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Cats Cradle Strategic Plan . Expanding your foster care network. Group 2: Kristen Cicala Keryn Dohanich Alyssa Johnson Ashley Siegle Heather Thoreson . Why foster care? . O 80% of cats die in shelters each year O Reduce the number of cats in shelters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Cats Cradle Strategic Plan Expanding your foster care networkGroup 2: Kristen Cicala Keryn Dohanich Alyssa Johnson Ashley Siegle Heather Thoreson </p> <p>Why foster care? O 80% of cats die in shelters each year</p> <p>O Reduce the number of cats in shelters</p> <p>O Less permanent than adoptionO Instead of being released, placed in loving homes</p> <p>O Continuing sheltering resource</p> <p>Goals and Objectives Goal: To further develop Cats Cradles existing foster care network by increasing awareness to more demographics.</p> <p>Objective: Increase the number of foster homes from 35 to 70 in 2009.</p> <p>Publics1. Young Adults (Ages 18-30)</p> <p>2. Middle-Age (Ages 31-60)</p> <p>3. Senior Citizens (Ages 61+)</p> <p>Broad Target Market</p> <p>Problems &amp; Opportunities </p> <p>O Expand the Cats Cradle foster care network beyond middle-aged and elderly females.</p> <p>O Beneficial demographics: Young adults Families</p> <p>O More foster homes = more cats off the streets </p> <p>O Further increases awareness .</p> <p>O Educates the community regarding Cat Cradles mission and objectives. </p> <p>5TacticsPizzaFliersBusesNewspapers </p> <p> o Free fliers located on front of pizza box- Provide the fliers for the boxes- Half sheet sizeB/W on neon paper</p> <p>Located on Anthonys and Chanellos pizza boxes </p> <p>Pizza Boxes</p> <p>AnthonysJMU/Students 70%Residents 30%Mon -Thurs 50/boxes per dayWeekend 65/boxes per day</p> <p>ChanellosJMU/Students 65%Residents 35%Mon -Thurs 250/boxes per dayWeekend 700-800/boxes per day </p> <p>Fliers and BrochuresSuggested Placement- Apartment bus stops- Veterinary Offices- Sylvias Pet Shop- Wal-Mart- Grocery Stores</p> <p>Harrisonburg Public Transportation Annually buses carry over 1.3 million passengers (local residents to college students)</p> <p> Routes cover 17 square miles with a population outreach of 44,000</p> <p> Interior ads hold longer exposure ratings (riders can sit back and relax while they ride the bus) Reinforce brand name and logo from bus stops. Transit advertising is cost effective</p> <p> Prices</p> <p>Production ChargeInterior* $30(1) $300 (13)</p> <p>Monthly ChargeInterior $250 (13 spots)</p> <p>Newspaper AdvertisingValley Scope- Total Market Coverage: 69,558 households</p> <p>Shenandoah Valley Newspaper Network- Total Market Coverage: 20,000+ households- Page News/Courier, The Shenandoah Valley- Herald, The Valley Banner, The Warren Sentinel</p> <p>The Breeze- Circulation: 9,500- Readership: 22,000+ </p> <p>Newspaper ad sample #1 </p> <p>Newspaper ad sample #2 </p> <p>TimelineO Based on your budget and time you have to carry out tacticsO January - February Pizza BoxesBus advertisingAnimal HospitalsPut up fliers</p> <p>O May - JuneNewspaper</p> <p>O September The Breeze Bus </p> <p>EvaluationO Did the number of homes increase?</p> <p>O Did we reach all three target markets?</p> <p>O How did new foster parents hear about the program?</p> <p>O Which advertisements did the foster parents come across?</p> <p>O How many brochures were taken from each location?Track progress monthly</p> <p>Evaluation Cont.O What is the average time a new foster parent took part in the program?</p> <p>O How many cats are new foster parents will to take in?</p> <p>O What are the feelings about the foster program with new members?</p> <p>O How successful does Cats Cradle feel the campaign went?</p> <p>Thank you Any questions? </p>