li><li><p>$1,646,070,902Cus tomer Sav ings t o YTD</p><p>&gt;50% Top 50 Software and Internet Companies</p><p>Black Duck provides the worlds only end-to-end OSS Logistics solution, </p><p>enabling enterprises of every size to optimize the opportunities and </p><p>solve the logistical challenges that come with open source adoption and </p><p>management.</p><p>90%Top Mobile Manufactures</p><p>90%Top Semiconductor</p><p>Manufactures</p><p>+1400 Customers </p><p>in 24 Countries</p><p>Average Use80%</p><p>30%</p><p>Percent Use of Open Source</p><p>O S S L O G I S T I C S</p><p>INVENTORY</p><p>SECURE</p><p>DELIVER</p><p>Managing the flow of open source code </p><p>throughout the enterprise</p><p>CHOOSE</p><p>SCAN</p><p>APPROVE</p><p>O U R C U S T O M E R S</p><p>Best in Class</p><p>John Breitenfeld | Vice President of Sales Americas | Black Duck Software</p><p>972-757-7692 | |</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Enterprise Data Hub A Leading Platform for Big Data Storage and Analytics</p><p> Maintain an open horizontal platform for big data</p><p> Continue to enhance Apache Hadoop and related projects</p><p>Accelerate innovation via open source software</p><p> Optimize performance across compute, storage, &amp; network</p><p> Ensure platform security, enhanced by hardware</p><p>Enable CDH to run best on IA</p><p> Establish usage models and industry standard benchmarks</p><p> Develop reference architectures and industry-wide solutions</p><p>Foster evolution of big data ecosystem</p><p>Faster Insights, Better Security, and Less Complexity</p><p>George Ling |</p></li><li><p>enlighted</p><p>Mark Irvine |</p></li><li><p>13,000 Lay Translators </p><p>Unique global crowd</p><p>36 languages</p><p>Web + API Customers</p><p>From $0.05/word</p><p>(70% less than agency)</p><p>270M words translated</p><p>Quality Technology</p><p>Automatic job allocation</p><p>Quality control &amp; testing</p><p>As used by:</p><p>People-powered translation at scale.</p><p>CEO Robert Laing:</p></li><li><p>geofusion</p></li><li><p>GigaSpaces provides software middleware, for Deployment, Management and Scaling, of mission-critical applications, to hundreds of F2000 companies around the world, onbare metal, virtualized, and cloud environments</p><p>DEPLOY SCALEMANAGE</p><p></p><p>Amnon Raviv, OEM &amp; Western US</p><p>Any app, on any stack/cloud, any load, always ON, in-mem speeds,across WAN, on SSD, cheaper &amp; more flexible than Exalogic Elastic Cloud </p><p>Complete stack for RT Analytics applications</p><p></p></li><li><p>GoodData Confidential. 2013 GoodData Corporation. All rights reserved. </p><p>Big Data Analytics as a Service </p><p>10x 50% 2.5M1Back Up Your Critical Cloud Data Before It's Too Late, Forrester Research, Inc., February 4, 2014 </p><p> The Problem: Companies will use on average 66 cloud data </p><p>sources by 2015, in addition to on premises sources1. Bringing </p><p>that data together in a secure, scalable and intuitive way to extract </p><p>insight is a major challenge.</p><p> The Solution: Business leaders need a reliable solution </p><p>that can support scale and complexity throughout the </p><p>data pipeline--from collection to visualization--to fuel </p><p>better business decisions.</p><p> The Difference: Unlike point solutions, GoodData goes beyond BI </p><p>with an affordable end-to-end platform that quickly delivers insights </p><p>for people at all levels of an organization.</p><p>faster than traditional </p><p>BI implementations</p><p>cheaper than traditional </p><p>implementations</p><p>data integrations per </p><p>week on the platform</p></li><li><p>Happiest minds</p></li><li><p> 2013, HyTrust, Inc. | 1975 W. El Camino Real, Suite 203, Mountain View, CA 94040 | Phone: 650-681-8100 | email: 18</p><p>Mission: HyTrust mitigates the concentration of risk and potential for catastrophic failure that virtualization and cloud </p><p>introduces, enabling organizations to securely virtualize all workloads and move faster to the cloud.</p><p>PrivateCloud</p><p>Trusted</p><p>Hybrid Cloud</p><p>Public</p><p>Cloud</p><p>v</p><p>Boundary </p><p>Controls for </p><p>Cloud Apps and </p><p>Data</p><p>Virtual </p><p>Infrastructure </p><p>Hardening </p><p>w/Intel TXT</p><p>Multi-tenancy</p><p>(Tag/Label-</p><p>based</p><p>Policies)</p><p>Cloud Control Point: HyTrust Policy Engine</p><p>Investors:</p><p>Capabilities:</p><p>Platforms:</p><p>Representative </p><p>Customers:</p><p>VM and Data </p><p>Encryption </p><p>With Key </p><p>Management</p><p>Audit, </p><p>Authentication, </p><p>Authorization</p><p>Contract: John Skinner, VP Business Development,, mobile 650-492-0854</p><p></p></li><li><p>InfoSERVEREstablished 1995</p><p>Intel Capital Since 2007</p><p>User</p><p>Hacker</p><p>e-commerce banking auth documents</p><p>IPT / PTD</p><p>DEVELOPMENT Functional Specification Consulting and Projects Outsourcing Archiving Assessment Tests Central</p><p>INFRASTRUCTURE BI Virtualization Mailing and Unified Communications Coexistence and Migrations of</p><p>Platforms Securitiy and Identity Management Monitoring and Magement of Mobile, </p><p>Desktops and Servers Assessment and Outsourcing</p><p>PRODUCTS Infotoken Mapprint Tix Audit Infopass Outlook Labeling IPT</p><p>TRAINING Microsoft Java Entrust Custom</p><p>Marcos Santos |</p></li><li><p> MariaDB Corporation Ab. Company Confidential.</p><p> MariaDB - leading open source database &gt;2m downloads, &gt;500 customers Embedded in all main Linux distributions Gartner Leaders Quadrant for ODBMS</p><p> MariaDB is replacing MySQL Compatible with SQL and NoSQL Independent of large database vendors Webscale availability and scalability</p><p> Team of MySQL and SaaS experts Over 400 years of MySQL experience Ex-Head of HP Public Cloud Ex-Head of Red Hat Sales Strategy</p><p> Looking for enterprise customers and partners $30m funding from seed, A and B-round Building ISV and cloud ecosystem Expanding enterprise sales channels</p><p>Endorsed by Open Source Community</p><p>Over 500 enterprise customers globally</p><p>MariaDB ideal database for cloud/SaaSPatrik Sallner, CEO -</p></li><li><p>Roman Alekseenkov | VP Engineering</p><p>Company Facts</p><p> #1 pure-play OpenStack company</p><p> Top 3 OpenStack contributor</p><p> Unique product, services, training, technical ops story</p><p> Very strong customer traction</p><p> 100x revenue growth from 2011-2014 (&gt;$30M)</p><p> 650 employees</p><p>MIRANTIS OPENSTACK</p><p>- Open cloud platform</p><p>- Flexible choice of storage/network</p><p>- Enterprise-ready</p><p>- Available on-premise and on-demand</p><p></p></li><li><p>Continuity Patrol Fully Automated Business Service Availability Management Suite</p><p> Real Time Financial Impact of IT </p><p>Disruptions</p><p> Enterprise Business Service Health</p><p> Enterprise Recovery Readiness</p><p> Interdependence and cascading Impact </p><p>of disruption.</p><p> Automated Single Click Recovery for </p><p>reduced RTO through Mobile</p><p>Real-Time Enterprise Visibility &amp; </p><p>Manageability</p><p>BUSINESS CHALLENGES NO Real time Visibility of Financial Impact of IT disruption Increased RTO = $$ Increased Business LOSS NO real time Decision making capability NO Integration of Business and IT NO Single View Across the Enterprise NO real time view of cascading Impact People, Process and technology not </p><p>integrated</p><p>Who Are We</p><p> 20 TOP Innovative Product Companies by CIO Review IT Orchestration and Recovery Assurance Vendor-Gartner Hype cycle Software Products company with presence in USA,APAC and MENA Funded by Intel Capital Global 1000 customers</p><p>www.ptechnosoft.comRohil Sharma |</p></li><li><p>pixeon</p></li><li><p>PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>1 to 1 Digital Commerce Services Working with Nike, Disney, Uniqlo and </p><p>Gander Mountain to sustain a 1 to 1 </p><p>dialogues across devices and channels</p><p> Building millions of consumer profiles </p><p>from first party data online</p><p> Generating 10-50% increases in website </p><p>conversion rate and revenue </p><p> Future applications: email, retargeting, </p><p>predictive analytics, pricing and </p><p>assortment planning</p><p>2014-11-12 25</p><p>Sean Moran |</p></li><li><p>Pro</p><p>ble</p><p>m</p><p>No easy oil increasingly complex reservoirs, high resolution modeling needed</p><p>The market is dominated with outdated software failing to scale with multiple cores </p><p>and cluster nodes</p><p>Monopoly license pricing </p><p>Solu</p><p>tio</p><p>n</p><p>New super-scalable dynamic simulator </p><p>Runtime interactive user interface, 2D-3D visualization</p><p>Flexible, HPC driven pricing</p><p>Worldwide customer support via teleconferencing</p><p>Pro</p><p>du</p><p>ct</p><p>Plug &amp; Play solution with minimum interruption of existing corporate workflows</p><p>Minimum or no training needed for new users!</p><p>Up to 50 times faster than competing solutions </p><p>High Performance Computing for Oil&amp;Gas fields simulations:</p><p>Dynamic modeling ($1bn/year) Static modeling ($3bn/year)</p><p>Disruptive technology attracted</p><p>70 oil&amp;gas client companies in 15 </p><p>countries with market caps up to $79 bln</p><p>2014 sales : $9 MIO50% annual growth</p><p>40% margin60 developers &amp; support </p><p>staff</p><p>From Enterprise SW to SAAS with Amazon cloud</p><p>Available at: AWS Test Drive </p><p></p><p>Igor Kolotovkin |</p></li><li><p>Learn. Reason. Anticipate.</p><p>The First Cognitive Computing Platform that Learns, Reasons and Anticipates </p><p>Like You, For You.</p><p>Instant Learning, just like the Human Brain.</p><p>See all the Connections and Context in your Data and how its </p><p>all related.</p><p>Reveal knowledge you didnt even know existed by unifying all </p><p>data sources.</p><p>Automatically learn from every Outcome, every Decision, in </p><p>real time.</p><p>Trusted, Proven, Scalable tool to leverage 100% </p><p>of your Data.</p><p>Gayle Sheppard, CEO</p><p></p></li><li><p>SMARTZIP PREDICTIVE MARKETING: The Smartest Way to Acquire CustomersAvi Gupta, Ph.D. | CEO | |</p><p>U.S. wide100M homes230M owners2,000+ attributes</p><p>Hyper-local machine learningProven performance</p><p>Top 20% most likely prospects2 to 3X advantage</p><p>Multi-channel (online/offline/social)Automated &amp; turnkey</p><p>Accelerate growthCompetitive edge $16M+</p><p>revenue run rate</p><p>Proven traction2,000+</p><p>real estate clients</p><p>$14M Series-BJuly-2014</p><p>Huge Market$70B home services </p><p>ecosystem</p><p>mailto:avi@smartzip.com</p></li><li><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>Taifatech</p></li><li><p>UIEvolution, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential</p><p>Vertical Cloud Software For The New IOT Consumer Experience</p><p>Auto Hotel</p><p>Cruise Retail</p><p>Opportunity</p><p>1.Cloud Software Now Going Vertical</p><p>2.IOT Devices Exploding</p><p>3.No Experience Standard</p><p>Solution</p><p>Powerful enterprise cloud platform for </p><p>delivering and managing vertical</p><p>connected consumer experiences.</p><p>Vertical Markets</p><p>Auto, Cruise, Hospitality and Retail</p><p>UIEvolution</p><p>Chris Ruff |</p></li><li><p>Andy Kelly @</p></li><li><p>webradar</p></li><li><p>The first smart enterprise network</p><p>Chris Macomber, CEO,</p><p>Automated, detailed business graph</p><p>Automatically derive and recommend </p><p>expertise and relationships </p><p>for every employee to review and publish</p><p>My Business Network My Expertise</p><p>Right colleague at the right time</p><p>Contextually recommend the </p><p>right colleague in any </p><p>search engine or web app</p><p>Accelerate your business</p><p>Faster sales cycles</p><p>Quicker time to market</p><p>Better management decisions</p><p>WhoKnows</p><p>Warmer introductions</p><p>Sales</p><p>Biz Dev</p><p>Engineering</p><p>R&amp;D</p><p>WhoKnows</p><p>Faster answers</p><p>WhoKnows continues to grow</p><p>Enterprise SaaS business model</p><p>Multiple F500 &amp; mid-market customers</p><p>Raising a $1.5M round</p><p>100% QoQ MRR growth in 2014</p></li><li><p>Coach Wei |</p></li><li><p>Building Global ConnectionsCollaborate. Innovate. Accelerate.</p><p>Connect Today.Thrive Tomorrow</p><p>Found new opportunities with Portfolio Companies you just discovered?</p><p>Go to Connect and schedule your meetings</p></li></ul>