can we do without friction???

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  • 1. Rubbing your hands together to makethem warm.Pushing a box across the floor.Write with a pencilPlaying football.

2. Sliding FrictionStatic FrictionFriction between two solid objects that are not moving relative to each other.Friction that occurs when an object slides over a surface. 3. Fluid FrictionRolling FrictionFriction that occurs when a round object such as a ball or tire rolls on a flat surface.Friction between layers within a viscous fluid that are moving relative to each other. 4. Walk and Run Hold your CupDrive your Bicycle Apply breaks 5. Hammer your nailSkiing through on the mountains Swim through waterClimb and Enjoy 6. Grindstone-sharpen a chisel Construction of buildingsPlay gamesPaint your walls 7. Makes movement difficultExcess friction can make it difficult to slide a box across the floor, ride a bicycle or walkthrough deep snow.Lubrication and use of ball bearings reduces friction. 8. Wastes energyFuel or energy is being wasted because of the friction.Cars, airplanes and ships are streamlined to reduce friction. 9. Heats partsThe friction of parts rubbing together creates heat.Wears things outAny device that has moving parts can wear out rapidly due to friction. 10. Slip while you runSkid your bikeNo fancy wallsDrown 11. No trekkingNo MachinesNo Flour 12. Friction also known as necessary evilAsLife is impossible without it.


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