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A FREE, groundbreaking Youth Leadership Learning & Support Program for ALL students, ecoclubs and teachers who wish to be the Change they Wish to See in the World. CHANGE GENERATION RISING combines ALL things in Youth-LeadeR: media, global experts, youth leaders, visionary changemakers, 'live' webcast encounters on UN Days, Monthly Missions, global community of action, real world value credits, YL warrior status, and a constant surf on the tidal wave of the global changemaking movements.


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    edited by Eric Schneider

    copyright Youth-Leader 2013

  • Hi!I am super pleased to share with youthe exciting new offer that Youth-LeadeR and many amazing friendsare making to the Young Generation,and everyone who cares about them,their future, - and your own future:youth, teachers, parents, citizens,organizations, even media!

    We have an outstanding, unprecedented YOUTH LEADERSHIPsupport and training program for youth, students, ecoclubs,teachers, and youth organizations.

    In fact, we keep doing what we do anyway: producing media,stories and action-kits tools about model solutions, forgingalliances with changemakers, meeting, helping and takingaction with awesome youth.

    And to make it easy to understand, we call it a support program,- with YL media, contacts, services and community, all in one.

    This booklet shows youHOW THE ELEMENTS OF YL INTERACTas a complete Learning and Support program that YOU cantune to your frameworks: time, locale, life, school, causes

    WHAT MAKES CHANGE GENERATION RISINGSPECIAL AND PRECIOUS compared to available youth actionprograms. We compare with no less than awesome worldchampions Free The Children / Me To We. We love their work.Change Generation Rising goes similar ways but reachesaround the globe and with very little effort. it offers additionalthings that can amplify action in schools and beyond evenmore. By active youth groups, but also by new groups formingbecause the offers to date have not been attractive enough.


  • add YL Missions to your work as a local chapter of an organization- this program gives you a huge amount of new knowledge, toolsand action opportunities.


    ROLE MODELS. '80% of human behaviour is shaped by rolemodels. Subconsciously, copy-paste.' If you want to awaken andunfold your inner hero to the max, surround yourself with realheroes: Youth Leaders and Changemakers.

    ENCOUNTER. Spirit and Knowledge TransferVibrant videos, rich stories, deep interviews and personal dialoguein 'live' Webcasts.


    ACTION. The ExperienceMonthly Missions. Replication of Model Solutions, at home andabroad, small and historic.


    GLOBAL COMMUNITY. Free interaction in vibrant social mediastreams. A Supportive Learning Environment.

    Constant stream of news, campaigns, portraits, interviews,innovation, reports, videos in our online media, to stay constantlyimmersed in the Bright New World of Changemaking.


    METHODSExhibits of Role Models & Solutions reach the entire schoolcommunity without strees on time or resources. They sparkinterest, build community and can evolve into long-term, student-powered 'Informal Sustainability Learning Environments' - froma teacher's point of view. For you, it's your Clan's base camp,with your possible mix of posters, exhibits, campaigns, projects,fundraisers, films, webcasts, meetings... For lively, idealist youth,the place to be!

    STATUSExcellent media of great value to teachersRecognition as 'Our New, Highly Gifted' by teachersYouthLeadeR membership, UNESCO statusEventually also official charity status


    TOOLSOnline Mediamagazine and social media with solutions and changemakers

    Onsite Mediaposter collectionsvideo collectionstake action packsteaching toolscomicscardgameand more

  • As you can easily tell, the career evolves naturally. By taking actions, using the tools(webcasts, poster exhibits > wall display) and gaining visible media presence and demandas speakers at other schools, the Warriors make impacts, build community, friendships,develop skills and lifelong memories AND gain recognition as role models and ... "assistantteachers" trustworthy and precious to manage student-powered activities at school, thatget ever more interwoven with classroom teaching and the school calendar. This impactstheir entire local generation. It can happen quite quickly. 3 Missions can be accomplishedin a month. Webcast, Exhibit and Wall Display can even be implemented in the first month.Imagine the impacts, the personal growth after one year! Imagine ten, twenty, fifty youthat a school doing this, ... over five or more years at school. They will be unlike any "grown-ups" you have ever seen. This is why I say... it's like a different species. And that's whatwe need, as Co-creators and Inhabitants of a global, peaceful, sustainable civilisation.





    This wheel shows simplesteps, building up on oneanother, using theelements in YL

  • Sure.They ARE doing it.

    Not everyone is a master at it, right away.But it's the same with everything.

    It's like in gameplay.You dig it, spend time on it, and quickly grow.

    Think of ball players.They quickly pick up any other ball sport.Think of musicians. They pick up other styles.Think of card game enthusiasts. It goes super fast.Oh, and computer gamers.

    This game is for those who love changemaking.Many already do it, and would love to go bigger.

    See what teens are doing.

    They have awesome tools with them.And a team beyond awesome.

  • "I knew young people are doing stuff, but this issensational. I am floored by the potentials."

    "The videos have instilled a sense of activism in myentire family. I was especially surprised by their impacton my younger peers."

    "I am crying. I think this says it all. Ameena is awesome.She gives me strength, too."

    You have awesome media in your hands.

    They serve you to inspire others and build community,- and also to inspire you to ever greater heights andnurture the same passion, vision and determinationinside yourself.

    We all have it inside. We FEEL it, when we feelinspired... the next step simply is to verbalize it. Justlike we are inspired from music ... and then learn tosing. You have it inside. And with practice, you learnto unleash the spirit, for real.

    So, immerse yourself in good company and practice!

  • What teens do.

    What twens do. What teachers do.

    What Ameena Matthews does.

  • include$100 Fundraisers for YL CharityPartners - mostly real heroes inaction 'in the field', featured inour media and present in YLWebcasts. Hence, impacts aresoon felt and feedback is in-spiring. This action can be aPhilanthroParty, public action,a stand at school, whatever...unless specified.

    A Social Experiment like 1 or 2 Weeks of veganlifestyle, and documenting one's discoveries, break-throughs and breakdowns with a daily blog post.Hilarious, life-changing, popular with youth and easyto scale in one's school. A teacher's dream come true!

    Support or replication of a model solution. Thiscan be small or big. Warriors make their choice, unlessspecified.

    Actions also include the spreading of YL Media, likeexhibits, changemaker movie nights, sponsoring YLcardgames for kindergartens and other. It is alsopossible to gain extra credits and honours by takingsurplus actions or aiming at extraordinary impacts.

  • Cassandra. Turn Grease Into Fuel

    Lulu. Helping Ghouls at Mattel's Monster

    Gabrielle. Donate Don't Dump

  • The Webcasts serve several purposes

    They take place in mornings,afternoons, evenings and on week-ends.

    They are usually tunedto current UN Theme Days of the month.

    This means that teams (and teachers) can join andcombine it with as much audience, participation andimpacts as is possible in their frameworks. In class,as ecoclubs, or at home.With or without special missions.

    Participants- meet heroes in person- are prepared, ask meaningful questions and how they can take the solution to scale- present their own achievements, if they have taken actions in support of the hero's initiative- celebrate common achievements

    This makes them a powerful inspirational experiencefor newcomers, a great stage for accomplished warriorsand a community-building experience.

  • YL Poster Exhibits are very po-werful tools for reaching, in-spiring, impacting and involvinga community - like a SCHOOL.

    Exhibit Superpowers:

    - very visible in public space- explorable at one's own time- long-term exposure, memorable, impact

    - scope and multitude of solutions form a holistic impression: an abundance of solutions for a sustainable civilisation is available"

    - multimedia experience, add videos- interactive experience - enable feedback through posters and more

    - opening a conversation about "what changes would you like to see?" "who inspires you most and why?" "which initiative are you willing to join?"

    ... Nurturing a Changemaking Climate by making Role Models present 24/7

  • YOU'LL MAKE HEADLINES - in no time!

    Why? Because people love it, it's super high valuefor society, and ... because there's almost no peopledoing this. People are sooooo boring and behind. Ordo you see lots of heroes around you and in media?

    The world - and good media - yearn for heroes andawesome youth, living the credo of Y


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