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C-146 Wolfhound

C-146 WolfhoundDorniers Tactical Transport Aircraft

C-146A Wolfhound is a tactical transport aircraft designed and manufactured by Fairchild Dornier, for the US Air Force (USAF).

The aircraft provides flexible, responsive and operational transportation of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) personnel in the theatre.

The aircraft is also used to conduct non-standard aviation (NSAv) missions to assist Joint Special Operations Command of the USSOCOM.

The airlift aircraft began operations with the USAF in June 2011.Introduction

The C-146A military transport aircraft is powered by two Pratt and Whitney turboprop 119C engines, each producing a power of 2,180shp.

The propulsion system includes two-spool, two-stage centrifugal compressors, two-stage power turbine, reverse flow combustor and electronic engine control.

The engine is also equipped with off-set reduction gearbox.

The C-146A Wolfhound transport aircraft can be configured to execute multiple missions including casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and can carry up to four litter patients.Design

The aircraft can carry up to 27 passengers, while its flight deck accommodates two pilots and a loadmaster.

The flight deck and cargo cabin areas are specially configured with night vision goggle (NVG) devices to capture images in low-light conditions.

The aircraft can be optionally fitted with Allied-Signal GTCP 36-150 auxiliary power unit, ground spoiler, Primus 870 weather radar, global positioning system with non-precision approach, an additional mode S transponder, an enhanced EGPWS, HF, CAT II approach, electronic flight bag, and LED lights.Features

The C-146A Wolfhound is equipped with Primus 2000 avionics systems manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace.

The avionics include electronic flight instrument system (EFIS), engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS), and five cathode ray tube displays measuring 7in x 8in.

The aircraft is also fitted with flight management system, a dual Primus II integrated radio system, dual integrated avionics computer, automatic flight control system.

The aircraft also features dual digital air data reference unit, dual altitude and heading reference system, Primus 650 weather radar, mode S transponder, fault recording, traffic alert, and collision avoidance system (TCAS 2000)Avionics

Thrust: 2150 shaft horsepower each engineWingspan: 69 feet 7 inches (21.11 meters)Length: 68 feet 10 inches (20.98 meters)Height: 23 feet 9 inches (7.24 meters)Speed: 335 mph (620km/h)Range: Approximately 1,800 nautical miles, with 2,000 lbs of cargoCeiling: 31,000 feetMaximum Takeoff Weight: 30,843 poundsUnit Cost: $17.6 million Specifications




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