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<ul><li> 1. checkit outinteresting books and CDs onCOMPILED BY DR SUDHA RAJABooks Pictures of Melody is a series ofbooks on yester-year musicians. Both the books currentlyavailable are a must read for children and adults.Sri MuthuswamyDhikshitarExploring the Six Facets of theGeniusBY GEETHA RAJAGOPAL, ` 100/Printed by Kalpana Art Printers,Mumbai, and published by SriShanmukhananda Fine Arts &amp;Sangeetha Sabha, Mumbai, thisbook on Dhikshitar is reader-friendly and tells us the variousfacets of the musical genius, his life and work. It containsphotos of all the shrines associated with him, neatly The Queen Of Song Speed Thrillscaptioned. A good book for teenagers and adults.M S SubbulakshmiG N BalasubramaniamBY LAKSHMI DEVNATH, ` 125 BY LAKSHMI DEVNATH, ` 125Written in simple English, the Titled Speed Thrills andfirst in the series, Pictures released as a Centenary Nada Vinodaof Melody, the book is in a special, this book in the comic Music Funcomic-book format. It has format, by Lakshmi Devnathcolourful artwork by G Sekar, is the second in the series, BY LALITA RAMAKRISHNAand a message byPictures of Melody. It has a PUBLISHED BY M S Subbulakshmismessage by TATTVALOKA, ` 40 daughter RadhaG N Balakrishnan, theVishwanthan on the back younger brother of GNB This is a music educationcover. The story of the and G B Bhuvaneshwaran, book showcasing facts in Nightingale, from her GNBs son on the back a fun way making classical childhood days, has beencover. A leading maestro of music more meaningfulmade interesting with selectour times, who left behind for beginners. If youincidents from her life.the popular GNB Baaniorwonder Who is singing? What is he singing? Why does he The book comes with anstamp, Balasubramaniam wasattract such a crowd? How can I enjoy it? Then this bookautographed photograph of an erudite and handsomeis for you. To make it more invigorating, there are puzzles,MS. Released by Heritagemusician. This book has all thequizzes, clues for phrases, explanation of musical forms, Publishing House andmajor and important incidentsstories about singers and how some ragas got their names. distributed by Swathi Softin his life. The Art is by OviyarSolutions, Chennai, it is C Thangavel. It is distributed byavailable in all book stores. Swathi Soft Solutions, Chennai.50 Parent Circle / December 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. CDsThuvakka TyagarajasPaadalgalPancharatnaOf D Kritis ForPattammalChildren ` 295BY STUDENTS OF SUSWARAMUSIC SCHOOL The five golden gems ofKalaimamani DTyagaraja are made easyPattammal has composed numerous groups of songs. Infor children, as this set of two CDs comes complete with athis group, the Thuvakka Paadalgal are a simple set of small handbook of lyrics. Tyagarajas virtues are given on thesongs on the gods of the Hindu Pantheon, to be taughtback cover. The songs are sung by various popular Carnaticto children along with the beginning exercises of Carnatic vocalists like P Unnikrishnan, Sikkil Gurucharan, and Mahathi.Music. All of them are in the Tamil language with availableOrchestration has been arranged by S Jayakumar.notations. A song on Swami Vivekananada and one on Each piece has a lead performer, followed by a childrensinculcating good manners is included in this repertoire. chorus, for easy enunciation and learning. The CDs are marketed and distributed by Virgin Records.The family of D Pattmmal has brought out this CD. Recorded atCharsur Digital Workstation, the songs are sung by groups ofstudents of Dr Sudha Raja, with ace accompanists like PadmaTyagarajaShankar on the Violin and B Sivaraman on the Mridangam.The icing on the cake, is that this CD is up for grabs, and For Childrenis produced for free circulation to interested students andBY P UNNIKRISHNAN, ` 295parents. It has already been circulated to all the city schools. A set of simple Tyagaraja Krithis for children, it is sungFor your copies please contact: Thejus Creations,by noted Vocalist,18, G N Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-17. P Unnikrishnan. The songs are rendered without manyEssentialfrills for easy learning. It is produced and published by Virgin Records, Mumbai and is a must-hear for young learners.Krithis ForChildrenCarnatic Classical TyagaBharathiMusic Made Easy Songs for Children Vol.2For Your Child BY PROF V V SADAGOPAN, ` 125` 295This CD featuringTyaga Bharathi Musicmultiple artistes like Education was evolved by ProfUnnikrishnan, Sikkil Gurucharan, Anuradha Sriram, BinnyV V Sadagopan to introduceKrishnakumar and Mahathi, is a compilation of popular songsrhythm and melody, song andlike Maha Ganapathim, Krishna Nee Begane, Venkatachala dance, drama and mimicry to the children with a spiritNilayam, Sudhamaye, Giriraja Sutha, Sri Chakraraja. Theof joy or ananda. This joyful learning process aims atorchestra - music is by S Jayakumar, with a chorus bycharacter-building. Moral values are gently introducedsome children. Marketed and distributed by Virgin Records, without pedantic preaching. The lyrics and music areand recorded at Krishna Digidesign, this CD is aimed composed by Prof V V Sadagopan and sung by his childrenat motivating young minds towards Carnatic Music.and grandchildren with orchestration by L 51</p>