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    Cylinder Tracking

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    About us

    Cee Kay Supply, a St. Louis-based company, opened for business on November 3, 1948 as a distributor for National Cylinder Gas Company, a manufacturer of gases and welding equipment. Cee Kay was founded by Ralph Chase and Ralph Knight. They derived the name of Cee Kay by using the C from Chase and the K from Knight.

    On August 22, 1951, Chase and Knight sold the assets of the company to Homer Fudge. At that time, Paul Dunn was a Service Technician with National Cylinder Gas Company and Cee Kay Supply was one of his customers. In April of 1955, Paul Dunn became the Sales Manager for Cee Kay Supply.

    On December 6, 1955, Dunn purchased all of the stock of Cee Kay Supply from Homer Fudge.

    When Dunn purchased the company, there were three employees: Paul Dunn, one truck driver and one bookkeeper. Also at that time, Cee Kay operated with one truck and utilized a building with space between 3,000-5,000 square feet. The growth of the company exceeded the space available. In 1957, Cee Kay moved to new facilities on Folsom Avenue.

    Cee Kay experienced continued growth for the next 24 years. Sales grew from $100,000 per year and three employees to $2.6 million and 18 employees. Paul Dunn retired in March of 1979, and his son, Tom Dunn, took over as President of the company. Expansion plans for a new 20,000 square foot office/warehouse began and in 1985 Cee Kay moved into their new facility across the street.

    For the next 16 years, Cee Kay expanded by adding three more branch locations to the west of St. Louis and two locations in Illinois, to better serve their customers.

    In November of 1997, Cee Kay had an opportunity to move its headquarters two miles west to a 120,000 square foot building on six acres. The new headquarters on Manchester Road, between I-44 & Highway 40, enables Cee Kay to better serve customers by having everything under one roof.

    Cee Kay Supply currently services within a 100-mile radius of the St. Louis metropolitan area.


    VISION STATEMENTCee Kay Supply, Inc. aspires to be the definitive source of metalworking and gas-related technologies and solutions.

    This will be accomplished by:

    Treating those we do business with fairly and honestly. Helping our customers and suppliers meet their goals and objectives. Providing Cee Kay employees with a safe work environment that is challenging, productive, fun and rewarding.

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    About us

    OUR MANAGEMENT TEAMCee Kay Supplys management committee provides strategy and direction for the company. Under the leadership of this team, Cee Kay Supply aspires to be the definitive source of metalworking and gas-related technologies and solutions in Missouri and Illinois.








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    Whether you need a MIG machine or some welding rod, Cee Kay Supply is your one-stop shop for all your welding and cutting needs.

    Cee Kay provides an array of equipment including:

    Cylinder Carts Engine Drives MIG Welding Machines TIG Welding Machines Stick Welding Machines Multiprocess Machines Plasma Cutters Welding Robots Cutting Tables Virtual Reality Welders Submerged Arc Spot Welders Wire Feeders Welding Tables Welding Guns


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    Welding Supplies

    Abrasives Alloys Anti-Spatter Brushes Burning Bars Cable Clamps Cutting Tips Cutting Torches Electrodes Electrode Holders Flashback Arrestors Flowmeters Fluxes Gas Regulators Gauges Grinders Heating Tips Marking Tools Plasma Consumables Plasma Torches Rod Ovens Safety Glasses Stainless Alloys Surface Cleaners Welding Consumables Welding Gloves Welding Helmets Welding Magnets Welding Rod



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    Packaged Gases

    A TraCKer cylinder report includes: Days on hand for each cylinder Cylinders broken down by job site Cylinder divided by gas type and size

    TraCKer is a cylinder bar coding system that allows us to monitor the movement of cylinders to and from customer sites and within our own facility. Bar codes are placed on each of Cee Kays 60,000 cylinders and handheld scanners are used to scan them when they move locations, allowing Cee Kay to verify deliveries and returns.

    For more information on our Cylinder Tracking System, please contact us at info@ceekay.com or (314) 644-3500.

    The TraCKer system at Cee Kay Supply has saved SWIC a tremendous amount of money over the years. Since we started using the system, we have never lost a cylinder, due to how efficiently the TraCKer system manages your cylinder inventory. We receive a monthly cylinder invoice, which keeps us updated on cylinder movement and usage. Cee Kays TraCKer system gives me peace of mind by knowing our supplier uses the most accurate system in the industry.

    Chuck Gulash Southwestern Illinois College

    ManufacturingAsset utilization by reducing your rental bills. Reports can be produced to locate slow-moving cylinders.

    ConstructionTracking a cylinder at a job site is no longer an issue when using the TraCKer system. The contractor originally charged for the cylinder will receive credit when it is returned.

    Research Labs/Universities Barcode traceability helps determine

    cylinder fill dates, batch lot numbers and purity specifications.

    Proper credit for cylinder return in facilities with multiple researchers.

    Within any industry, TraCKer will close the loop on tracking your cylinders.

    Industry Benefits:



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    Packaged Gases

    Our Commitment: Quality Assurance Full Service Supplier Quick Response Customer Satisfaction Next-Day Delivery (in-stock


    For more information on our Specialty Gas Division, please contact us at info@ceekay.com or (314) 644-3500 Ext. 1106, 1126, 1184

    Gas Equipment & Supplies: Regulators (Single/Dual Stage) Flow Meters Manifolds Cryogenic Dewars, Hoses &

    Equipment Gas Purifiers Gas Filters & Traps Cylinder Holders & Carts Safety Supplies Generators (Nitrogen, Hydrogen,

    Zero Air)

    Gases: Acetylene Air Argon Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide Helium Hydrogen Methane Nitrogen Oxygen Propane Propylene

    Services: Apparatus Repair Cylinder Tracking Fast Local Delivery Technical Service Turn-key Installations

    Industries Served: Biotechnology Electronic Emissions Monitoring Environmental Health & Safety Food & Beverage Packaging Medical Manufacturing Petro Chemical Plant & Life Science Pharmaceutical Research/Laboratory Utilities

    Distributor for: Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment Concoa Gentec Harris Proton Generators Rego Rexarc SGD Victor Western Innovator/Western Medica

    Gas Types: Beverage and Food Gases Bulk and Microbulk Gases Calibration Standards Custom/Certified/Primary Standards Disposable Cylinders EPA Protocol Gases High-Pressure Cylinders High-Purity Gases Hydrocarbons Liquid Containers Laser Gases Medical Gases Rare Gases Dry Ice

    A Certified Producer of



  • www.ceekay.com

    Packaged Gases




    Customers can rely on Cee Kay as a sole supplier of industrial, medical and atmospheric gases. We have an automated fill plant in St. Louis, Missouri with the capability of filling several banks of cylinders at one time, ensuring that you receive your gases in a timely and efficient manner. With being the largest independent supplier of industrial gases in Missouri, you can trust the knowledge and experience of Cee Kay Supply.

    With having 7 locations throughout Missouri and Illinois, exchanging empty cylinders is never a hassle. We also offer fast local delivery, making certain we meet all of our customers industrial gas needs.

    Common industrial gases:Acetylene - Argon - Carbon Dioxide - Helium - Hydrogen - Nitrogen - Oxygen - Propane - Forklift Propane - Propylene

    Cee Kay Supply offers cylinder banks ranging from 6 cylinders to 18 cylinders. This packaged gas option is perfect for an application that does not require the gas flow of a microbulk gas system, but requires a much larger flow than a single cylinder.

    Cylinder banks are available in a variety gas mixtures.

    Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, and argon, liquid cylinders are great for applications needing a transpor