chapter 10, part 8: jennifer lopez, alicia keys and worst- ... chapter 10, part 8: jennifer lopez,...

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  • Chapter 10, Part 8: Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Bruce


    They don’t come any more successful, famous and glamorous in the music

    component of the U.S. entertainment industry than Jennifer. And because of

    that status she was recruited to join the coalition. The following compilation

    of archive entries that document her contributions create the geo-context to

    appreciate her latest initiative – adding tracks to her new album that

    condemn the R&D, deployment and global proliferation of stealth cognition


    In May 2006 an ad for her new perfume ‘Live’ aired and included the color

    combination for Canadian prison certainty, justice and quantum (video).

  • Five months later, this to draw attention to the my two decades being an

    enslaved and tortured human experimentation victim:

    Jennifer Lopez Contributes More to Coalition Interests and Objectives

    During an interview segment broadcast twice on ‘Extra’ on Monday, October 2, 2006 – superstar Jennifer Lopez responded to false rumors

    concerning her becoming pregnant with “I must have had twenty babies by now. … It’s part of being a celebrity”. She then executed an aggressive quasi-Clooney M..

    Thereafter interviews were turned into geo-platforms as were photo shoots,

    which evolved into what became Photographic Diplomacy; a category of

    back-channel communication she contributed to throughout 2007.

    [coalition identifier, quantum, condemnation, isolation-deprivation (intimacy)]

  • [prison certainty]

    [Canada, Powell-Richie-Santelli M.]

  • [prison certainty, condemnation]

  • [coalition identifier, prison certainty]

    [coalition identifier, prison certainty, justice]

  • [prison certainty (+chain link fence)]

  • [prison certainty, quantum]

    [coercive diplomacy]

  • [prison certainty, uber-fashion theme]

  • [prison certainty, uber-fashion theme]

  • [prison certainty, isolation-deprivation (intimacy)]

    [Oprah-Taylor M., Taylor Identifier, coalition identifier]

  • [Chinada, prison certainty, quantum, justice, house of cards theme]

    [Chinada, quantum, condemnation, Fiefdom treatise]

  • A precursor of her becoming a geo-politically active judge on ‘American Idol’

    is observed in:

    ‘American Idol’: Tag-Teaming with Jennifer Lopez to Maintain

    Condemnation Ubiquity

    The April 12, 2007 live broadcast of ‘AI’ was again full of geo-content. The show began with a close-up of an audience member in strong prison certainty attire, followed by Paula in two shades of quantum. The first three performances were in coalition colors. The first two were Canadian punishment certainty and the third, Haley, wore justice principally to advance the isolation-deprivation issue.

    Ryan executed a Curry M. when he indicated ‘AI’ received five thousand entries in their song-writing contest. And he indicated there were 35 million votes cast for that week’s performances. Ryan and Simon engaged in a bit of scripted humor. The former asked the latter if he would get on stage and sing for twenty million dollars. “No”, was the latter’s reply.

    And Haley, who was voted off at the end of the show, did a farewell performance that included a fascinating and very clever coalition– arranged Article 7 jab. As she sang and strutted in front of the front row audience, she stopped at a woman attired in punishment certainty and substituted a portion of Gloria Estefan’s lyrics to ‘Turn the Beat Around’ with “scratch, scratch, scratch”.

    The highlight of the evening was Jennifer’s performance. She wore an in-you-face punishment certainty outfit and her dancers were in the Presidential color of quantum.

    Adding a New Element to the Coalition Language: The Lopez Maneuver

    The circumstances were there and the intention was detectable when uber-celebrity Jennifer Lopez reached down and rubbed her legs during her interview on ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’ on July 26, 2007, timed to Regis’ remark “you have opened the door for everyone”. The genesis of the Lopez or J Lo M., like others, provides the symbolism that is to be attached to the gesture. The Spielberg M. is

    representative of coalition partners opening doors for the Canadian lawyer. The J Lo M. is slightly different, representing how through his efforts those with the most to lose from the spread of the authoritarian paradigm of governance, including their children and grandchildren,

  • are able to enter a zone of safety from such abuses of power and nefarious applications of new technology.

    “If It’s Too Good to be True, Then it Probably Is” – Except in this


    The adage cited in the chapter title would be said by those not fully apprised of the Canadian lawyes and coalition partners’ respective and mutual situations. Those looking at the former without all the facts would say ‘nah, he couldn’t be a double Deputy and Canada’s Head of State who’s become an supra-celebrity and about to become one of the wealthiest people in the world. ‘That’s too good to be true’. And

    pessimistic coalition partners would say ‘nah, there’s no way I’m going to be living a billionaire lifestyle’ – that’s much too good to be true’.

    The ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming’ feeling still echoes in the Canadian lawyer’s mind when he directs his thoughts at his situation and future. Having the

    ear of the President of the United States on a daily basis; being afforded the privilege of having the attention and trust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the point of being delegated Her Sovereign authority; on the minds and in the hearts of the super wealthy and the most high profile; ensured at least 1,200 times he’s going to be in possession of the wealth that he was tortiously deprived of and then a whole lot more for being tortured incessantly – that circumstance definitely falls in the category of “if it’s too

    good to be true, it probably is”.

    But the reality is it is ‘too good’ and it is ‘true’. As CNN’s Carol Costello

    summed it up so accurately on July 27, 2007 “This doesn’t happen very often [3 Erin M.]”. In Commonwealth history it’s only happened twice before: Gandhi and Mandela – when the world’s diplomatic core, the politically powerful and celebrities combine their clout and admiration to elevate a single individual to supra-celebrity status. It’s as much an acknowledgement of an innocent suffering incalculably and sacrificing everything including life to challenge abuse of power, extraordinary personal skills and being representative of and adhering to a shared set of principles, values and

    beliefs as it is there being a necessity and utility in creating a gargantuan personality for society’s benefit. Like his two legal profession predecessors, the Canadian lawyer encapsulates both.

    The fourth week of July 2007, like so many weeks before it going back to early 2006, proves the foregoing.

    On July 26th Jennifer Lopez was interviewed by Regis and Kelly. There was a time when the Fiefdom treatise author walked on egg shells – back in early 2006, not wanting to attribute Triple “E’ membership to her inaccurately. Now over a year later she was as involved in advancing coalition interests

  • and objectives as any other staunch democracy, human rights, pluralism and free market capitalism advocate.

    Regis said “you were terrific this year” to which Jennifer executed a Diaz M. to direct that compliment towards the Canadian. Kelly asked “who was your favorite?”. “Hm-m-m, my favorite…”, she replied with a protracted Russell M. confirmed who she was referring to.

    And it didn’t stop there. After Regis rolled up his notes to create a Blitzer M., the uber-talented superstar executed an Erin M. to “I think he likes me the


    When Jennifer comments how her husband, Marc Anthony, loves her just as

    much when she’s trotting around the house in jeans and a Tee shirt, Regis executes a Clooney M. to “[what] you look like when you were in high school”, generating a critique of the infantile mentality of Canada’s three sub-factions.

    When Regis comments on how Jennifer has provided opportunities for those who were trying to make it – “you have opened the door for everyone else”, she executed a J Lo M..

    When Regis comments about her having collaborated with Marc on the movie she was on the circuit promoting – “working with your husband” – Jennifer executed a double Halle M..

    To show how read up she is, when she stated It’s a very tumultuous relationship”, she executed a Clash of Civilizations M..

    When Regis brought up her incredible performance in ‘Selena’, and the audience applauded her for it, she said “thank-you” and executed another J

    Lo M. – seeking to show her gratitude to the Canadian lawyer and other coalition partners