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Curiously, metaphors inundate us whether we know it or not. Listen to any sports newscaster. Read a headline. You’ll find yourself in the realm of metaphor. This presentation will explain how to teach, completely online, a full semester course on a subject as seemingly elusive as metaphor. Indeed, the presentation will prove that the technology can enhance the learning experience. Using a synchronous online meeting tool integrated in UVaCollab, I bolster student confidence and help them build community around the subject of metaphor.


  • 1. How Technology Can Bolster The Residential Experience University of Virginia Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Charlotte Matthews Writing and Poetry Permission to use images granted by Photographer Sally Mann, August 2013.

2. If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." Anton St. Exupery 3. How Technology Can Make A Class More Indelible: Game Playing Encourages Student Centered & Active Participation Rice Game: Pictionary In Class Outside of Class 4. How Technology Can Make The Class More Personal: Discussion Forum Continues Conversation I agree Akisha, simplicity is the key to it all. It is amazing how difficult creating simplistic writing is. For me, though, poetry showcases this best. Each and every word plays into the story the poet is trying to tell. Twenty dollar words are great in some papers, but to me, they just add needless complexity. I have been struggling to remove these words from my writing and the writing prompts have really helped me with this. Bird by Bird and The Secret Life of Bees are both examples of how to write without complex words. Profile PM Jul 26, 2013 10:41 AM Subject: Re: Final Class Discussion Quote Edit Angie Garrett Posts: 32 I hope to incorporate in my daily life the opportunity to write something every day in my journal. I have attempted to do this on several occasions, but family, work, and schools obligations have prevented the opportunity to do so. I especially want my children to read about my childhood, my parents, two grandparents, and four brothers. We were the Italian version of the Waltons (really). I also want to diligently keep a notebook of capstone ideas. My goal is to write two to three ideas at least once a week. Wish me luck. 5. How Technology Can Bolster Confidence Virtual Office Hours Ongoing Class Discussionspractice Workshops: Encouraging students to practice editing and providing feedback to their peers. Creates a community. Students can ask one another questions about assignments through and ongoing question discussion board even when class is not ongoing. This way the class is always open and there is more opportunity for learning. 6. How Technology Can Appeal to Different Learning Styles Experiential Learning and Practice List all the objects in the picture In three sentences: What is happening in the picture? Permission to use images granted by Photographer Sally Mann, August 2013. 7. Questions Contact Information:


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