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  • 1. Comparing GenresSiobhan Fox

2. Shot types opening shotsAlisha keysStooshe Long shotsClose ups Comparing genres 3. Shot types opening shots Close upsMid shotsComparing genres 4. Shot types opening shotsAs you can tell from these screen shots the RnB song goes straight intothe performance shots of the singer just singing to the camera, howeverthere are a lot of different shot angles, where as the POP genre beginswith a narrative which then goes into performance shots, however theshot angles are very similar, mainly mid shots straight on.Comparing genres 5. Costume Alisha keys StoosheAs you can see from the RnB artist that she wears very dull dark clothes most of thetime which goes with the lighting and feel of the music, she also has four costumechanges, whereas the POP genre wear bright coloured clothes which go with thebackground and upbeat tempo, however they only have one costume changes. Comparing genres 6. LocationsAlisha keys StoosheComparing genres 7. LocationsThe RnB song is set in five different locations, all of which are very dull, plain dark rooms oroutside in the rain, however there is one filmed in a club but the lighting is still dark. The POPgenre seems to be filmed in a studio, with a set for them to perform in front of with colourfullove hearts and background, there are also scenes where is shows the cameras which arefilming them and dark places when the song turns sad. Comparing genres