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  1. 1. Cheeta Recovery: A Neeta Recovery cherishes being a trusted name for compression Cheeta Recovery Embrace The Cheeta Mentality and Be Active
  2. 2. By offering high quality compression garments for both, men and women, Cheetah Recovery cherishes being a trusted name for compression clothing. The company is a leading platform in Australia that supplies compression wear for all types of exercise and sports activities. Situated in Melbourne, Australia, Cheeta Recovery was established by two sportsmen who have been using compression sportswear and wanted to make the people aware about the benefits of compression clothing. Cheeta Recovery: A Name to Trust for Compression Wear
  3. 3. Cheeta Recovery is a 100% Australian owned brand which is known for meeting the expectations of every customer for every aspect, especially Quality and Pricing. Though there are various brands available for cheap compression clothing, they are often unable to cater the needs of people when it comes to quality and comfort. On the other hand, Cheeta Recovery is a name to trust for high quality and affordable compression clothing as their product range is popular among all sportspeople from amateur to serious exercise and sports enthusiasts. On the company's website, their product range is categorized into mens and womens compression. These are as follows: Compression SportsWear for Womens Affordable and Comfortable Compressin Wear
  4. 4. Men's Wear Men's Compression Pants Men's Compression Shorts Women's Wear Women's Compression Pants Women's Compression Shorts Talking about affordable compression shorts, on top of price these are designed specially to reduce chafing, with flatlock stitching to offer the perfect fit. The compression shorts offered by Cheeta Recovery are designed usually two inches above the knee to deliver more compression to
  5. 5. hamstring and glute muscles. This helps in increasing blood flow, reducing muscle damage, hastening recovery and even boosting performance in the field. Moreover, compression pants offered by Cheeta Recovery are the right balance between thin and thick to make the fabric breathable and compress the muscles alike. Thus, providing complete comfort to the wearer. Another interesting fact about Cheeta Recovery is that their compression clothing is made up of thermo-regulating materials which help the body of the wearer to remain cool when it is hot outside and warm when the temperature is cold.
  6. 6. In short, Cheeta Recovery is a single stop-shop for high quality and affordable compression clothing in Australia. They offer free shipping across Australia through Auspost. Contact Cheeta Recovery for more information. Camberwell VIC 3124, Australia 0433 621 383