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  • Getting Ready for Prom?

    We Can Help You Look & Feel Your Best On Your Big Night!

  • Already Found Your Dress?Prom season is here, which means it is time to start ironing out all the details for the perfect night. You

    may have found the dress but need help choosing the right hairstyle to go along with it. While every

    prom dress is different, there are particular styles that go great with specific dress styles.The best

    dresses and style combinations are going to make you look and feel beautiful on their prom night.

    Without these amazing combinations, you do not get the chance to look and feel great on one of the

    greatest nights of your life!

  • A Guide to Choosing Hairstyle

    Based on Dress Neckline

  • Hairstyles That Go With Sweetheart Neckline Dresses

    If your dress has a sweetheart neckline, theres no need to go overboard with your hair you can

    simply wear it down.

    Not only are free-flowing locks perfect for this dress, they give your look a flirty edge.

    Long hair is also ideal if you dont want to show too

    much skin. Whether you keep it straight or softly curled, you cant go wrong with a simple style.

  • Ponytail

    Ponytail Sleek and simple, a ponytail clutched at the base of the neck

    lends a sophisticated air to any dress with a sweetheart


    Whats more, you can do this style at home. No need to make a

    salon appointment, you can easily create this style in just a few

    minutes. Tip: Use pomade or styling cream to tame any

    uncontrollable wisps.

    For Sweetheart Neckline

  • Side Swept Hair

    Side Swept Hair Classic soft curls are perfect for off-the-shoulder

    dresses with sweetheart necklines. The curl softens

    your look, making you look ultra-femme and glamorous.

    While elegant, this flowing style does not detract from

    the beauty of your dress; it only serves to make you

    look even more fabulous than you already do. To get

    this look, simply set your hair with hot rollers, separate

    the curl with your fingers, and spray with a soft finishing


    For Sweetheart Neckline

  • Tousled Updo

    Tousled UpdoAh, the updo! this prom favorite is also perfect for a

    sweetheart neckline, but you shouldnt overdo it.

    Instead of choosing a rigid style with lots of starched

    ringlets, opt for a soft, tousled updo like the one

    shown here.

    This classic do will heighten the romance and leave

    your date breathless. If you want to take it up a notch

    or two, place jewels or hair accessories in strategic

    places for a glamorous look that shines.

    For Sweetheart Neckline

  • Top KnotTop Knot An understated top knot creates an up-swept,

    romantic look thats ideal for strapless dresses,

    especially those with a sweetheart neckline.

    The soft look of this hairstyle works well with all

    face shapes and body types, making it a prom


    Remember, popular prom hairstyles for this

    season are mussed; rigid styles are out.

    Always choose a slightly messy look over a

    well-contained one.

    For Sweetheart Neckline

  • Hairstyles That Go With Halter Dresses

    Sleek and sexy this dress possesses a classic halter neckline and shows more than a hint of skin, making it one of the favorite picks of the

    season.If your dress has a halter neckline, youre no doubt

    looking for the perfect hairstyle to complement your dress.

    Soft, classic curls, like those worn by the model, are perfect for this type of dress as they pay

    homage to the Old Hollywood flavor of the dress.

  • Braided PonytailAlways elegant, herringbone braids are perfect for

    halter dresses with plunging necklines. Rather than

    choosing a traditional braid or another predictable

    prom do, why not try something like this?

    All you have to do is sweep your hair up into a high

    ponytail and braid the length of your hair into a

    herring-bone or fish-tail braid. Finish it all off with a

    few hair accessories, to create the do that everyone

    will envy.

    Braided PonytailFor Halter Dresses

  • High Bun

    High BunIf your gown has interesting details on the back

    or around the neckline like this one, you dont

    want your hairstyle to cover up your dresses

    finer attributes.

    Wear your hair up for these types of dresses,

    but dont succumb to restrictive updos. This

    prom season, tousled hair is in and nothing

    pulls off the messy look better than this simple


    For Halter Dresses

  • Low Chignon

    Low Chignon This loose knot is absolutely gorgeous and is

    ideal for halter-style prom dresses. If youre

    looking for a more refined, glamorous look, you

    cant go wrong with a low chignon.

    This style features free tendrils that form

    delicate wisps around the face and a loosely

    knotted bun in the nape. You can easily pull

    this look off at home without the help of a

    professional stylist.

    For Halter Dresses

  • Side Swept Curls

    Side Swept Curls If you want to pull off a sweet and innocent

    look, try this hairstyle. Featuring lovely curls,

    this do is pulled softly to the side, allowing the

    hair to cascade down one shoulder.

    This look is ideal for halter necklines since it

    leaves one of the shoulders exposed. If you

    want to wear long curls with your prom dress,

    you cant go wrong with this elegant style.

    For Halter Dresses

  • Hairstyles That Go With Low Back Dresses

    Low Back prom dresses usually have a great deal of visual interest and detail on the back of the gown, which makes it essential for you to pick the right hairstyle to show off your dresses best side. While you may think that you should wear your

    hair up, you don't necessarily have to. The simple style worn by this model is perfect for low-cut

    backless dresses.

  • Braided Updo

    Braided Updo

    When wearing your hair up, choose a

    tousled 'do like this one. Featuring a side

    braid and messy bun clutched at the base of

    the head, this inspiring hairstyle will show off

    the full length of your back and the low cut

    of your gown.

    For Low Back Dresses

  • High Ponytail

    High PonytailCan you wear a ponytail to prom? You sure can,

    especially if you dress it up a bit. During Fashion

    Week, some of the most famous designers showed

    us how to wear this classic style with formal wear.

    Something like the style shown here works perfectly

    with almost any prom dress. Simply sweep your hair

    up into a loose ponytail, leaving a few tendrils free

    around the face.

    For Low Back Dresses

  • Center Part

    Center PartIf you prefer a simple hairstyle but want to look

    sophisticated at the same time, why not try the

    center-part style shown here? This style is perfect for

    low-back prom dresses because it creates a peek-a-

    boo effect, allowing some of your skin to show

    through while hiding the rest. You can wear this style

    curly or straight, whichever you prefer.

    For Low Back Dresses

  • Sleek High Bun

    Sleek High BunFor a high-fashion, glamorous look, try the hairstyle

    in this picture. Featuring a large and lovely bun on

    top of the head, this updo captures all of your hair,

    keeping it well away from your face and neck. Taking

    a more traditional approach to formal hairstyles, this

    daring design will ensure that all the details of your

    dress shine through.

    For Low Back Dresses

  • Hairstyles That Go With Spaghetti Strap Dresses

    Every prom dress entails more than just the dress.

    It must be fitted properly to your body, and, most

    importantly, must also be paired with the right


    This model looks amazing, but her look can be

    improved with the right hairstyle to match her

    Spaghetti Strap style dress. It's all in the details, and changing her look can happen at the

    salon more easily at home!

  • Side Swept Loose Waves

    Side Swept Loose WavesEvery dress with one-strap can be easily paired with a

    wavy hairstyle that drapes over the opposite shoulder.

    The girl with long hair may want to put her hair up for

    prom, but she can show off the one strap on her dress

    when she drapes her hair over her opposite shoulder.

    This look is gorgeous, easy and simple. Not only can girls

    do this themselves, but they can show off their hair very

    simply with a one-strap dress.

    For Spaghetti Strap Dresses

  • Messy Bun

    Messy BunThe messy bun works perfectly for the girl who wants her