chapter 10 lesson 5- clouds and precipitation

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  • 1. Chapter 10, Lesson 5 Clouds and Precipitation stratus clouds cirrus clouds cumulus clouds nimbus clouds alto clouds fog hail sleet nucleus overcast clear scattered clouds
  • 2. stratus Stratus clouds form in blanket-like layers. They hang low in the troposphere most of the time.
  • 3. cirrus Cirrus clouds form at high altitudes and are made of ice crystals. They are thin-looking, wispy clouds.
  • 4. cumulus puffy clouds. They appear flat at the bottom and they are in the middle of the troposphere.
  • 5. nimbus if rain or snow falls from a cloud, you add nimbo or nimbus to a clouds name. cumulonimbus nimbostratus
  • 6. alto alto means middle-level clouds. If you see alto in a clouds name, youll find it in the middle of the troposphere. altocumulus altostratus
  • 7. fog a cloud at ground level.
  • 8. hail pellets or lumps of ice. Usually hail falls when its warm outside. If you hear hail, a tornado might be nearby.
  • 9. How is hail formed?
  • 10. sleet precipitation that freezes as it falls though air that is below freezing in temperature.
  • 11. How is sleet formed? First, lets talk about snow!
  • 12. How is sleet formed? Next, lets talk about freezing rain!
  • 13. NOW! How is sleet formed?
  • 14. nucleus the nucleus of a precipitation droplet is usually dust in the atmosphere. Nucleus means center. atmospheric dust nucleus of a cell
  • 15. overcast the skies are completely covered with clouds. Weather station model for overcast skies.
  • 16. clear the skies are clear of clouds Weather station model for clear skies.
  • 17. scattered clouds clouds are scattered throughout the sky Weather station model for scattered clouds
  • 18. partly cloudy the sky is about half clouds and half clear Weather station model for partly cloudy
  • 19. mostly cloudy its almost overcast; very little blue sky is showing Weather station model for mostly