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  • 1.CUDA Stories

2. I use CUDA to accelerate radiotherapy dose calculations for cancer treatment. Nick Henderson, Stanford University 3. I use CUDA for calibration of radio telescopes. Using CUDA acceleration I can calibrate terabytes of data almost in real time. Sarod Yatawatta, ASTRON, the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy 4. We used CUDA to move our CPU-based satellite image geocoding routine to the GPU: we got an amazing 50x without major revision of our code. Rolf Krause, Universit della Svizzera Italiana 5. HPC on CUDA is fun! Andrea Miele, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland 6. I use CUDA in molecular dynamics simulations to study flexible HIV molecular targets. Sergio Ribone, National University of Crdoba, Argentina 7. I use CUDA to enable real time image processing and ultrasound probe tracking during endoscopic microsurgery. Philip Pratt, Imperial College, London 8. I use CUDA to accelerate simultaneous Cellular Automata simulations of lava flows. Giuseppe Filippone, University of Calabria, Italy 9. I use CUDA to train a neural network that learns to remove noise from an electrocardiogram (ECG). Rui Rodrigues, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal 10. Invert 3D and 4D seismic data for subsurface properties and enjoy the 20-25x speedups! Jeffrey Shragge, University of Western Australia 11. I use CUDA to accelerate nucleotide sequence alignment in the DNA assembly algorithm. What used to run on HPC clusters now runs on my PC. Micha Kierzynka, Poznan University of Technology, Poland 12. CUDA programming on GPUs is easy and can change the scope of simulations of real physical problems. Monica Syal, University of Maryland, College Park 13. I use CUDA to accelerate residue-level protein structure alignment for life science research. Simulations that took two months now take a day. Bin Pang, University of Missouri 14. I use CUDA to implement large-scale neural architectures. Bio-inspired models can be now used in real-world situations. Manuela Chessa, University of Genoa, Italy 15. I run Monte-Carlo valuation of hedge fund portfolio on CUDA grid. Millions of options are now valued within minutes, instead of hours. Yuriy Zanichkovskyy, ELEKS 16. Design and implement algorithms to solve computational geometry problems in 3D and 4D. Ashwin Nanjappa, National University of Singapore 17. I use CUDA to accelerate sorting algorithms and algorithms for collision detection. The speed up is enormous. Johannes Eckstein, NuCOS 18. I use CUDA to accelerate the polycrystal grains grow simulation for atmospheric research. Our simulation is now 300X better! Jorge Atala, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina 19. I use CUDA to accelerate 3D reconstruction algorithms in electrical tomography for imaging of industrial processes. Computations that took hours now take minutes. Robert Banasiak, Lodz University of Technology, Poland