Challenges and opportunities for future workforce

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<p>Topic 2Challenges and Opportunities for Future WorkforceContardo Chandra Prayogo Sunardi13259822</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Technologygiphy, n.d</p> <p>What to expect?..will expect collaboration and instaneous communication.. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008metropolismag, 2013</p> <p>What is the expectation of future workforce and workplace? </p> <p>Difference..they (Generation Y), have grown up with unlimited access to the internet..Edomi, 2012</p> <p>vomitingdiamonds, 2013martinschwarz, 2014</p> <p>How is the young generation experience a different work environment? </p> <p>Opportunities </p> <p>Numerous instantaneous communication</p> <p>You can communicate in may different waysStapelton,2015rapidvaluesolutions,2015monkeybolts,2015</p> <p>Opportunities </p> <p>Mobility</p> <p>..those with limited mobility will be able to be just as productive.. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008Gan, 2010giphy, n.d</p> <p>ChallengesLine between working life and private life</p> <p>Lack of emotional intelligence</p> <p>the lines between home and work and work and play will become more permeable. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008they have less emotional intelligence and focus on themselves..Edomi, 2012</p> <p>;maincat=animsp&amp;id=13760 </p> <p>In conclusionEngaging young generationAcknowledge the challengesAchievement in the future</p> <p>Stapelton, 2015Technology is not everything </p> <p>Reference-Robert-Edomi, S. (2012). Changing demographics in the workplace. Training Journal, , 8-10. Retrieved from, J. (2015). THE CHANGING ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY WITHIN WORKPLACE BENEFITS.Professional Pensions,, 36-38. Retrieved from -Kane, G. C. (2015). The workplace of the future.MIT Sloan Management Review,56(4), 0. Retrieved from, W., Contardo, J., &amp; Childs, R. (2008). The future workforce: Here they come.Public Manager,36(4), 25-28. Retrieved from</p>