Challenges and opportunities for future workforce

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Topic 2Challenges and Opportunities for Future WorkforceContardo Chandra Prayogo Sunardi13259822


Technologygiphy, n.d

What to expect?..will expect collaboration and instaneous communication.. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008metropolismag, 2013

What is the expectation of future workforce and workplace?

Difference..they (Generation Y), have grown up with unlimited access to the internet..Edomi, 2012

vomitingdiamonds, 2013martinschwarz, 2014

How is the young generation experience a different work environment?


Numerous instantaneous communication

You can communicate in may different waysStapelton,2015rapidvaluesolutions,2015monkeybolts,2015



..those with limited mobility will be able to be just as productive.. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008Gan, 2010giphy, n.d

ChallengesLine between working life and private life

Lack of emotional intelligence

the lines between home and work and work and play will become more permeable. Boddie, Contardo, and Childs, 2008they have less emotional intelligence and focus on themselves..Edomi, 2012

In conclusionEngaging young generationAcknowledge the challengesAchievement in the future

Stapelton, 2015Technology is not everything

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