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Innovative Funding Alternatives

Innovative Funding AlternativesBrian Pichman Director of Strategic InnovationEvolve Project@Bpichman | #CILDC

This is meThe Art of AskingAmanda Palmer

Don't make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan. TED Talks

TopicsCrowdsourcing BrandingSocial MediaManaging Vendors

PlatformsCitizinvestor: crowdfunding platform for municipalities and has a library sectionDragon Innovation:combines crowdfunding with manufacturing supportSelfstarter:an open source solution to crowdfunding platform. Allows you to brand your own campaign page. Kickstarter,Indiegogo: popularcrowdfunding platforms

Setting Up Crowdsource CampaignWhat You Can Do:You must have a clear project in mind (music, film, tangible product, software product). In other words, there must be an end result product.What You Cant Do: Raise money for causes (5ks, etc)If you are doing a software project, some platforms require the project must be run by developersCannot be used to build websites or apps for social networking, e-commerce, or businessCreate an Amazon Payments AccountThis is different than your Amazon account that lets you shop.What You Need When Putting It TogetherA Business PlanDescription (Executive Summary)You will need to highlight your key players for your start-up ideaDiscuss the risks and challengesUse your financial plan to determine how much money you need and back up why you need it in the descriptions. A BrandNoticeable graphics and logoA Completed WebsiteYou want to include the web pages that include your brand, your product idea, and/or any blogs you are running. Your websites should be around well before you launch your campaign. A few months recommendedSocial Media Presence / NetworkLink your social media accounts to all pages Link your video you created. This is huge in selling your ideaProjects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%).Case Study To CrowdfundCrowdfunding IS NOT freeThere are costs involved that you need to do BEFORE launching your campaign to get successfully fundedPrototypingMarketingBusiness Plan DevelopmentThere is a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes including PR, marketing, and advertising.Dan Shapiro If you plan to make this product regardless of the results of your campaign then just run pre-orders on your own website and use the time as a way to build initial customer demand. The positive is you can focus all of your efforts to driving your own website traffic, while using advertising to optimize the funnel.Campaign DecisionsLength Of Time1-60 DaysUse to track similar campaigns, and how they got funded and whenAmount to RaiseThis will take a considerable amount of research. Look up what similar people have done.Identify your costs to produce or improve Backer Levels (awards)Keep It Simple From Moment From a creators perspective, every new level significantly complicates your ability to deliver. Creating swag sucks especially if you arent in the clothing business. Lots of custom colors are never appreciated with new supplier relationships. And having to create accessories to differentiate your levels, is a nightmare

Creating the CampaignInspirationYour video should be inspiring and get people excited about your productDescribe the Who and WhyWho are you. Why are you awesome? Simon SinekWhat is your productBe clear and concise. People dont want to read lengthy paragraphs about what your product is. How did you get here?Give people your story, how you worked about coming to this idea, the needs you saw, the challenges you faced and the obstacles you overcame. Dont forget to askYour end goal is to get people to back your product. Backing your product means:You have proven customer demandYou have the funds to finish or improve your product AND CAN match the demandYour Campaign VideoThis is super, super, super, important. This will be the greatest expense and one of the most time consuming processesConsiderMusicFilm (background scenery matters)Some awesome photos to overlay your messageEditingConveying Your MessageWhat are you asking for and why?You want to drive traffic to your crowdsourcing page and website.

At the end, people are trusting you with their money. Make sure they can trust you and your product.

Video should be honest and charmingBe direct to the pointEstablish your credibilityKeep the video within 5 minutes.

Organizing The Meat And PotatoesHow you layout the rest of your campaign page is crucial to success.IntroShow the who, what, and whyLogos!Inspire others to helpWhat makes you unique and amazingFeatures of your productGet more detailed and explain the specsTeamPeople sell. Show them your awesome team. Personalize your mission.TimelinePeople want to know what you have done, how far along you are, and what you plan on doing in the futureBacker LevelsExplain the various backer levelsPre-LaunchIdentify Your Influencers In The IndustryReach out to them. Share them your pre-crowdsourcing plan. Share the videos. Share your social media. Share your site. Friends and FamilySend updates every so often before you go live with campaign. Get them to be the first backers.PressBuild a press page on your website that houses your logos, graphics, videos, social media accounts. Get the press excited about your product pre-launchIdentifying Your Contributors You only have one mom. Who else will contribute Julie BabbFriends / FamilyYour Community/Industry/Contacts And Their CommunitiesPeople who need or want the productPeople who admire your goals and are inspired

At LaunchEmail Blast the potential contributors. Blog, Flyers, Call Publishers Be PersonalBe direct with some of the people you know who will not only back your product, but also share your campaignSocial Media Blitz!Be On The Phones

During CampaignContinue Emailing your different lists and get their support (dont be SPAM though)Interacting with backersBackers want to see you are quick to respond to questions and messages. Again, they are trusting you with their money. Give them more reasons to trust you. Campaign UpdatesFirst week update dailyThen slowly spread out the updates, pushing people to reach new goals, announcing new updates, maybe more product demos.Use photos and videos to update your followingShare these on your social media accountsShare your milestones with your backers. Gives your backers more of a reason to be proud of the work you are doing, and how they helped you reach it.More About Branding

How Do You/Your Idea/Library Stand Out?What is your style?What are your values?What are your skills / attributes?

Branding Your Idea/Project/LibraryWhat value add do we provide?BrandingCome up with a cool catch phrase, acronym, or other way to describe your project or yourselfGive your project a concise and easy to say nameGet people wonderingWhat is Project X? Give people [patrons, companies, etc] small snippets of what is going onWhat about social media?

Social Media is aboutNetworkingMeeting new people who you wont ordinarily meet (outside of the people you know personally)Sharing of ideas and concernsCollaboration and engagementA strong network is needed to run a successful business or start-upYou need people who support and love what you do. Your closely nit group of friends/family isnt enoughExpanding Your Circle of InfluenceWe all have a circle of influenceMy friends / colleagues who like the work I doThey have a circle of influenceThose people are the ones who like the work my colleague doesChances are, I dont know most of themThat group of people also has a circle of influence of people who trust themChances are, I dont know any of them^--This is your audience, the people you need to introduce your BRAND too.

IdentifyingUsersPeople who will use your end product

ConsumersPeople who will buy your end product

Social Media Hard WorkYou need to be vigilant and active on social mediaPeople expect quick responsesYou need to do A LOT of statistical tracking, monitoring, and constantly revisiting your social media strategy.

So Why Do I Need This?You need advisors and supportersAdvisors will provide inputSupports will share what you say

Link your brand to your website

You need a responsive following of users when ever you marketYourselfYour IdeasYour Products

LinkedIn is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households

Facebook also has high levels of engagement among its users: 63% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, with 40% doing so multiple times throughout the day

AnalyticsSet up monitoring for your website, brand names,

Scheduling PostsYou should schedule updates about you/library/project so your followers may remain informed, and share those updates with others.Use graphics and videos! is recommended free limited, but worth paying for the plan.HootSuite is good but they have been limiting it more and more. Scheduling PostsSchedule posts with articles during peak timesKlout.Com Will also post to LinkedIn

LinkedInA great place to write longer articles and have them shared in your network:

One of my post was not successful.

If someone where to like my post, I wouldexpand my social influence to the next cir


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