Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Eye Strains & Computer Eye Strain

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What is Eye Strain?Eye strain is a form of eye discomfort which occurs when you overuse your eye muscles.Any muscle held in one position for too long will strain. When concentrating on tasks such as reading, working at the computer or watching television for prolonged periods of time, your inner eye muscles tighten up causing various symptoms including eye irritation, dryness and discomfort.Another commonly used term related to eye strain isComputer Vision Syndrome.Computer Vision Syndrome is the combination of eye strain and body muscle strain that is experienced during or related to computer use.

Common causes of Eye Strain & Computer Vision Syndrome

Prolonged use of the eyesUncorrected vision defects e.g. the need for glassesInappropriate glasses prescription for close/computer workEye muscle imbalanceInsufficient blinkingPoor lightingIncorrect positioning of computer screens and keyboards or your desk or chairAir-conditioningDietary problems

Sore, Dry, Tired Eyes, Headaches are all common Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of Eye Strain & Computer Vision SyndromeHeadachesBlurred or double visionSquinting to see clearlyPain in and around the eyesDry eyes that feel scratchy/grittyRed, watery eyesLight sensitivityBurning sensation when you close your eyesAching heaviness of the eyelids or forehead, especially around the eyebrowsMuscle spasms in muscles around eyesTwitching of eyelidsDriving and or night vision worse after using computerHalos appear around objects on computer screenNeed to stop work frequently to rest eyes


Eye Relaxation Tips and Treatments for Eyestrain & Computer Vision SyndromeHave your eyes examined by an experienced OptometristComputer glasses, coatings or eye exercises might help you combat Eyestrain and Computer Vision SyndromeBlink often to keep your eyes hydratedEnsure you have the correct lighting to avoid Eyestrain and Computer Vision SyndromeHave your work station positioning assessedAsk an experienced Optometrist about lubricant eye drops and gels to keep your eyes hydratedTake regular breaks from reading or using the computerSplash your face with cold water to keep your eyes refreshedEat a healthy, well-balanced diet

Why choose Us?It is important to have your eyes examined by a professional in order for the correct diagnoses to be made and the appropriate treatment to be given.Optometrists at The Eye Practice Dr Jim Kokkinakis and Dr Nerida Wu are highly experienced and strive to give patients the highest quality eyecareCallThe Eye Practice today on (02) 9290 1899 todayto make an appointment with Jim Kokkinakis Optometrist if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of Eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome.You can also make appointment online.


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