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    FORSite accessibli'ty at Vertac Chemicals,

    Jacksonville, Pulaski Co, AR

    Prepared forEPA - REGION VI


    Gerald M. FontenotDeputy Project Officer


    Roy F. Weston, Inc.Technical Assistance Team


  • Suite 814, Cotton Hxchangr Building608 North St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX 75201 (214i 8BU-U93U


    DATE: July 11, 1986 Hazitf: AR0141

    TO: Mary Ellen Crowley, OSCEPA Region VI, Emergency Response Branch . 0

    00THRU: Gerald Fontenot, Deputy Project Officer ^

    EPA Region VI, Emergency Response Branch

    THRU: Michael G. Warner, TAT Leader y^/7^^ 0Region VI, Technical Assistance Team 0

    FROM; Shekhar Subramaniam, TAT Member {}Region VI. Technical Assistance Team - Dallas

    SUBJECT: Site Accessibility to Public at Vertac, Jacksonville, Arkansas

    TDD#: 06-8607-06


    The Vertac Chemical Corporation pesticide plant lies on the site of a formerWorld War II ordnance plant. Pesticides have been produced on the site since1948 by three former companies. Effluent from the plant is believed to be thesource which led to contamination of the existing Jacksonville wastewatertreatment plant system as well as an abandoned wastewater treatment facility.Sampling has confirmed the presence of dioxin at both treatment plants as wellas Bayou Meto and Rocky Branch Creek. This report assesses the accessibility ofthe contaminated areas to the public.

    Field Investigation -.-.-

    On July 8, 1986, TAT members Shekhar Subramam'am and David Gray accompanied OSCMary Ellen Mcdary on an investigation at the Vertac Site in Jacksonville,Arkansas. The TATs visited the wastewater treatment plants and investigatedareas in the vicinity of Bayou Meto and Rocky Branch Creek. Problems associatedwith each of the above areas are addressed and recommendations made.

    Principal Contaminants

    The primary contaminants of concern in off-site areas include:

    2,3,7,8 - TCDD, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), 2,4,5-trichloro-phenoxy acetic acid (2,4,5-T), silvex, chlorinated phenols and benzenes.

    T" this report, the oeneric term "dioxin" is used for

    Roy F. Weston, Inc.SPILL PREVENTION & EMERGENCY RESPONSE DIVISIONTn Association with ICF Inc., lacobs Engineering Group Inc., C.C. Johnson & Associates, Inc., and Tetra Tech, Inc.,

  • /T/y f.f { /w. f/r\ - f f

    06-8607-06Page 2

    Environmental Sailing

    The off-site areas of concern which include the two treatment plants. Bayou Metoand Rocky Branch Creek were sampled on three occasions. In December 1983,seventy-four sediment and soil samples were collected In the off-site studyarea. In June 1984, twenty-one soil samples were collected in areas within 600feet of Bayou Meto that, judged by visual inspection, had been frequentlyflooded. Only one of these contained measurable levels (0.43 ppb) of dioxin.In August 1984, 225 field samples of soil and sediments were collected fordioxin analysis, 29 additional samples were collected for background and qualitycontrol. Seventy-nine of the 225 field samples contained measurable amounts ofdioxin ranging from 1.0 ppb to more than 200 ppL.

    Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) System

    Samples from the abandoned sludge drying beds indicated dioxin levels of 6.59(ppb). The TAT observed that these beds were being used as vegetable gardens.The City Beautification Department has been growing tomatoes and cabbage on thedrying beds. Significant levels of dioxin have also been confirmed 1n thedigester and clarlfler.

    In the existing wastewater system, dioxin levels of 37.9 ppb were found in theaeration lagoon. The oxidation ponds were also found contaminated. Samplestaken from manholes indicated dioxin levels ranging from 10.9 ppb to 200 ppb.These manholes have been known to overflow in the past. The oxidation lagoonsappear nearly full and have inadequate retention time left. Of special concernis the fact that the oxidation lagoons would be subject to inundation by floodsequal to or greater than a 5 year flood. An animal shelter located within 200feet of the drying beds generates considerable traffic through the area. Agarage adjacent to the drying beds is used by the Beautification Department.

    Rocky Branch Creek

    The Rocky Branch and the Bayou Heto downstream of the Vertac Site flow adjacentto several residential subdivisions, individual homes, agricultural lands,industrial and commercial areas, and recreational areas such as DuPree Park. Inthe Rocky Branch channel and floodplain, dioxin levels in the 1984 sedimentsamples ranged from the detection limit of 0.02 to 7.58 ppb. The highest levelsof dioxin were found near the West Lane dead end (3.01 ppb) and near the end ofHines Drive (7.58 ppb). These levels are of particular concern because of theirproximity to residences. The TAT's investigation of the creek confirmed theabsence of a fence along several sections of the creek in the residential area.While levels of dioxin found along the east leg of the creek were notsignificant, additional sampling may be required to assure that TCDDcontamination does not exist in the residential areas east and south of theVertac Plant.

  • ~^ (J^r-r^C^Or-) '. -^ ' C e^'Tr^u^^ Cf^T^'" .; .

    ~ f M - -

    /VZK/.C tUt^Ji,cfS-^-U-S-t.( nCT /if-t.^ina t/

    e^a^ i^/- ^w^cA^f ^ cS^'

  • 06-8606-07 _ _Page 4 ^ ^

    6. Perform sampling and analysis of surface soil around manholes that aredowngradient of the Vertac Site, have a history of overflow, or have thepotential to overflow.

    7. Prevent the continued degradation of Bayou Meto and Rocky Branch by thetransport of contaminants of concern from both on-site and off-site sourcesof contamination.

    8. Reduce the potential for a major release of 2,3.7,8-TCDD contaminatedmaterial and other contaminants of concern from the oxidation lagoons due toa major flood event.

    9. The police shooting range portrays features that reveal the possible fiexistence of some previous treatment works that may have been covered after cobeing abandoned. This area should be sampled if it was part of the old y^,treatment works. _

    W h i l e recommendations 1-4 address the Issues of immediate concern, the other measures merit consideration as it would prevent accentuation of the problem. 0

    Jacksonville City Landfill and Rogers Road Site

    the o l Q J acKsonv i t ' i e Cit.y Ldrn i f i ' l ' i dini Kuye r s i Ruau Laiiuf'i'!'!, at JuCkssn';i'!1e,Arkansas, were investigated by TAT Shekhar Subramaniam on July 8, 1986 to assesssite accessibility. Both sites had been fenced and secured earlier. No signsof attempted entry or damage to the fences were evident. The TAT is satisfiedthat p u b l i c access at these site has been restricted.


  • TITLE: Vertac-Off-site contaminated areas p^ Location MapSCALE: 1 = 24 000

    LOCATION: Jacksonvil le . Pulaski Co. AR O R I G I N A T O R : Shekhar Subramamam

    ^______________________ DATF^^VSS TOD:6-8607-06

    D C N . TAT-06-F r ;V-i?

  • TITLE: Vertac- off site contaminated areas HAP: site sketchS C A L E : none

    L O C A T I O N : Jacksonville, Pulaski CoArkansas

    O R I G I N A T O R : Shekhar Subramamam

    DAW-:-7711786 TDD: 6-8607-06

    DCN. TAT-06-F-_;^ 5

  • Jacksonville, Lonoke Co, AR ORIGINATOR- shekhar Subramaniam

    DATE: 7/11/86___ TDD;j-8607-06

    DCN. lAl-Ub-r--_i

  • LOCATION:Jacksonville, Lonoke Co, AR "OM6INATOR: Shekhar Subramamam

    OATE: 7/11/86 -rDD:6-8607-06

  • MAP: Site SketchTITLE; Roger's Road Site

    SCALE: None

    LOCATION: Jacksonville. Pulaski Co, AR ORIGINATOR: Shekhar S u bra ma main

    DATET 7/11/86 TDD: 6-6607-06

    nrm TflT-nK-r-- i -> 2 /; 9

  • ^/{. I^^J'J^ aef!gmator Placed Call 0-,

    ___________(________________ D Originator Received Call CO

    Phone_________________________ W.O. NO. "_C ^~ _______________1^Subject _________________________________________________________

    tiL ^^/.-.J.^ ^^ ^^^^ ^.,^^/./^r___&,^^.^ v t^. pl i . h^J^._______________^ c^..^- of^t.'y Jr^^-i^.^^. ^^^-^?^p______nn^A J)-foL {-^ ^r .M^


    Conversation with:

    Name .



    7 / P . US' u

    Company -^^ i s^J^, ^JJ^J J% c/ g-1 7 C .^^^^J R.!Address.


    O^Originator Placed Call

    D Originator Received Call

    W.O. NO. s's~^-

    Notes:, ?h^h^ ^^ /

    D Flle- Follow-Up-Action:.D Tickle File-D Follow-Up By:.

    0 Copy/Route To:.

    Orjgigatq^s Initials-

  • riginator


    " /o ^Convocation with: , . n- Y / ' / ___Name G 1^ t it '- aLl^r^ d ^ Tine_____LLiJ__AM/PM-Company P f .^^Xt ^

  • ILIU fF 0-OOU/-UOPhotographer/Witness ,

    Gray/ McClary

    Date/Tiroe/Direction7/11/86/1015/ to south

    Comments:"1"" cove dead Bnd

    adjacent to creek


    TAT-06-F- 7. ' , .- 030-'00

    Photographer/Witness 5Gray/ McClary


    7/11/86/1020/ to west

    Comments: trail alone - k .

    bank along east branch

    TAT-06-F- I ? ? L. i 'V.

    \, .1-

    Photographer/Wi'tness 5Gray/ McClary

    Date/Time/Direction7/11/86/ 1025/ to west

    Comments: BrnaJthnvnn apartment:

    adjacent to east branch of erf1COP1ED FROMPOOR QUALIORIGINALTAT-06-F- | -i i {, -t. /

  • I UU ft U~WWI ~UU

    ^ Photographer/Witness 7

    Gray/ Subramaniam

    Date/Time/Direction7/11/86/0855/ to north

    Comments ; old sludge

    drying beds being used as

    vegetable gardens0--oo


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