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Classroom Blogs

Classroom BlogsKimberly SharpMEDT 8461University of West GeorgiaWhat is a Blog?Short for weblog.A blog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser. (Harvard, 2003)An online diary or journal.How are Blogs Used?News & Entertainment: Today ShowPersonal Journals: Kathys KidsVacation Diaries: Amanda in Costa RicaInstructional tools: Storybook Creator PlusBook ListsClassroom Activities: Leah DoughmanMedia Center Activities: Gwin OaksSharing about an illness: Grace Callahan

Free Blogging SitesWord PressBloggerShutterflyCarePagesCaringBridge

What Can I Include in my Blog?TextHomework and ProjectsClass AnnouncementsNewslettersField Trip InformationPhotosVideosLinks to WebpagesPrivacy IssuesObtain Media Release Forms before posting any student photographs, videos or work samples.Plan to monitor all postings from all users to ensure appropriate comments.Consider whether you want your blog to be public or private.

Creating a Blog using BloggerCreate a Google Account (gmail)Create a Blogger AccountSelect a TemplateSet Privacy and Display SettingsBegin Blogging!

Create a Gmail AccountVisit a gmail account

Create a Classroom BlogVisit www.blogger.comSign in using gmail username and passwordClick Create a Blog

Create a Title & Blog AddressCreate a Title for your Blog (i.e. Miss Smiths Class Blog)Determine the Address (misssmithsclass)Check AvailabilityEnter Word Verification

Choose a Template

Choose your favorite template.Play with the Background/Layout/Advanced Options to change the appearance of your Blog.Go Back to Blogger

Design FeaturesClick on the DesignTab to Add and Arrange ElementsIt may help to create a draft on paper or make a list of things you want to include.

Design SettingsEdit the Header to include a photo if you wish.Add & Edit the Gadgets that appeal to you the most.PagesTextPictureSlideshowLinksMy example: Ivy Creek

Privacy SettingsSelect the Settings Tab - BasicFor the most privacy, say NO to:Adding blog to listingsLetting search engines find the blog

Privacy SettingsSelect the Settings Tab CommentsALWAYS moderate commentsYou can choose to be notified via e-mail when someone posts a comment on your blog.

Privacy SettingsSelect the Settings Tab Permissions Select who can view your blog

Posting ContentSelect the Postings TabYou are ready to post!Enter a title, some text, a photo or a video.Publish Post when you are finished.

Publishing Your BlogUnder Settings- Choose PublishingComplete the Word VerificationYou should only have to do this once.

Approving CommentsSelect Posting Comment ModerationChoose to approve comments for publishing

Getting People to Read your Classroom Blog!Send a letter or an e-mail to your families sharing the link. Be sure to include how often you plan to post new content. Encourage them to subscribe to new postings.Show parents at an Open House.Show students the blog, have them show their parents and post a response as homework.Consider options for those who do not have internet access.

What if I Need Help?

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