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ChrisTmas DecOrations REUSING OLD ITEMS A recycling project in the English Class IES PEDRO ESPINOSA (ANTEQUERA)

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  • ChrisTmas DecOrations REUSING OLD ITEMS A recycling project in the English Class IES PEDRO ESPINOSA (ANTEQUERA)
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS Santa Claus Decoration.......................... 1 Santa Paper rolls ................................... 2 Paper Christmas Tree ............................ 3 Recycled Paper Ornaments .................... 4 Christmas Wreath .................................. 5 Cristmas Tree ........................................ 6 Recycled Bell ......................................... 7 Christmas Bottle ................................... 8 CD Ornament......................................... 9 Christmas Balls ..................................... 10 Santa Claus ........................................... 11 Christmas Bells ..................................... 12 A different Christmas Wreath ................ 13 Star Ornaments ..................................... 14 Cork Christmas Tree .............................. 15 Decorated Plant Pot ............................... 16 Christmas Coaster ................................. 17 Nail File Ornaments ............................... 18
  • Santa Claus Decoration Bored at home? Are you fed up of having useless cans and bricks? So, I have the solution, our magic Santa Claus!! Materials 1 Can A brick of milk The inside back cover of a red notebook The padding from broken furniture The caps of little bottles Instructions * The Sled 1. Take the brick of milk and cut and clean it. 2. Cut the inside back cover of the red notebook and stick the pieces onto the sled-shaped brick of milk. 3. Take another piece of the inside back cover of the red notebook and put it behind the sledge to form the rear. * Santa Claus 1. Take the caps of the little bottles and stick them into a bigger cap, both red if possible. 2. Stick the head onto the can (the body) and stick the beard too. 3. Make the coat with the rest of the brick of milk and stick it into the can and decorate it. 4. Use some of padding to make the knitted cap. Note: Dont forget to cut everything with the right measures. Rubn Arcas 1
  • Santa Paper Rolls Whats better than reusing things that you have at home and you dont use anymore. Lets make something with this, for example: a Christmas decoration. Materials: Toilet paper rolls Paint Paint brush Cloth, fabric or felt Cardboard Glue Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Collect toilet paper rolls. With paper, make a Santa Claus costume. Paint its face With fabric or felt make a hat. Glue the hat to the body. Note: you can also make the Three Wise Men using the same instructions. In fact, you can make a whole Nativity Scene with the rolls. Ricardo Beltrn Muriel 2
  • Paper Christmas Tree This is a simple paper Christmas tree to decorate your bedroom, home or your class. Materials: Old magazine or newspaper Scissor Pen Instructions: Collect an old magazine or an old newspaper. Draw the contour of a Christmas tree. Cut out the Christmas tree. Notes: if you want, you can also paint the exterior of the Christmas tree. Juanjo Bentez Ardila 3
  • Recycled Paper Ornaments What better source of ornaments than our rolls of kitchen paper! Let's make some Christmas decorations from reused items! Materials: Paper or cardboard Paint or marker If you use paint, you must use a paint brush Thread Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Search for cardboard or old paper you don't use. Make lines separating every centimetre. Paint the selected area without marking the lines previously made. Cut along the lines. Join the rings to form a ball with them. Put a thread at the top of the ball. Hang. Note: the balls make beautiful decorations in rooms or on a Christmas tree. Jos Mara Calvano 4
  • Christmas Wreath Lets make some Christmas decorations! Materials: Two sheets of paper Aluminium paper Pieces of streamers for decoration Adhesive ribbon A piece of fabric Instructions: 1. Fold the sheets of paper several times to form two large papers. 2. Link the two papers with the adhesive ribbon. 3. Roll them with aluminum paper. 4. Link the pieces of streamers for decoration with the adhesive ribbon 5. Finally, make a loop at the top of the stream. Note: Its very easy to make and using only recycled materials! You can hang it on your front door or in other part in your home. Jess Cordn 5
  • Christmas Tree Don't you have money for a Christmas tree? Here you are a great idea to have a cheap one! Materials: Plastic cup Paint can (for painting) Buttons Instructions: 1. Obtain a plastic cup. You can find one in parties for example. 2. Collect Buttons. 3. Paint the plastic cup in green to make a tree. 4. Glue the buttons onto the plastic cup with celophane tape. Note: This Christmas tree is a great decoration if you don't have money to buy one. Also, you can put a star on top to make it more like a true Christmas tree. Casandra Gonzlez 6
  • Recycled bell for Christmas If you dont have much money and you want something similar to a bell for your bedroom or to hang it on the Christmas tree, here you have a good option. Materials: -A plastic cup -Paint brush -A bow -Paint -Scissors -Thread - A button -A needle Instructions: 1. Take a plastic cup and cut it with the scissors. 2. Paint the cup in yellow with the paint brush and let it dry. 3. Make a little hole at the bottom of the cup with the needle, but be careful, dont hurt yourself!! 4. Introduce the piece of thread through the hole and tie it. 5. Tie the button at the end of the piece of thread. 6. Tie a red bow around the cup. 7. Hang it wherever you want. Note: If you want you can change the colours and you can put the needle into the bow so you can ensure it wont untie Alberto Lpez Snchez 7
  • If you want to decorate your home but you dont want to pay too much: lets make a Christmas Bottle! Materials: A Glass Bottle Sugar A piece of paper Plastic sheets from a Christmas tree. Glue Intructions: 1. Glue the plastic sheets from a Christmas tree at the bottom of the bottle. 2. Fill the bottle with sugar. 3. With paper, cut out a star. 4. Draw a smile on the piece of paper. 5. Glue the piece of paper at the top of the bottle. Note: You can cut the piece of paper into any shapes and you can draw what you like on it. Miguel Molina 8
  • CD ornament What better source of ornaments than your old CDs! Let's make some Christmas decorations from reused items! Materials: A CD Scissors Thread Pencil Instructions: 1- Draw a design with a pencil. 2- With the scissors start to cut slow. 3-File the imperfections. 4- Place a thread through the hole and tie it. 5- Hang. Note: You have to be careful while you are cutting the CD because it's easy to break. Natalia Navas 9
  • Christmas balls Let's make some Christmas balls from reused items! Materials: -Cardboard -Shoe box paper -Watercolors -Paint brush -Glitter -Glue -Scissors Instructions: 1. Cut 1cm cardboard strips and paint them 2. Make balls from shoe box paper 3. Put the cardboard strips around de paper balls with glue 4. Paint the visible white areas 5. Add glitter with glue Note: You can add other things like stickers, you can draw on the cardboard strips and make it as colorful as possible for your Christmas Tree! Mara Palomo Jimnez 10
  • Santa Claus What better source of ornaments than our own drawers! Let's make some Christmas decorations! Materials: Socks Rice Transparent paper Buttons Cotton Pearls Instructions: 1. Fill two socks with rice and make two balls 2. Stick the balls together with thread 3. Wrap one ball with transparent paper 4. Stick the buttons on the face 5. Put a hat on the head and cotton balls on the face 6. Puttwo arms on the body Note: The 'Santa Claus' also makes a beautiful home decoration. You can put it on the table, under the tree or other places, making them very pretty. This is a Santa Claus decoration! Saray Pozo 11
  • Christmas bells These are fantastic Christmas bells, using only recycled materials. Materials: Plastic cups Tree ornaments that you don't use One flower Ribbons to wrap presents. Instructions: Make one perforation at the bottom of the plastic cups. Pass the ribbons through the perforations. Tie the ribbons at the end of the ornaments and put inside of cups. Frizzle what is left of the strips. Glue the flower between the two plastic cups. Note: The bells are very beautiful as Christmas decorations and have a lot of Christmas spirit. Marta Ramrez 12
  • Christmas Wreath What better source of ornaments than our own drawers! Lets make a Christmas Wreath! Materials: Old paper Christmas balls Glue Silicone Instructions: Take the necessary material. Cut out a circle of paper. Roll the papers in the form of a cone. Glue the cones in a circle. Putt he balls in the middle of the cones. Glue the balls with silicone. Note: The Christmas Wreaths are very beautiful and traditional at Chrisrmas. Make your Christmas Wreath! Natalia Ramrez 13
  • Star Ornaments Whatbettersourceofornamentsthanourownhome!Letsmake someChristmasdecorationsfromreuseditems! Materials: Cardboardtube Paint Paintbrush Scissors Glue Thread Oldnewspaper Instructions: 1.Collectcardboardtubes. 2.Cutthetubeintosmallrings. 3.Gluetherings. 4.Paintthestarswithabrush. 5.Setonscrappaper(newspaper)todry. 6.Tiethreadatacorner. 7.Hang. Note:Youcanmakestarsofdifferentsizesandcolours.Ifyoumake manystars,yougetaveryniceeffect. JaimeRepiso 14
  • Cork Christmas tree Itsagoodideafordecorating yourhomecheaperthanthethingsthat youcanbuyintheshops. Materials: Corks. Paint. Ribbon. Instructions: Collectcorks. Paintonesideofthecorks. Gluethecorkstogetherintheshapeyouwant. Note:ThiscanbeusedasaChristmastreedecoration,ormaybeonlyfor decoratingyourhome. DavidRubio 15
  • Decorated Plant Pot Christmas is coming, and there's nothing better to decorate your house than our Christmas Plant Pot! Just take an old plant pot and use your imagination to have the best ornament with only reused items! Materials: 1. Plant Pot 2. Paint 3. Paint brush 4. Glass beads 5. Glitter Instructions: 1. Choose some old plant pots. 2. Paint borders. 3. Take glitter and put in some parts of the plant pot. 4. Let it dry. 5. Put glass beads on it. Note: They are very cool and fantastic for Christmas. You can make some to decorate your house, and you can choose the colours and glass beads that you like. Laura Ruiz 16
  • Christmas coaster Have you noticed that you have lots of scratched CDs? Have you noticed that you dont have anything to put your cups on? We can fix that: Materials: A CD. Pieces of different colored foam rubber. A glue gun. Scissors. Imagination and patience. Instructions: 1.- Trace the shape of the CD on three pieces of foam rubber. 2.- Cut two of them and stick them to both faces of the CD using the glue gun 3.- Draw a Christmas star on the third shape and cut it out 4.- Stick the shape to a side of the coaster Note: You can draw anything that you want. Let your imagination fly! Carlos Snchez 17
  • Nail File Ornaments I've made this Christmas ornaments, a snowman and Santa Claus with nail files, which I used to decorate the Christmas tree and the rest of the house. Materials: Two nail files Old buttons Glue and scissors Tempera Pieces of old clothes Instructions: 1. We takes nail files and paint them in different colours(red, black, white..) 2. We stick the buttons on them. 3. We decorate them with pieces of old clothes. 4. We make a hole in the nail file and put a card throught it. Note: These ornaments are nice and easy to make. You can also use ice cream sticks. Marta Varo 18
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