by k gooden. captions: abuse through prostitution steals children’s lives. (top corner) help end...

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  • By K Gooden

  • Captions:

    Abuse through prostitution steals childrens lives. (top corner)

    Help end this obscenity. (bottom)

  • Background InformationThis image was created by Barnardos, an organization set up to help vulnerable children.

    This image was made, along with many others like it, to speak out against child prostitution.

  • EthosBarnardos is a credible source.

    Barnardos transforms the lives of vulnerable children across the UK through the work of their projects, their campaigning and their research expertise.

  • PathosThe viewer has sympathy for the child caught up in prostitution. Seeing her in this pitiful situation urges the viewer to want to help the child get out of prostitution.

    Everyone knows that child abuse is wrong, and is even more sickening when it is through prostitution.

  • LogosChild abuse is wrong, whether it is through verbal abuse, beating, or prostitution.

    No child should have to be in this situation.

  • AudienceThe intended audience is citizens of the UK, but anyone who knows a child abused through prostitution or wants to help children who are abused through prostitution can appeal to this picture.

  • FocusThe focus of the image is the childs face, posture, and body language. The girl has the face of an elderly woman. This is disturbing and unusual, causing it to stand out. She looks exhausted, as if she has had the life drained out of her. By the way she has her hands together and her toes together, the viewer feels a sense of innocence radiating from the child.

  • LightingThe light in the top right-hand corner gives a sense of hope for the child. It is on the same side of the picture as the words used to convince the audience to help.

  • ColorThe colors in the image are all neutral colors. This effect gives the image a lifeless look, just like the child is lifeless by being abused through prostitution.

    If the walls were painted a bright color and the blanket had a wild pattern on it, how would the message of the image change?

  • ContrastThe contrast of the childs skin against the blanket shows how her body is aging. The prostitution is stealing her childhood and making her age faster than she should.

    Look at how her feet are purple.

    The mans skin looks younger and healthier than the young girls skin.

  • What if?What if the man in the pictures face was showing?The effect of the image would not be as strong. If the mans face were showing, the viewer might only associate a child abuser with the image the man portrayed, not realizing an abuser could be anyone, even someone you know.

  • Same effect?Without the words, the audience may or may not understand the situation the child is in.

    If the viewer could understand what was going on, without the words, he or she might want to help a child that he/she knows is in this situation, but now there is no phone number for the viewer to call to seek help.

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    Allow peers to analyze the image. *Barnardos*What do you think the appeal through ethos is? How is this a credible source?*How does the image appeal to pathos? (emotional appeal)*What do you think the appeal to logics is of this image? What rational ideas do you get from seeing the image?*Who is the intended audience, and is it different from who the audience could potentially be?*There are many focuses of the image. The face, posture, and body language of the girl.*Images up close of focus*Light radiating from window somewhat stands out.*Do the dull colors enhance the message of the image*Contrast of childs skin on light blanket and dark wall makes her stand out*Contrast of childs skin on light blanket and dark wall makes her stand out*Loss of words causes the image to lose some meaning.*