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This presentation is made by Business with Impact Co-creation at India Healthcare Team. The Journey was organized by TEKES and Drishtee in collaboration with Team Finland partners. The journey begins (20.3 - 24.3.2014) with field research in Bihar and continued with a networking event (25.3.2014). High level reception & workshop was held in Embassy of Finland, New Delhi on (26.3.2014) which offered us an opportunity to present the achieved results and to discuss with companies and representatives of ministries and other governmental actors about the development needs, delivery of scalable solutions and business creation. This journey was a great way to explore new business opportunities and pilot affordable solutions in one of the largest rural supply chains and piloting platforms in India. The areas of future development are abundant covering agriculture, textile manufacturing, aqua culture, energy, housing, water, sanitation, health, education and entrepreneurial training. Looking forward for your new ideas, solutions and co-operation to continue this journey!


  • 1. Health with Us Improved Health services for rural communities Drishtee India | mfore | University of Jyvskyl | University of Turku NaturVention | Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences World Vision Finland

2. Key problems identified Quality Access Cost 3. Desired future in 2020 People have local access to quality and affordable medical services People have awareness of vital health issues Health Service Center platform Health with Us Impact: 5 million low-income population reached, no gaps on rural health services 4. Proposed service innovation: Pathway of patient treatment Non-specialized site Specialized hospital Critical case Critical case Non-critical case Status unknown Blue lines: current procedure Red lines: future procedure Site of medical need Health with Us Service examples: - Affordable basic diagnostics - Data services, 2-way information - Micro insurance services - Motherhood package distribution - Ambulance on call 5. HUB Health With Us 1 Health With Us n Health With Us 2 Service Provider s Service Provider 2 Service Provider 1 District level Service Provider 3 Service Provider 4 End User Community Health with Us modular service delivery model Village level 6. Proof of concept and scale-up Work package 1: Services and products - Diagnostics in 1. Food hygiene 2. Water quality 3.Veterinary . Work package 3: Skills training and awareness - Basics in 1. Entrepreneurship 2. Health Care 3. Hygiene 4. Vital health issues Work package 2: Data & information - SMS based 2- way communication for coordination and data Health with Us service platform: Entrepreneurship based Scalable Supplemental services Impact: 5 million low-income population reached Community support Fee based, shared value Multiple stakeholders 6 month pilot in Saurath village Affordable Accessible 7. Call for the pilot partners! 8. Health with Us service platform; before after examples Before: To go to private health care one days wage lost travel cost no information flow between local and secondary level After: To go to local Health with Us 1 hours wage lost no travel cost two way information flow between local and secondary level Before: Any medical procedures performed at district level After: Basic diagnostic tools available locally with two way information to the secondary level for advanced medical procedures 9. 6 month pilot: The Challenge Close the Gaps Activities: 1. Define success parameters for the pilot for closing the gaps 2. Need sample survey to understand the health need of community 3. Find suitable entrepreneurs to run the village level centre 4. Design the health delivery model 5. Aggregation of various service providers 6. Establish communication channel to flow the information between multiple stockholders 7. Set-up Health With Us centre 8. Inauguration of Health With Us centre in the presence of community, service providers etc. 9. Collection of data on daily basis 10. Analysis of pilot success parameters close the gaps 10. Primary needs to focus