computer lab rules do put bags by the door. use the lab only for english

Download Computer Lab Rules DO Put bags by the door. Use the Lab ONLY for English

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  • Computer Lab RulesDOPut bags by the door.Use the Lab ONLY for English

  • Food, candy, gum, and drinks are not permitted in the room.XXX

  • Keep your fingers, pens, and pencils off the screen.

  • Help your neighbor with your mouth not their mouse!

  • Your neighbor cant help?.raise your hand and wait quietly for me!

  • Games, chat rooms, music, Facebook and instant messaging are not permitted.

  • If you deliberately break or damage equipment, you will pay for it.

  • At the end of the lesson

  • Push in your chair, and clean up your area when you are done.Close all windowsLog off Turn the computer off

  • Changing backgrounds, altering computers, and unplugging equipment is unacceptable.

  • You are responsible for the computer assigned to you. Report any problems to the teacher within the first 3 minutes of class.

  • Now let review some vocabularyWhat is this part of the computer called?

  • This is a ..How do we use this tool?

  • This is called a..


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