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  • Don't Know What You Got(Till lt's Gone)Words and Music by

    Tom Keifer

    ercfr A1n D(add2)

    r#-A(add9)Mocail4L--) > ^\

    I can't tell you, ba - by, what went wrong. -I can't feel the things


    that cause you pain. -

    I can'tI can't

    what you felt so longof your love. It falls

    make youclear my


    I'll let itAin't Se

    Copyrigm O 19S by Ctlappdl & Co- attd Ere SorE6" f'r-Ai R(its Affire{t bY Cnffi & Co"

    lnternafixral Coryriqttrt Seatd Al RErus klitd

  • I can't give you back -I hear you call

    what's been hurt.


    far a - way.

    Heart-aches come and go-Tear - ing through my soul, _

    and all that'sI just can't


    are the words. -

    an - oth - er day.


    I can't letWho's to blame?-

    *-{conm'c and Electric Guitar parts have been combined to be playable by one piano.

  • some _ time. if you real - ly want to go.


    Don't know what you got-

    Don't know what it is -

  • .56

    Now I know what I've got, -

    it ain't y to get back. Takes s,


  • Do you want to see me beg - ging, ba - bY? Can't you give me just one more daY? -


    I've been look-ing for the words to say.





    Can't you see my heart's been drag-ging


    reuitar SolADp

  • EocalA

    Don't know what you got-

  • Now I know what I've got, -

    it ain't y to get back- Takes