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    You can Talk to Toyota at 1800-425-0001 (Toll-free No.) or +91-80-6629-3001 (Direct No.) or visit Note: Vehicles pictured and specifications detailed here may vary between models and equipment. Addition of extra features may change figures in this chart. TKM (manufacturer) reserves the right to change the design, specifications and colours without prior notice. Actual colour of vehicle body and upholstery might dier slightly from the images depicted in this brochure. Features are variant-specific.

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  • Discover unprecedented beauty, performance and intel l igence. Only in the

    new Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle . Experience a world bui lt on

    Toyota New Global Architecture platform, where cutt ing-edge style meets

    an unparal le led driving experience powered by our 4th generation Hybrid

    Electric engine, smart intuitive features, and sophisticated comfort enriched

    by the quietest cabin in its c lass.


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    As pioneers and world leaders in hybrid

    e lectric technology, Toyota proudly

    introduces its state-of-the-art 4th

    generation Hybrid Electric engine.

    Technology that makes the al l -new Toyota

    Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle a pleasure for

    the senses, as wel l as, eco-sensit ive . With

    over 10 mi l l ion hybrid e lectric vehic les

    worldwide, Toyota invites you to join the

    future of mobi l i ty, and help make a

    dif ference to the world.

    As pioneers and world leaders in hybrid

    Technology that makes the al l -new Toyota

    Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle a pleasure for

    the senses, as wel l as, eco-sensit ive . With

    over 10 mi l l ion hybrid e lectric vehic les

    worldwide, Toyota invites you to join the


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    Exceptional Driving Quality

    Delivers an exceptionally smooth

    and responsive ride qual ity .

    Enhanced Comfort

    Imparts a sensorial experience

    through spacious and thoughtful

    interior design.

    Intel l igent & User -friendly

    S m a r t te ch n o l o g y to e n r i ch

    the everyday driving and cabin


    Pride of Ownership

    Imbibes a sense of

    accompl ishment through

    eco-consciousness and

    qual ity of workmanship.

    Comprehensive Security

    World-c lass safety featur es

    a n d te ch n o l o g y to p u t y o u

    completely at ease.




    Responsive Power

    T h e n e w C a m r y ’ s H y b r i d E l e c t r i c

    t e ch n o l o g y d o e s n ’ t j u s t h e l p t h e

    environment. I t a lso works in total

    synergy to del iver a smoother,

    more powerful accelerat ion and a

    more responsive torque, exact ly

    when you need it .

    Quieter Drive

    Compared to conventional cars,

    the Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric

    Vehic le can run on its e lectric

    motor alone, giving you a near-silent

    dr iv ing experience and an absolutely

    tranquil cabin ambience.


    Lower Emissions

    Like every Toyota hybrid e lectric

    car, the Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle

    produces up to 2 tons less CO2 per

    year than an equivalent car in

    the same c l a s s . T h i s w i l l h a v e

    s i g n i f i c a n t l o n g - t e r m p o s i t i v e

    e f f e c t s o n t h e e n v i r o n m e n t , s o

    y o u c a n b e s u r e we ’r e headed to

    a bet ter futur e .

    Unmatched Fuel Efficiency

    Intelligently designed with two engines,

    one fuel and one self-charging electric.

    Both work in harmony to de l iver

    unmatched fuel ef f ic iency.

    No Charging Required

    Being able to switch engine modes

    means distances are never a

    worry. When the battery does run

    low, excess power from the engine

    charges it back up again, keeping

    you going. Plus, the act ion of

    braking recycles energy to charge

    the battery, wasting nothing.

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    Seamless Front Dashboard

    A new-age Y design harmoniously blends thoughtful

    functionality with contemporary looks.

    Tilt & Slide Moon Roof

    A retractable sunshade and a front power ti lt to

    l ight up your drive.

    Onyx Luxury Garnish

    An elegant stone grain and metall ic texture finish on

    the dashboard and gear shifter adds a sheen of luxury

    to the interiors.

    Behold the al l -new Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric

    Vehicle in al l i ts stunning glory. With a new -age

    dynamic appearance and demeanour.


    New Bold Front Gri l le

    A new design language gives the Camry Hybrid Electric

    Vehicle an eye-catching presence and powerful stance.

    18" Alloy Wheels

    Enhances the sport iness of the Camry Hybrid

    Electric Vehicle while offering superior ride comfort.

    LED Headlamps

    Styl ish yet economical , the Daytime Running Lamps

    ensure better visibi l i ty whi le st i l l looking elegant.


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    3-zone Personal Air -condit ioning

    Releases refreshing nanoeTM positive ions

    that moisturize your skin and hair while

    deodoriz ing the cabin.

    Rear Power Sunshade

    Control the sunshade conveniently from

    the rear seat with the touch of a button

    on the armrest.

    Leather Upholstery

    Ultra- luxur ious seats craf ted wi th a

    plush leather trim and f inely detai led

    contrast st itching.

    Adjustable Rear Seat

    An extraordinarily comfortable rear seat

    that can be effortlessly adjusted to suit

    your posture.

    Touch Controls on Armrest

    Control just the way you like it. At your

    f ingert ips, with intuit ive touch screen

    controls on the rear armrest.

    Discover a host of f iner touches and state-of-the-art features crafted in the al l -new

    Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric Vehic le , for an exquisite , enriched cabin experience.

    Operator Service Set a navigation destination of your choice through our exclusive cal l centre .

    Sequential Shif tmatic with Paddle Shif ters Switch to a more agi le and responsive driv ing experience with steering-mounted transmission controls .

    Power Front Seats Both driver and passenger seats come with 8-way Power Adjust , as wel l as, ergonomic Lumbar Support and Memory for the driver ’s seat .

    Touchscreen Navigation An 8" mult imedia touchscreen with intuit ive pinch-and-zoom navigation.

    Head-Up Display (HUD) Projects vehic le speed and other detai ls at eye level on the windscreen, so you can always pay attention to the road.

    Infotainment System Enjoy rich, c lear audio with a state-of-the-art 9-speaker Premium Audio JBL ® w/Clari-Fi™



    Impact Absorbing Body A safety design that minimizes impact from any direct ion, by ef fect ively absorbing and dispersing col l is ion energy throughout the vehic le ’s body structure.

    Advanced Airbag System The Camry Hybrid Electric Vehic le comes standard with 9 airbags: dual-stage SRS driver and front passenger airbags, as wel l as, front and rear side curtain airbags.

    In -bui lt Safety System E n g i n e e r e d w i t h a d v a n c e d c o m p r e h e n s i ve s a f e t y m e a s u r e s t h a t w o r k i n s y n c to protect al l occupants. This includes Vehic le

    Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TCS), Anti- lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA).

    R e a r M o n i t o r w i t h S e n s o r s & D y n a m i c Guidel ines A rear camera display offers a c lear view behind the vehic le . Sensors notify the driver of any obstacle near the corner bumpers.

    E-Parking brake + Brake Hold G e t t h e c o nve n i e n c e o f a p a r k i n g - b r a k e operation with just the push of a button. Addit ional ly , the Brake Hold function makes driving in c ity condit ions much easier.

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    Platinum White Pearl Si lver Metal l ic Att itude Black Burning Black Red Mica Phantom Brown Graphite Metal l ic


    4 th Generation Hybrid Electric Engine Experience more power from a hybrid e lectric engine than ever before. The Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric Vehic le comes with our latest 4 th generation hybrid e lectric engine. A powerful 2.5L petrol engine with Dynamic Force 4-cyl inder meets a self-charging electric motor that purrs with utmost si lence. This del ivers an optimum blend of improved output , fuel ef f ic iency and emission performance.

    Driving Modes (Sport, Eco, Normal) Take


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