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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>CAR KHAJANA Indias Best Online Car PortalFOR</p> <p>Compare Cars | Car Comparison | Comparison Cars | Carkhajana.comFor more details visit @ </p> <p> Contact @ 07875114466</p> <p> | Contact @ 07875114466</p> <p>Compare Cars COMPARE CARS only @ </p> <p> | Contact @ 07875114466</p> <p>Planning to purchase new car but before that you want to compare the some car or brand with brands or cars. Here CarKhajana is giving the car compare option on website for the car comparison in India. Carkhajana is Indias best online car portal for the used car, sell car, new car, compare car and so on.</p> <p>Car Comparison| Comparison CarsCOMPARISON CARS on online car portal </p> <p> | Contact @ 07875114466</p> <p>On CarKhajana you just select two or more cars and we can compare the cars as per Specification Engine, Transmission, Suspension system, steering, break system, performance, fuel, tyres, other specifications, payload and towing and general car details. 2. Features Comfort and convenience, Interior, Exterior, Entertainment, safety. 3. Dimensions Exterior dimensions, interior dimensions. 4. Images Interior Images and Exterior Images. You can choose the your preferred car.</p> <p> | Contact @ 07875114466</p> <p>Contact us:carkhajana.comis one stop solution for automobile. We provide such platform were buyer, seller and auto manufacturer will connect with each other.</p> <p>AddressCar KhajanaP3, 601, 6th Floor, Pentagon, Magarpatta City, Pune 13</p> <p>Contact Number : 07875114466</p> <p>Email ID : </p> <p>THANK</p>