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Personal Intelligence Health & Idea Informatics -> Computational Intelligence Design Communication coming from: Related, Powerful, Non-violent, Immortal, Apex, Loving, Immortal exalted energy, Shrewd, Deep technical understanding, Dedication to find and speak to their listening, Slow enough to be taken in and create emotional speaking and thoughtful listening Being: Apex Immortal Creating for myself and others: Showing myself, sharing my values, sharing my process, design and strategy, sharing my vision. Creating relatedness, support, access, love, understanding, intelligence, abundance, speed and connection for the Immortal Cybernetics approach Length: 20 mins, 10 mins questions GET RELATED - PREPARE Well Met! Thank you for being here. I would like to share with you: My personal story My personal practices My AI design principles Including specific insights from my personal intelligence, health and idea informatics as well as lifestyle design and how these can be applied to computational intelligence design MY STORY I would like to share with you my story and give you an insight into what drives me. I value life my life and the lives of others, and have deep compassion, commitment and love for all people and animals which is why I am dedicated to being free from death, and empowering others to be free from death. For nearly 2 and a half decades there is one question that never leaves me - How can I stop death from occurring in the fastest and most effective way possible? Whether designing a lifestyle, experiment, communication or computational intelligence to empower yourself and others to have the option to be free from death what is it most effective to be, do and have? Follow strategies of others. Taking a biological approach. BREAKTHROUGH DEEP SHARE This question How can I stop death from occurring in the fastest and most effective way? has been with me since I was a child. I remember I was about 5 looking up at my mother in the hallway of our family home as she was explaining to me that my dog Sherry was sick with cancer and had to be put down. I was told that ageing and death are natural and that everyone I knew and loved would eventually die. I was shocked and appalled that the universe and world I had been born into presently worked like this, and that my mother so easily resigned my dog, herself and everyone else to the fate of ageing and death and accepted it so readily. I knew the universe and world should not be like this because life and people are the only thing that matters. That night whilst imagining no -visualising - what it would be like to lose everyone I loved I vowed to myself that I would change the way that bodies, minds and the universe work. PATH PROGRESS I began on my path, studying at University I am presently studying for my PhD my 5th degree with my studies ranging from bioinformatics to ethics. To gain additional skills I have also been consulting on educational curricula, personal informatics and brand strategy in tandem. I have worked at the robotics and immunology startup ImmunePath funded by Founders Fund which includes Peter Thiel, and was a major contributor to setting up a student mentorship program for students passionate about reversing ageing with the SENS Foundation and Aubrey de Grey. I released that what I needed I could not get from training courses, overly focusing on why ageing occurs or an overtly biological approach. I found biological experimentation and literature to be unreliable and the experiments specifically to be too slow. I wanted to understand how to find the fastest path to be free from death. INSIGHTS WHAT WORKS FOR ME What I have been working on is creating a personal development and quantification approach, involving tracking and analysing my thoughts to find the thoughts that will lead me in the right direction. What began as me writing down lists of what I thought would be best to be free from death as fast as possible and tracking my biometrics and life metrics alongside - which have been featured on Google Solve for X Moonshots - has evolved into a lifestyle and AI design strategy and process, as well as a training set and model for AI. DESIGN PROCESS What I have discovered is that the areas I am presently pursuing - personal informatics, lifestyle design, cybernetics design the design of personal software and wearables focused on optimising feedback loops - and AI design can be very effective when combined as an integrated process to capitalise on their ability to feedback on each other evolving the user experiences and journeys we designing for, and generating datasets and models for learning, intelligence, creativity and innovation that can be utilised and monetised. BREAKTHROUGH SPECIFIC INSIGHT I have been able to identify my needs with clarity in order to design technologies that would assist me to speed up being free from death. AI analytics to for specific markets, success and longevity metrics identified from successful lifestyles and research sectors I see as the fastest route to cybernetic path to being free from death. Wearable technologies that are part of a cybernetics, prosthetics, fame and abundance based strategy to be free from death. I have also identified particular patterns of learning and creativity and created lifestyle experiments to create data for use in AI design whereby I have identified time-points, locations, people and what I ingested that added certain words to my vocabulary or allowed me to recombine different sets of ideas, and larger amounts of ideas together. I believe that a deep understanding of this process gives insight that larger low-resolution datasets with critical information missing may not be able to offer. DESIGN PRINCIPLES As well as creating an integrated design process I also, along with The Human Memome Project Co-Founder Barry Bentley created a set of Design Principles which we apply to lifestyle, cybernetics and AI design. They can also be thought of as design constraints or mission constraints if that is more empowering for you. We have created these from our experience, and also learning from others such as Singularity University, Peter Diamandis, Landmark Education, Burning Man, SENS Foundation, 2045 as well as our knowledge of biology, computer science, game theory, embodied philosophy and identity theory. I would like to expand on each of design principles to describe what they mean to us and why we think they are important. Immortality. By that I mean a process mitigating possibility and risk of death from ageing, heath or otherwise and designing lifestyles, cybernetics and AI that have a specific function to empower yourself and others for a specific immortality strategy. Leadership. Whether it is self-leadership or co-leadership or if necessary taking the lead - to create abundance, velocity or what is needed for yourself and others. Connection Connectedness, empathy. I am because we are. Evolution transformation, leanness, optimisation, development, emergence, iteration. This core principle has got us all this far and is not only important for evolutionary algorithms but the evolutionary lifestyles to design them for. Cybernetics Creating automated feedback loops that allow us to focus our time and attention on a higher-level activity, whilst automating and creating abundance on the levels below. Cybernetic feedback between lifestyle design and AI design cannot be understated. There isnt anything that exists presently that I do not want to automate, connect with or transcend at speed. Abundance Creating, gaining access to and unlocking resources to create whole realms of Possibilities. Whether these are social resources, financial, computational, or otherwise. Designing for and from scarcity is not going to create the most apex morning to wake up to tomorrow. Recombination combining elements in novel ways that lead to apex perspectives, strategies, technologies, lifestyles and possibilities. Being able to freely take the best people, industries and concepts and recombine them in the best way for humanity. Self-expression the ability to imagine a possibility then create it. As I dream, so shall it be. Embodiment the most important of all. Embodying your philosophy. Embodying your technology. Live it. Be it. Velocity How fast can we go? How much can we as individuals or a planet get done in a day if we were all doing the optimal thing to be free from death? I reckon we could upgrade a human with full body prosthetics and AI to have a lifespan of over 200 and then get to the next level of user experience design and lifestyle design for what this cyborg with a 200+ year lifespan capacity would want and need all within a handful of days with enough cooperation, communication, logistics and freedom. LIFESTYLE DESIGN + PERSONAL INFORMATICS -> AI DESIGN With a set of design constraints for lifestyle design you can then start living into and creating a set of possibilities for yourself and others in the world. Monitor the effectiveness of the lifestyle for your goals with personal informatics, what you would need AI for, and collect personal data needed on the research, markets, interests and goals you have for specific use cases. You could also run your thinking and creative processes at much faster speeds. Individually, some of these concepts are already in practice and have whole industries built up around them by creating an integrated lifestyle and focusing on what you would need to do now in the world for immortality that is where it gets interesting and where most current business to consumer and business to business ventures are not treading. WHAT THE V


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