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Pictorial Highlights of the F.S.T.L. Project meeting in Bursa, Turkey


  • 1. A PHOTO ALBUM Highlights Of The Partners Meeting in Turkey 22nd 26th April 2013

2. Turkeys Endangered Animals Drama performance 3. A questionnaire to collect information about school systems. 4. School Systems Presentation, comparing the partners schools and posted on the internet. 5. The Turkish Educational System and Doga College - A presentation for the partners system 6. Lesson Plans - in the following subjects : Art, Ecology, History, Language, Maths and Music. Title of the Unit Recognising bird sounds Name of Teacher, School and Country Glsevim UYSAL, Bursa Hamitler Doga College,Turkey Target Group Primary School, Grades 1 - 4 Objectives To make students aware about nature: To develop students awareness of there surroundings. To give them the ability to distinguish between bird sounds. To be able to vocalise different bird sounds. Duration 40 minutes Theme Used 1. Citizenship and Responsibility Materials and Resources Dough and bird seed to make bird feed, string to hang the bird feed(made by the students) internet, interactive whiteboard Class and number of pupils Class 1B - 22 Related School Subjects Social studies : Considerate and aware citizen The Method The Communicative Approach (Project to make Bird Food, Brainstorming, Demonstration, Authentic Materials, Role Play, ,cooperative learning) Assessment *The students had fun whilst learning. *They were more protective of nature and their surroundings.. *They left with the knowledge of what bird makes what sound. 7. Turkish Festivals by students 8. Flags being made by our students using recycled materials 9. A flag made by our students using recycled materials 10. A flag made by our students using recycled materials 11. A flag made by our students using recycled materials 12. Flags being made by our students using recycled materials 13. Correspondence A students New Year Card 14. A New Year Card made by one of our students 15. Students Presentations 16. T-shirt designed by our students 17. Our students doing folklore dance in traditional costumes 18. Students hard at work 19. Students designing posters 20. A poster designed by students 21. Poster prepared after the Meeting in the UK 22. Studentswelcoming committee 23. First Monday at school. 24. Meeting of the principals 25. Welcoming Cake 26. Welcoming message for the Project meeting in Bursa, Turkey. 27. Ecology Workshop 28. Turkish Ebru Art Workshop Paper Marbling 29. Turkish Ebru Art Workshop Paper Marbling 30. Turkish Ebru Art Workshop Final Product 31. Orff Workshop 32. Bookmarker making Workshop 33. After the Bookmarker Workshop 34. Guidance Workshop for Partners 35. Video conference between the Turkish and the Polish partners. 36. Project meeting room in Bursa, Turkey. 37. Meeting, Mr. Atilla Glsar, the Minister of Education 38. Meeting, at the Governors office. 39. Choir Performance 40. Notice board prepared after the Meeting in Slovakia and Poland 41. Project board prepared after the Meeting in Italy 42. Our stand at the Regional European Project Festival on the 14-12-2012. 43. We were chosen as the most successful project in the Marmara Region by the Minister of EU Affairs and the Chief Negotiator,