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Energy Costs & Air Quality are important for Data Centres



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    Data Centres

    Camfil Farr - Clean Air solutions

  • Camfil Farr

    About Camfil Farr

    Camfil Farr is a world Leader in clean air technology and

    air filter production. Our Organisation specialises in the

    field of air filtration solutions. We are focused on re-

    search and development, state-of the art manufacturing

    and marketing of air filtration products and services on a

    global basis.

    The Camfil Farr group of companies is the worlds largest

    designer and manufacturer of air filters with 23 manu-

    facturing facilities around the globe.

    Camfil Farr takes pride in the fact that our products are

    of the highest quality, offering our customers air filters

    with the longest life as well as the lowest operating and

    maintenance costs.

    Our efforts are driven by the need to offer our clients an

    extensive range of products and services, catering to

    many diverse requirements, whether based on technical

    or commercial criteria

    Camfil Farrs key goals is to improve indoor air quality

    while reducing energy costs for all our customers around

    the world. To do this, Camfil Farr, are working tirelessly

    to improve industry standards.

    Leading the way in clean air Technology

    Helping improve standards

    At Camfil Farr, we have always put every effort into im-

    proving indoor environments. Thus, no one is more

    pleased than Camfil to announce that, since Spring 2012,

    a new air filter standard imposes tougher requirements.

    Unfortunately, the requirements are not as tough as we

    would have liked. For example, our Hi-Flo XLT7 (a class F7

    filter) has a minimum filtration efficiency of 54%. For an

    F7 filter, the new standard requires no more than 35%.

    However, that does not meet the quality levels we have

    set ourselves.

    Indeed, our developments of the markets most efficient,

    energy optimised filters will continue.

    So What does this mean?

    With these new standards filters can now be compared

    with each other more accurately. On the filter Certificate

    the minimum efficiency now has to be displayed. This

    shows the minimum efficiency that the filter will have

    through its lifetime which can then be compared to its

    energy rating index.

    Camfil Farr aim to bring companies around the world the

    most energy efficient filters that can bring companies the

    best indoor air quality available on the market.


  • Energy & Indoor Air Quality

    Ireland provides a sound economic base for the oper-

    ation of Data Centres due to its climate. A data centre

    requires some sort of cooling system to control the

    heat generated from within the Server Rooms. Many

    of the older centres relied on power hungry chilled air

    units however a new technique has emerged in the

    industry and this is known as Free-Air Cooling. What

    does it mean?

    This is where the Irish Climate wins over. Ireland has

    one of the least needs of cooling or air conditioning in

    the whole world, with only 19 cooling degree days

    required, compared with 40 cooling degree days in

    Iceland and 43 in Norway. Basically the Free-air Cool-

    ing Technique uses the cool climate as its basis for

    delivering cool air, this can result in savings of up to

    50% of power consumption compared to the tradi-

    tional cooling system as highlighted above. The air is

    pulled from the outside through air handling units and

    delivered to the Server Rooms. While there is a saving

    to be achieved in the terms of power consumption

    there is also a need to ensure that the air quality that

    is entering the Data Centre is being delivered at an

    acceptable level to protect equipment.

    Energy Costs & Air Quality are important for

    Data Centres


    To achieve high levels of air quality there are percep-

    tions in the market place that high grades of filtration

    are required, however this comes at a cost in terms of

    energy, product, labour and disposal. When it comes

    to Data Centres where large volumes of air are being

    moved it is important to take an economical approach

    but without compromise to the level of air quality.

    This is achieved by taking into consideration the Total

    Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of the

    filtration system while at the same time using a filter

    or filter combination that will not only deliver a low

    overall TCO or LCC but a high level of air quality

    throughout its lifetime.

    Camfil Farrs LCC software highlights the opportunities

    that can deliver by taking the above into considera-

    tion, it does not only give the potential saving, but will

    also give an indication of the level of clean air that you

    can expect.

    Below is an example of the savings opportunity that

    could be achieved by using two different combina-

    tions. This calculation shows a site with 45 identical

    Air Handling Unit running @ 31.5 m3/s.

    Cost Savings 1 AHU 45 AHU Total Cost Savings Total CO2 Savings

    Energy saving over 10 Years 48,408 2,178,360

    3,354,480 9,765 TONS CO2 Emissions saving over 10 years 217 TONS 9765 TONS

    Total Cost of filter change over 10 years 11,616 522,720

    Labour & waste savings over 10 years 14,520 653,400




    This is based on 600g/kw h

    See average cost over 10 Years

    See average costs over 10 years per change




  • Products

    When limited space exists in AHUs and where 50 or 100mm G4 grade filters are acceptable, Camfil

    Farr recommends our superior 30/30 pre-filter. The filter has a unique radial pleat design and pro-

    prietary media which ALWAYS delivers the lowest life cycle cost when it is compared to filters in its


    This product features an optimised design of the pocket stitching, a so-called controlled media

    spacing, allowing for the lowest possible resistance to air flow. Combined with a high quality glass

    fibre material in order to guarantee excellent filter efficiency , it is the premium bag filter for keep-

    ing the life cycle cost to a minimum. The Hi-Flo F7 is Eurovent Certified.

    With an optimised design of the material configuration, together with an extensive filter surface,

    the filter pressure drop is kept to a minimum and the lifetime of the filter is prolonged. By combin-

    ing this with a high efficiency material we offer the best compact filter available for a low life cycle

    cost. Like the other Camfil products the Opakfil is Eurovent Certified.

    Better Air Quality and Greater Energy Efficiency

    Key Products



    30/30 pre-filter

    Opakfil F7

    Hi-Flo F7

    City-Flo XL is built on the same concept as the Hi-Flo XL series and its unique filter media and plas-

    tic frame. The glass-fibre and carbon media, a proprietary Camfil Farr development, has a very low

    initial pressure drop leading to good filter economy and efficient removal of dust, particles and

    odours. The City-Flo is also highly efficient at filtering ozone and is Eurovent Certified.

    City-Flo F7

  • Products

    Clean Air Purifiers

    Server Room1000m2


    Server room conversion with a total of 1,000m2

    Inadequate Air Quality

    Inadequate Temperature Control

    Solution: 16 x CamCleaner 6000 installed during the conversion, two in each server room as well as a number of additional ones in climate chambers.

    Result: Optimal Air Quality and temperature. The server room was able to remain operational while the conversion is carried out. It also helped reduce energy consumption.

    The CamCleaner is a self contained, moveable Unit that purifies and then recir-

    culates the air through data centres. The CamCleaner is the only Air Purifier that

    uses HEPA Filtration before recirculating the air.

    The aim of the CamCleaner in Data Centres is to capture particles or potentially

    harmful gases within the server rooms so that the equipment is better protect-


    After the air is purified the air is then recirculated into the datacentre where it is

    used to cool the servers without harming the electrical components.

    The CamCleaner has been designed to help reduce energy costs as well as im-

    prove indoor air quality. As the CamCleaner recirculates the air it automatically

    helps cool the air. For every one Circulation of air through the CamCleaner the

    HVAC system needs 3 circulations to match its efficiency.

    The CamCleaner comes in a range of different sizes to suit different size server

    rooms. The CamCleaner works in server rooms ranging from 25m2 to 2000m2.

    The CamCleaner uses a G4 pre-filter with a HEPA Filter as its final filter stage.

    (molecular filters are optional for AMCs).

    The CamCleaner is virtually noise free meaning the servers can be maintained

    without any unwanted distractions.

    The CamCleaner doesn't just help reduce energy consumption but also uses

    very little energy through its operation.

    The CamCleaner has adjustable settings. This means that depending on the re-

    quirement of your server room the CamCleaner can be adjusted to fit your


    Features of the CamCleaner

    The CamCleaner