classroom expectations & procedures mr. chavez world history fall 2014-f205

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  • Classroom Expectations & Procedures Mr. Chavez World History Fall 2014-F205
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  • Foreword I am here to teach; you are here to learn. I will do my job; you will do yours and together, we will use this time wisely. Positive attitude is the key to success, lets keep it at all times.
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  • Classroom Rules Be on time and prepared to WORK Stay focused and on task the entire period. Everybody participates, everybody Learns. Respect yourself, your classmates and their opinions.
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  • Consequences Verbal/Visual warning. One-on- one conference. Phone call to parent(s)/guardian(s). Face to face conference with parent(s)/guardian(s), student and administrator.
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  • Materials Needed Folder w/paper Pen and pencil
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  • Daily Routines Do Now: this is your warm up. 3-5 minute writing activity at the beginning of class. You are to write in complete sentences unless otherwise noted. Completed independently & QUIETLY unless otherwise noted. Instructions for the Do Now will be written on the whiteboard. Keep your Do Nows separate from your other classwork.
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  • Things to know: Keep all of your work as they will serve as study guides for your tests/quizzes. Late work is due NO LATER than 1 week after I have collected the assignment(s). You are allowed to retake quizzes/tests if you score below 70% on that particular quiz/test. Only 1 make-up per quiz/test.
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  • Things to Know: Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in an: F for that assignment, phone call home and meeting with counselor/administrator. Accommodations: Students with special needs, please, advise me at the beginning of the course as to any accommodations we can effect to make you comfortable in class.
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