chapter 4 links creating links between pages linking to other sites email links

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Chapter 4 Links

Chapter 4 LinksCreating links between pagesLinking to other sitesEmail linksLinkismsLinks from one website to anotherLinks from one page to another on the same websiteLinks from one part of a web page to another part of the same pageLinks that open in a new browser windowLinks that start up your email program and address a newemail to someoneWriting LinksLinks are created using the element. Users can click on anything between the opening tag and the closing tag. You specify which page you want to link to using the href attribute.

Linking to Other Sites

Links to other sites

Linking to Other Pageson the Same Site

Linking to Other Pageson the Same Site

Directory Structure

Relative URLsRelative URLs can be used when linking to pages within your own website. They provide a shorthand way of telling the browser where to find your files.Same Folder ReviewsChild Folder ListingsGrandchild Folder


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