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CDR Status information. Much good progress by the authors since last meeting Today’s ( 08-July 2011) state: 47 contributions needed 40 received- 23 as draft only - 17 as “final” submission http:// - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CDR Status informationMuch good progress by the authors since last meetingTodays (08-July 2011) state: 47 contributions needed40 received- 23 as draft only- 17 as final submission reasonably expect 4 more (draft) contributions in July.IEB (Internal Editorial board) relaunched.Only received contributions are compiled into the draft CDR.We wish to get 5...10 authors, who convert in July their draft into a submission.Most things agreed for the front-page layout. All volumes will have similar appearance. Details (=matter of taste) still to be discussed.Collection of CDR signatories through a web-page will be tested in August and will be active for the period September-NovemberExpect final document in time for December 2011 Council.

News from CTC WGsG. RiddoneAs defined: not complete; only from those who are there and were something exciting has happened...

we have to take the workpackages exercise serious

technical news on:Two beam test module(Pre)alignmentMDITwo-beam test module project (1)

New organization of B169. Test modules in a dedicated roomInstallation of supporting/positioning system for first two modules completed validation tests under wayG. RiddoneTwo-beam test module project (2)

DB quad mock-up

Pre-assembly of AS mock-ups

Load mock-upG. Riddone

Several component to handle: Logistics and databaseFirst rf structure mock-ups ready by end of July 5

Test modules: status

OKOKOKUnder progress6Test modules : last results Repeatibility in the installation of cWPS sensors on their interfaces: < 1 mRepeatibility in the installation of inclinometers on their interfaces : < 2 radInstallation & validation of alignment systemsValidation of linear actuators on 1 DOF test bench (M. Sosin)Maximum backlash: 4 mRepeatability < 1.5 mResolution < 0.2 m7MB quad mock-up (with cam movers)

Measurements concerning Eigen frequencies of the interface plate took place last Tuesday & WednesdayPre-alignment sensors to be installed this FridayFirst tests concerning resolution over the whole range & 5DOF will take place next weekDesign under progress concerning a smaller cam mover (for module type 1)Mock-up installed in 927M. Anastaspoulos, R. Leuxe8Geodesy studiesIn collaboration with ETHZ, a deflectometer was installed in 839 (12 m long)Deflectometer: relative measurements of deflection of vertical in tunnel

First results show that inclinometer installed is not adapted and will be replaced

N. ChritinMDIGood progress on 3 D anti-solenoid simulationsProgress on stabilization (CERN and SYMME)Progress on muon background simulationsFirst parts of QD0 prototype are at CERN (next slide)G. Riddone21st MDI Meeting, 1 July 201110Michele ModenaFinal Focus QD0 prototype procurement:


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